Chapter 6

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Jiang Yanshen did not say anything. He stared at her with his cold eyes, as if he was tacitly agreeing.

Lin Qingqian’s throat tightened, and bitterness spread in her heart. “Jiang Yanshen, I’m not joking. I’ve signed the divorce agreement. It’s with Madam Jiang right now.”

“So what?” Jiang Yanshen’s face was as cold as ice. His thin lips curled up slightly, and his voice was wrapped in ice. “I won’t sign it.”

“Aren’t you going to ask why I want a divorce?” She turned to look at him, a trace of sorrow flashing across her dim eyes.

Jiang Yanshen’s expression was cold. “The reason is not important.”

The important thing was that he would not get a divorce.

Lin Qingqian lowered her head and smiled, as if she had long guessed that he would say this. After all, she had known him for seven years and loved him for seven years. She still had a certain understanding of him.

Jiang Yanshen was a cold and reserved person, strong and domineering. He was used to the obedience of the people around him. Everyone had to follow his rules, and no one could disobey his orders.

However, the young man she had once fallen in love with at first glance was not like this.

The current Jiang Yanshen was so cold and arbitrary that she was about to suffocate.

Thinking of the past, a trace of fatigue and frustration flashed across her eyes. She wanted a divorce and to escape from Jiang Yanshen’s cold cage.

She looked at him and said with a clear and firm voice, making her stand clear again. “If you don’t sign it, we’ll have to go to court.”

Jiang Yanshen’s expression was very ugly, and his dark eyes were filled with frustration. “Do you think there’s a lawyer in Lan City who dares to take on my divorce case?”

Lin Qingqian was stunned and could not find any words to refute.

With Jiang Yanshen’s current wealth and status, not many people in Lan City dared to go against him.

Jiang Yanshen turned his head away from her and closed his eyes to rest. His tense jaw line seemed to be trying its best to suppress something.

Lin Qing’s thin eyelashes trembled slightly. Just as she was about to speak, Lu Yuan, who had been sitting in the front passenger seat, suddenly said, “Madam, Director Jiang hasn’t rested for 36 hours. You should let him rest for a while.”

Jiang Yanshen was a man with ambition written on his face, and he was even more of a workaholic.

Once he started working, he did not care about anything. It was also because of this that the Tianyue Group, which was on the verge of bankruptcy, was revived in just a year after being handed over to him. In three years, it became the number one company in Lan City. In the past two years, it has expanded its market overseas.

The Old Madam of the Jiang family had once commented on this grandson with a smile. “Yanshen is different from his father. This kid is a wolf, an alpha wolf king who can dominate the grasslands even without a wolf pack.”

In the end, Lin Qingqian swallowed the words that had reached the corner of her mouth and forced her emotions back into her stomach. Her gaze moved from the man’s cold side profile to the scenery that kept retreating outside the car window.

Jiang family.

Madam Jiang and Li Ruzhu had both gone out. The servants were surprised to see Jiang Yanshen suddenly return. When they saw Lin Qingqian, they did not seem too surprised.

Jiang Yanshen entered to change his shoes. It was difficult to hide the fatigue on his tall and cold facial features. He said in a low voice, “Get me a bath.”

These words were clearly directed at Lin Qingqian. Jiang Yan was deeply obsessed with cleanliness. Other than Lin Qingqian, no one could enter his room, let alone the bathroom.

Lin Qingqian remained standing at the door, her eyes clear. “We’re about to get a divorce. Let the servants prepare such things for you.”

Jiang Yanshen’s bad emotions that he had been suppressed all along collapsed at this moment. His dark eyes that were like an abyss landed on Lin Qingqian, like a sharp scalpel that wanted to skin and dismember her.

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