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Chapter 119

Chapter 119

I Hope It Will Be a Memory That You Can Also Take Out (2)

Ellie knew for the first time that the ticking of the clock was so loud. Normally, she could easily talk to adults she had never seen before, but it was not easy for her to talk to the butler, perhaps because of what he had said earlier.

“The cocoa is late.”

After a moment of silence, the butler said so.


Brielle nodded his head in agreement. He told Marie and Kentrail that he would be alone with Ellie, but he regretted it.

‘…I should’ve let them go on a date later.’

Nervous, he found Ellie’s hand sitting next to him and grabbed it, and she held his hand in hers.

“I’ll go to the kitchen. I’ll urge the cocoa to come.”

Hearing that, they nodded at the butler’s words.

Right now, it seemed less scary to be alone. The butler, who had been looking at the children, turned around and went outside with a meaningful expression on his face.



The sound of the door closing was heard, and Ellie and Brielle both sighed at the same time.

“Young Master, why did you say you would stay together?”

“I just wanted to give time for Marie and uncle to be together… I regretted it right away.”

The two children were still holding hands. Then, as if telling a secret story, they lowered their voice and continued talking.

“Isn’t the butler a bit strange?”

“That’s right, I’m scared for some reason. Maybe it’s because he talked about that earlier.”

When the children were talking about how they hoped uncle and Marie to come back soon.


“What happened?”

All of a sudden, it seemed that the light in the dining room maintained by magic stone had gone out, and darkness came upon the children. Only their body temperature made them feel that they were together.

“…Ellie, I’m scared. You can’t let go of my hand.”

“Of course.”

To calm Brielle, she tried to calm her voice, but to no avail.

“Shall we shout first? Then, someone will come running.”


The two children started shouting with all their might.

“Anybody. The lights are out here!”

“Turn on the lights, please!”

However, the hallway was somehow quiet.

“What should we do? I guess no one can hear us…”

Brielle muttered in a crying voice.

“Is the place where sister and the Count are far from here?”

There was no reaction from them either, probably because the soundproofing was good. After time passed, the hands who were clasped together began to get wet.

“I can’t do it, Young Master.”


“It’s strange that the butler hasn’t come by this time. Let’s go out of the dining room.”

“But… wouldn’t it be better to wait until Marie and uncle come?”

While Ellie was contemplating for a while what to do with Brielle’s words…


…The sound of breaking glass came from outside.

The two children jumped up.

“Is something going on with uncle and Marie?”

“Let’s go out now.”

Looking through the window, it was dark outside the castle, so the children walked out of the dining room. Even though they wanted to run, they had no choice but to walk slowly because they couldn’t see well in the dark.

“Marie! Uncle…!”

“Sister! Count!”

The two children screamed and came out into the hallway, but somehow the hallway had also turned dark.

All the lights in the mansion had gone out.

Ellie and Brielle, who were still holding hands and stood against the wall of the hallway, were relying on the moonlight to walk.


“It will be alright, both sister and the Count.”


Brielle nodded his head and stood closer to Ellie.

“Why isn’t the butler coming back?”

“I don’t know. We should’ve all been together…”

Ellie and Brielle walked away, talking about the situation. Up until now, there was a window, so it was fine, but when they reached the corner of the hallway, it was even more eerie because the moonlight was not shining through the window.

“If we go this way, we can go outside.”

“Yes, because we came in here earlier. If we go another way, it will be more dangerous because we do not know it.”

The two children soon gulped and took a deep breath.

It was time to go down a dark road.

“Then, shall we go?”


Ellie turned the corner first. Brielle followed suit, too, when he stepped into the corner with his left foot.


“Young Master!”

As Brielle’s scream rang out, she urgently grabbed him.

“Huwaa! Uwaaah!”

He screamed and jumped.

Although she held Brielle’s hand all the way and tried to look around, she couldn’t see anything because it was so dark. Because of that, tears began to come out of Ellie’s eyes as well.



However, at that moment, like a miracle, Kentrail and Marie jumped out of a room in the hallway. The butler was somehow also there. As they carried lanterns and hurriedly approached the children, they checked to see if there was anything big happening.


While Brielle was quickly embraced by Kentrail, Ellie also ran towards Marie.

“What is this…”

“The foot, the foot… someone caught my foot.”


As Kentrail brought the lamp to the floor, a rat ran away. It seemed that it had rushed towards Brielle’s leg in the dark but it barely reached the child’s ankle. Thankfully, Brielle was not hurt because he was wearing boots.

Kentrail and Marie sighed, saying that it was fortunate.

“Are you very surprised?”

Marie grabbed Ellie and Brielle and asked them affectionately. The two children nodded and wiped away tears.

“Where did you go? Why are you standing in that room…”

As he asked, Brielle knew something was wrong. It seemed as if Marie and uncle were different than usual. When the light turned to the two faces, he was convinced that it wasn’t uncle and Marie.

The two children flinched and backed away.

“What… is it a ghost? Aack!”

Brielle screamed once again. Ellie was there, too.

“No. Young Master.”

Marie hastily grabbed the children.

“I want to make memories for you guys.”

Kentrail also rushed to make excuses when the children were so surprised. Then, he took off the long black cloak he was wearing and wiped the red ketchup off his lips. Marie also lifted her long hair and erased the black makeup from her eyes.

However, it didn’t erase well and only smeared, making it even more bizarre.

“Is it really sister and the Count?”


As Ellie asked cautiously, she nodded, saying that it was really the two of them.

“Oh no, all the horror experience went to nothing.”

The children turned their heads when they heard the voice of the butler who was supposed to bring them cocoa.

He smiled and handed out two cups.

“Have some cocoa and calm down.”

Ellie and Brielle glared at him.

“So you mean uncle and Marie agreed to the butler’s request to play dress up in makeup?”

“That’s right… Brielle, that’s it. Derek doesn’t have many fond memories of his childhood, but he said the most impressive thing was when the butler dressed up like this and made fun of all the family’s children.”


Ellie and Brielle looked at each other in amazement.

“How surprised we are.”

“I wouldn’t have done it if I knew you guys would be so scared…”

Marie uttered, stroking Ellie’s hair.

The two children, still terrified, sat close to each other in Marie’s room while hugging the pillows.

“I will never be apart from sister’s side.”

Saying that, Ellie put down the pillow and rushed over to Marie, looping her arms.

“Me, too!”

The next moment, Brielle also quickly threw her pillow and ran to Marie’s opposite arm.

“Brielle. You said you were staying with uncle.”

“I don’t want to! I’ll be with Marie.”

It was evident that Marie and Kentrail had done it together, but Brielle was only wary of him. Kentrail laughed dumbfoundedly.

“Okay. Shall we all sleep together then?”

After thinking about it for a while, Kentrail suggested it.


Brielle asked if it was okay with shining eyes.

“Yes. To celebrate becoming a family soon, things like this won’t happen often in the future.”

It would be possible only in a strange territory and among strangers. They would not enjoy it if they returned to the Capital.


Brielle agreed, raising his voice.

“Wouldn’t the bed be too narrow?”

Marie asked, glancing at the double bed.

“We can sleep next to each other. Let’s all lie down.”

The children were excited and lay down in the middle. The order was Marie and Ellie, followed by Brielle and Kentrail.

“I want to hold your hand.”

While Ellie held Marie and Brielle’s hands, Brielle grabbed Kentrail’s hand.

“Uncle and Marie will protect you from now on whenever something like this happens.”

“What happened today is what uncle did.”

Kentrail laughed at Brielle’s blunt words.

“You can’t joke around like this again. We’re more afraid of other things than people.”

“Okay, I won’t play such a scary prank.”

Brielle received several promises from Kentrail.

When Ellie and Brielle, the two children, began to calm down as time passed, a pleasant breath came. It was because they were happy this time. It was the same for Marie and Kentrail, so the faces of the four sleeping together were full of smiles.

“Young master.”

“Ah, butler.”

Derek stood at the window, looking at the moon and then at the butler watching him.

“They seemed like nice people.”


“Yes, I don’t know if I’ve been playing too many pranks.”

The faces of the children who had been crying earlier caught his heart, so the butler said in a voice filled with embarrassment.

“It’ll be fine. Everyone looked happy.”

“Is the Young Master, too?”

“…Yes. I remember it a long time ago, but it was the only time I could fall asleep with my family.”


Derek turned his head again to stare at the window. A long time ago, he recalled the memories of his older brother, now the head of the family, holding his hand and taking him to his room and sleeping with him after he said that he was afraid.

His lips drew a curve.


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