Chapter 13

It was at the banquet hall that he met her again.

“So I, Emperor Pelias I grants the Holy Sword Aliasar, which is known to have been owned by Saint Genava, to repay the loyalty and good faith of Ragnar Argonod.”

His impression of being granted a Holy Sword was roughly the same.

It would have been a tremendous honor for those who were eager to get something from the emperor, but it was only a bothersome and burdensome burden for him.

A ceremonial sword without practicality was nothing more than a bothersome affair. It was even labeled as a symbol of harmony between the imperial family and the Argonod family.

“Oh, it’s an honor.”

Ragnar said as politely as he could…… He tried to. Because he’s in front of the emperor.

Originally, he had to add a little more rhetoric and praise for the emperor, as well as words that add to his humble and touching feelings.

From afar, Mervin, the chief of staff, seemed to be seen screaming silently. In fact, Mervin was now in despair, tearing his hair out.

“Well, that’s good. Yes, Natalia. Come here and greet the Duke of Argonod.”

But Pelias I didn’t seem to care much about that.

Rather than that, it was more important for him to call out the princess and make her meet him.

“The Duke of Argonod. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Princess Natalia. It’s an honor to meet you, too.”

It was an uncomfortable, thorny meeting. The emperor was secretly trying to promote a political marriage with the princess.

“I’ve heard a lot about your performance on the battlefield. You are the number one contributor to the unification of the empire.”

“No, I’m flattered. It is all thanks to His Majesty that the Empire became united.”

Under the current emperor were a princess and a crown prince. However, Prince Eilio was a man of many unsavory scandals.

The private life of the imperial family was not hidden because they wanted to hide it. In such a situation, Ragnar Argonod, who won the hearts of the people by setting up countless victories, was bound to be a thorn in their eye.

In addition, he was a member of the remaining lineage of the Old Tiernat family, which is the precedent of the pre-Casidenian Empire. He has a pedigree background that can sufficiently threaten the emperor’s position. He couldn’t help feeling offended.

But he couldn’t let it out easily. The unified empire needed a loyalist like Ragnar, who assisted the Crown Prince who did not win the public’s hearts. They didn’t know when the rebels of the former Three Kingdoms would appear.

Ragnar Argonod was now a clear-cut war hero and must have been the first contributor to the unification of the three countries. He was best suited to be the husband of the princess. He marries Natalia and leaves the throne to Prince Eilio when he becomes emperor. That was the image thought by Pelias I.

This banquet was the cornerstone. The emperor left his seat and left the two together. As soon as the emperor left, Ragnar said to the imperial daughter Natalia.

“Please excuse me.”

It was Ragnod Ragnod, known for his insolence. He was a person that trembled when it came to the imperial family. He didn’t have a topic to talk about with the princess alone.


As expected, Mervin, who looked pale and ran quickly.

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy yet.”

“No, you’re crazy. Why did you leave the princess alone?”

“She’s not my cup of tea.”

Mervin felt a lump in his stomach at his wonderful answer.

“You like everything wearing a skirt, remember?”

At least Ragnar, whom Mervin has seen, did. If so, what can’t be said to Princess Natalia?

“The royal family can’t run without their skirts.”

It came as a great tragedy for everyone that his delicate and broad tastes did not include those of royal blood. Even to Ragnar himself.

“I heard that if you play with the princess, it will leave a record every time you play. Besides, the maid and the escort are next to each other to check their position, right?”

It was true. But Mervin remained silent about that.

From his point of view as a vassal, he would rather tell him to marry the princess. It wasn’t that he didn’t know the basis for Ragnar’s hate for the imperial family, but marriage is politics. Moreover, since the war was over, it was a marriage that had to be done anyway.

So there is no need to scrape and crumble. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to get the back of the imperial family rather than the wrath of the emperor?

“Do you think you can keep avoiding her at the banquet for a week?”

“I have to run away well, then.”

Ragnar smiled a playful smile. Mervin sighed deeply.

It was because it was obvious that if Ragnar disappeared, everyone would ask him for his whereabouts. He could feel his stomach squirming. It was a chronic stomach ache.

“I don’t know. I’m going to say that I didn’t even meet the leader today.”


He thought a sarcastic reply would pop out, but surprisingly, he was quiet.


At the end of the Knight Commander’s gaze, there was a person who was also familiar with Mervin.

“Christa Palmaril.”

Ragnar looked somewhat puzzled.

“Wow, it’s my first time seeing Palmaril in a place like this. Even wearing a dress.”

As Mervin thought, Christa Palmaril was a valuable talent.

He knew that if she had been a little more tactful, she would have had the ability to get promoted quickly. Except for character flaws, it was a waste of skill to stop as a decadent.

Class F but she is an Esper. She could not use combat capabilities due to her low rating, but her regenerative capabilities were decent. Therefore, if it was used well and the ability value was corrected through guidance, at least she could aim for a chief position.

As is the case with all places in the army, the ability to mix well with the superiors is very much appreciated. She had excellent personal skills, but unfortunately lacked social interaction skills. Very lacking at that, too.

“Well, since the war is over, she’s here to look for a job.”

Christa Palmaril would not have even shown her face to group activities. It was unexpected for her to appear at the banquet, but now that the situation has changed, it was not very incomprehensible.

Ragnar asked.

“Since the war has ended, the army will gradually shrink. I don’t know how many positions there will be left here, but the treatment won’t be as good as it used to be.”


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