Chapter 1

“If you heard it wrong, I’ll tell you again.”

Christa Palmaril, a knight, is a member of the Knights Templar. Staring right into the eyes of Duke Ragnar Argonod, the general and supreme commander of the knights.

Ragnar had doubted that his ears were wrong for a moment. But soon after hearing her voice, he realized that there was nothing wrong with his hearing.

“I asked if you’d like to spend the night with me.”

There was nothing wrong with his hearing. There was something wrong with this woman. He was so embarrassed that he had to stand up and think about his next words, not knowing what to say.

“Knight Palmaril. Are you drunk? Aren’t you too excited because of the banquet to celebrate the end of the war?”

“No, I’m not.”

There was no change in Christa’s expression. So far, it’s like she’s known him well. She has a consistent expressionless face as usual. The only difference is that she wore an alluring apricot dress, and not the light armor he saw every day in the battlefield.

“I’m fine. I didn’t drink. Tonight, the leader and I… Uhm..”

He quickly shut her up before she spits up half-baked and blatant word ‘sex’. The thick palm of his hand stopped her small lips.

“There are eyes to see and ears to hear. What kind of prank is this?”

Of course there is no answer from her blocked mouth. Ragnar is looking around. When he confirmed that there was no sign of movement..


Through a year of war, the three continents became one empire. It was a feast day to celebrate their accomplishment. The Knight Commander of the Templar Knights and soldiers under his command was a contributor to the victory of this war.

The new empire Cassidenia, the capital’s palace, and the small garden within the palace were quiet in contrast to the noisy atmosphere of the inner banquet hall.

It was still the height of the ball. The cicadas sing in tune of the waltz music. The sound came softly, and the dim moonlight shone on the two. It had to be a little deeper into the night for this garden to be turned into a secret place for lovers.

Her lips moved gently in his grasp. A small tickle in the palm of his hand. Feeling that, he hurriedly let her go.

“I mean it.”


Instead of replying, Ragnar let out a heavy breath.

“What the hell are you up to?”

He could feel the drunkenness from the wine he had just drank earlier. It’s a victorious banquet, and it’s a bit of an exhilarating atmosphere, so it’s a way for him to get a breather. But there he met a more powerful opponent.

“If you have a previous engagement…”

Ragnar looked at Christa for a long time. Her bloodless white skin looked paler in the moonlight.

Her long silvery hair was untied and slightly blown away by the night wind. Her dense appearance, slender build, and large red eyes were still looking at him as if to devour him.

Christa Palmaril was a person described by the adjective ‘white’. Even from a distance, her color looks like it has been discolored. She had red eyes that looked like a drop of blood had spattered on her eyes with only one splash.

Like her appearance, even her personality was bland and close to tasteless. She rarely manifested her desires as clearly as she did not even have the basic needs of a human. Therefore, she gave the impression that she was more like a wise person who reached a transcendent level than a soldier even in a battlefield where life and death crossed.

The bright apricot-colored dress that Christa wore subtly emphasized her slender figure. The gentle scent of the night breeze stimulated his sense of smell. Whether it was this woman’s perfume or her body’s scent, there was a spark of fire in her lifeless eyes that had usually only been seen as ascetic. The flame was of the kind Ragnar was familiar with. 

“What are you talking about?”

Ragnar swung back. He wanted to watch her reaction more.

“I heard you wouldn’t say no to this. Am I not your preference?”

Ragnar smiled a little at the bold answer. It was the first time he had been seduced so honestly. Although it was a rumor that he made up, it was awkward to explain that it was a lie.

Ragnar was a member of the old royal family. Growing up with his life threatened by his status from an early age, the survival plan he chose was to live a life of debauchery and thoughtlessness.

She sighed softly as if the long silence had signaled a refusal.

“You can’t do it with me.”

Christa said that, and then she picked her dress lightly and bowed down to him. It was a very gentle move.


Before Ragnar could say anything more, she turned her back and walked away.

“I apologize. Please forget about what just happened.”

Her indifferent words touched his pride squarely.

‘Why are you making decisions so fast?’

He grabbed her by the shoulder in a hurry.

She waited as he held her shoulders, and as she turned her head, the subtle scent from earlier throbbed and tickled the tip of his nose.

It’s not a perfume, it’s this woman’s body scent!

He could feel the burning desire in his depths.

“Wouldn’t you regret it?”

Her eyes fluttered for a moment.

“The Captain must not regret it.”

Her eyes fluttered slightly with a voice mixed with laughter. Red eyes shone brightly.

Then an unfamiliar sensation flowed down Ragnar’s spine. He had been accustomed to reigning over others all his life. So he couldn’t easily define his previous senses. Even until this time, he didn’t notice what it was, but he had a sense of instinct. It was awe.

It was not a matter of being able to twist Christa’s wrist with Ragnar’s strength at any moment. Even beyond her physique, he was her superior and the most powerful commander of the knights to which she belonged. There is no reason for him to feel fear when he sees a knight with a mere small physique.

But by analogy, it’s a sensation of a beast that’s been unleashed without a leash in front of him. It was a sense that gave him chills and a thrill, stinging his skin. That strange and hard-to-define tension is a unique pleasure that came to him with a heavy feeling.

“You won’t regret it?”

Christa Palmaril, who heard it, slightly raised her lips. Up to now, her whole body was stiff with tension, but she relaxed as the other party bit her bait so easily.

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