Chapter 4

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When Liang Yan heard about Pei Yu and Chen Yuan’s past, her face turned even paler. Her heart ached so much that she was about to faint.

She wanted to find a reason to escape, but her feet felt as heavy as lead.

Sure enough, just as she had guessed, Pei Yu had terminated the contract in advance to clear the obstacles for his first love.

They were the lovey-dovey male and female protagonists in the novel, while she was just a ridiculous stand-in.

It was too ridiculous.

Liang Yan pinched her fingers and tried her best to calm herself down.

“I suddenly realized that Liang Yan, you look a little like CEO Chen.” Minmin suddenly came up and looked at Liang Yan’s face. “But you’re more pure, and the CEO is more sexy.”

When Lin Si heard this, she also moved closer to Liang Yan and teased, “Now that you mention it, you really do look like her. Isn’t this like the novels with the subsitutes? The president arranged for a stand-in to be by his side just to look at that face that looks similar to his first love’s at all times.”

Lin Si’s words made Liang Yan’s face instantly turn pale.

Her hands couldn’t help but tremble.

The feeling of being toyed with and abandoned swept over her again, suffocating her.

She was really stupid. She was just a substitute, but because of Pei Yu’s occasional gentleness, she gradually fell into it and could not extricate herself.

“Stop talking nonsense.” Liang Yan pushed the two of them away, wanting to escape from this troublesome place. “I’ll go to the pantry to get a glass of water.”

In the pantry, because of the president’s arrival, all the departments were on standby, so there was no one there. There was no noisy discussion, which finally made Liang Yan heave a sigh of relief.

She took out a cup and poured some water. Suddenly, she recalled Pei Yu’s doting gaze just now.

Compared to when Pei Yu was with her, the difference was huge.

He had always been expressionless, cold and distant. How could she think that Pei Yu had some feelings for her?

Liang Yan felt that her self-deprecation was ridiculous.

It was only when the hot water spilled out of the cup and scalded her fingers that she suddenly came back to her senses.

“Ouch—” She cried out in pain and quickly let go.

Water spilled all over the floor.

Liang Yan didn’t have time to be depressed. She quickly cleaned up the mess on the ground.

Just as she was about to take out the ointment, she heard a commotion outside. Then, the door of the pantry was pushed open and a tall figure hurriedly pulled someone in.

It was Pei Yu and Chen Yuan.

There were three people in the small pantry, and it instantly became crowded.

Liang Yan held the ointment and was at a loss.

Pei Yu also looked at Liang Yan.

Liang Yan subconsciously took a step back. Her heart was beating wildly because of Pei Yu’s arrival.

“Ah Yu, it hurts…” Chen Yuan suddenly said, breaking the stalemate in the pantry.

Only then did Liang Yan notice that Chen Yuan, who was in Pei Yu’s arms, was leaning weakly in Pei Yu’s arms. Her delicate appearance was very lovable.

Liang Yan suddenly felt inferior.

As expected of the person Pei Yu loved deeply. She was so beautiful that it made one feel inferior.

Suppressing the panic in her heart, Liang Yan did not even have time to treat the burn on her finger. She lowered her head and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Pei Yu suddenly stopped her.

Liang Yanxin’s lungs stopped. She was so nervous that her breathing became irregular. Her entire body stiffened as she stood rooted to the ground.

Pei Yu stretched out his hand and said coldly, “Give it to me.”

Liang Yan was stunned. “…What?”

“Burn ointment.” Pei Yu sounded a little impatient.

Liang Yan handed him the ointment in a daze.

Pei Yu took the ointment and stopped wasting time on Liang Yan. He held Chen Yuan’s hand and carefully applied the ointment on her scalded area.

Actually, it was just a small area that was a little red. There was no need to apply burn ointment at all, but Pei Yu was very nervous.

It was obvious that his heart ached for Chen Yuan.

From the beginning to the end, he did not even look at Liang Yan. It was as if she was really just an ordinary employee.

Liang Yan bit her lip. She did not want to face this cruel scene again. She turned around and staggered away.

“Ah Yu, I’m fine. I just got scalded by a glass of water.” Chen Yuan’s sweet voice came from behind. “That employee seems to have been scalded too…”

As for Pei Yu’s reaction after hearing this, Liang Yan did not know, nor did she want to know.

She only wanted to resign as soon as possible and leave this place as soon as possible.

She didn’t want to see them loving each other in the few days she had left.

It made her heart ache.

She was afraid that she would break down if she stayed any longer. She would rush forward and ask Pei Yu why he treated her like this.

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