Chapter 6

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Seeing that the group of people was about to leave, Ye Chen immediately stepped forward and grabbed one of them.

“I didn’t want to say it at first. But now, it seems that I have no choice.” He sighed and shook his head. “All right, I won’t put up a pretense anymore. Actually, I learned some magic arts when I was young, such as subduing demons, geomancy, exorcism, and suppressing evil spirits. Do you know what my nickname is? People call me the Magic Arts Expert of the Fishing World!”

The netizens in the live stream room were stunned.

Under Ye Chen’s influence, the originally terrifying atmosphere had turned into a joking one.

For a time, the comments section in the live stream room kept refreshing.

“Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter. I thought the streamer was finally going to catch a fish, but who knew he’d catch a rotten fish!”

“I’m even suspecting that the streamer’s fishing rod just scraped the seaweed in the river and then brought the rotten fish out!”

“Oh my god, I was so shocked just now that I broke out in a cold sweat. I thought the streamer was going to catch a fish. I almost unsubscribed to the channel, but I didn’t expect the fish not to be alive!”

“Mr. Ye actually threw that rotten fish into his keepnet. This is so funny. It’s really true that he’s never gone without a catch!”

“Vanquish demons? He even knows geomancy. Mr. Ye’s really throwing out a load of baloney.”

“My heart aches for that group of elderly men. How did they end up meeting a clown like the streamer? Hahahaha!”

At the side, many of the old men were dumbfounded and stared at Ye Chen suspiciously.

Mr. Liao, who had previously made a bet with Ye Chen, looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Tsk, tsk, you even know these?” He pouted. “You brat, you’d better figure out where you can catch fish first!”

Ye Chen rolled his eyes at Mr. Liao, his heart filled with disdain.

“The bet isn’t over yet. After I’ve settled this group of old men, I’ll look for you to settle the bet we just made,” thought Ye Chen.

Seeing that the old men around him did not move for a while, Ye Chen immediately rummaged through his pocket and took out some small things.

“What are you worried about? What’s there to be afraid of? Isn’t it just a rotten fish’s direct bite?”

When the audience in the live stream room saw what Ye Chen took out of his pocket, they were stunned.

There was incense paper, rooster blood, Peach Wood Sword, and glutinous rice, among others.

The most shocking thing was the magic arts robe that Ye Chen pulled out and donned.

“I’ll put glutinous rice in the bait container later, use a peach wood fishing rod that has been blessed, and use rooster blood as live bait!” thought Ye Chen. “Who cares if it’s a rotten fish’s direct bite? As soon as there’s a big bite, I’ll immediately whip out the Peach Wood Sword. Did you think I’d be unprepared when I go fishing at night all the time? I know there’s been a rotten fish’s direct bite, but no one should think about leaving!”

At the moment, the popularity of Ye Chen’s live stream was high.

To be more precise, ever since Ye Chen’s rotten fish direct bite, countless viewers had entered his live stream room.

After all, it was an inexplicable situation for the majority of the fishing pros.

Having seen Ye Chen take out so many professional misfortune-dispelling objects, the audience in the live stream room had broadened their horizons about the objects.

“Just now, I thought the streamer finally caught a fish. Who would’ve thought it was a rotten fish!”

“A rotten fish isn’t scary. What’s scary is that the fisherman actually knows magic arts!”

“D*ng! Can this still be considered fishing? I’m afraid he’s fishing for a ghost.”

“This is ridiculous. Is there a need for such competitiveness when fishing? Can’t one fish without knowing magic arts?”

“Ghosts out there, beware of the the magic arts priest by the river tonight! You have to take a detour.”

“A peach wood fishing rod? D*ng, that’s really scary. That isn’t a fishing rod. It’s probably a weapon!”

“Mr. Ye, don’t forget about the bet you made with Mr. Liao!”

Meanwhile, at the river bank of Jiang City.

Ye Chen’s tricks did have some effect.

At the very least, it calmed down the old men who came out to fish in the middle of the night.

Regardless of whether they believed Ye Chen’s nonsense, no one was making a fuss about leaving.

That was good.

Ye Chen was still waiting to show those old men how he would catch a 76-kilogram giant.

Thinking of that, Ye Chen took advantage of the group of old men’s hesitation and immediately took out his new 7.2-meter fishing rod from his backpack.

He would use that fishing rod when he fished for a giant creature later.

Mr. Liao, who was standing at the side, was hesitating to stay because of the disturbing rotten fish incident.

After all, there were people who drowned in the river some time ago, and generally, people who were older were still somewhat superstitious about such things.

However, Mr. Liao was unwilling to just take his bucket and run along.

He was on a roll that night with several direct bites by the fish in the waters, so he couldn’t bear to just leave like that.

Mr. Liao gritted his teeth and stomped his feet. He wanted to see what Ye Chen was up to.

Putting everything else aside, Ye Chen’s navy blue magic arts robe looked quite decent.

Upon placing his fishing rod on the ground, Ye Chen lit 3 incense sticks and stuck them in the ground.

Then, like legitimate magic arts priests, Ye Chen burned incense paper and looked at the geomantic compass.

After waving the lit incense paper over the peach wood fishing rod for a while, he raised the fishing rod, closed his eyes, and said as if he was chanting a spell, “Earth to the holy spirits! The fishing rod will be blessed tonight! I thank the heavens and earth for this auspicious day. Preparing the firecrackers!”

Ye Chen then took out a small firecracker from his pocket, lit it with a lighter, and threw it at his feet.

Accompanied by the piercing sound of firecrackers, Ye Chen walked around in a circle and raised the fishing rod high.

“Earth to the holy spirits. Tonight’s a lucky night with no chances of getting skunked! Bring forth the good luck, and let there be direct bites from all fish, big or small.”

Mr. Liao’s jaw almost dropped when he witnessed Ye Chen’s actions.

Ye Chen had actually blessed his fishing rod?

Meanwhile, the audience in the live stream room laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt.

Ye Chen looked quite the part of a magic arts priest until his chants. It was then that the viewers noticed something amiss.

“F*ck, you’re not trying to catch ghosts at all. You’re just trying to bless your fishing rod, aren’t you?”

At the scene, some of the old men also smelled something fishy.

After all, they had seen a lot in life, and evil warders didn’t usually act the way Ye Chen did.

On the side, someone looked at Ye Chen doubtfully and suggested, “Mr. Ye, you… don’t seem very professional!”

Ye Chen coughed and said seriously, “Dear fellow fishing enthusiasts, you don’t know yet, do you?”

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