Chapter 9

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“There’s a bite!” the excited fishing pros shouted from time to time.

This group of people had long forgotten the inauspicious feeling of having a rotten fish’s direct bite.

However, among the group of night fishers, there was one person who still looked bitter.

That was because he hadn’t caught a single fish since he came in the morning, and it was none other than Ye Chen.

At the moment, Ye Chen was extremely depressed.

Although the system told him that he was about to fish up a giant creature, he still wanted to catch a few small fish prior to that to feel good about himself.

From using several kilograms of glutinous rice to make a bait container to adjusting the fishing float multiple times, Ye Chen had prepared everything necessary.

Yet, it had been more than an hour since he made the bet with Mr. Liao, and the fishing float on the river’s surface hadn’t moved at all.

According to common sense, if an online fishing streamer couldn’t catch a fish, the viewers would become uninterested.

However, those in Ye Chen’s live stream room were excited and happy.

Even when they saw that Ye Chen could not catch any fish, there were people who sent him gifts so that he would not be discouraged.

“Mr. Ye, I’m begging you. Please put in some effort and catch a fish – a live one!”

“I think the hook you used this time is too big. I’m afraid you’ll end up hitting a turtle in the water.”

“It’s so funny. It’s been more than an hour, but Mr. Ye’s rod still hasn’t moved. The spell was for naught.”

“I think it must have something to do with the rotten fish from before. That’s why no fish is taking the bait.”

“Previous commenter, come on. You don’t understand the streamer at all. It’s common for this streamer to have no bites at all!”

“A giant object weighing over 60 kilograms and worth more than 6 figures. Mr. Ye, aren’t you just blowing your own trumpet?”

As Ye Chen looked at the comments section on his phone, his face was full of disdain.

“I’ll show you ignorant people what a real King of Fishing is!” Ye Chen mused.

Naturally, Ye Chen had no doubts about the system.

The system had previously notified him in advance before he caught his first fish.

Although it was a rotten fish, the system wasn’t to blame.

After all, the system had not told Ye Chen whether the fish was dead or alive, and it had accurately predicted the weight of that rotten fish.

Moreover, with the rotten fish, Ye Chen made a small profit; a viewer in his live stream room had previously promised to give Ye Chen a Rocket – a live stream room gift – to him if he caught a fish, and he did exactly that. Thanks to that viewer, others also gave him gifts, and Ye Chen earned a couple of hundred.

Time passed by slowly.

Ye Chen glanced at his watch. There were about 10 minutes left until the time stated by the system.

Although it was nearing dawn, none of the old fishing pros, including Ye Chen, were sleepy.

They were all busy fishing. Even though Ye Chen did not catch a single fish, he was not inferior to the others in terms of seriousness.

Every few minutes, he would lift the rod to check.

Whenever the bait on the hook was all eaten up, he would quickly replace it.

Ye Chen had tried several brands of bait but no fish took the bait.

When the audience in the live stream room saw that, they could not help but comment that Ye Chen was doing what he did to better supplement the fish in the river with nutrition.

While others were fishing, he was feeding the fish.

At the same time, perhaps because the bet duration was getting shorter, Mr. Liao would turn his head to look at Ye Chen almost every few minutes.

It was uncertain whether Mr. Liao was eyeing Ye Chen’s 2 fishing rods or if he was worried that Ye Chen could really catch a giant creature.

After an unknown amount of time, dark clouds covered the moon, and the river bank of Jiang City was not as bright as before.

At the same time, mist rose from the river surface of Jiang City.

The fishing floats could not be seen clearly, and the fishing pros sitting by the river of Jiang City felt a chill.

As it was almost time for the system’s prompt, Ye Chen did not pick up the rod to replenish the bait, nor did he interact with the audience in the live stream room.

He sat on the folding stool and stared at the fishing float with all his might. At the same time, he clenched his fishing rod with both hands.

Without Ye Chen’s interaction, many of the viewers in the live stream room were starting to feel sleepy.

Even the gifts and comments were not as many as before.

Just then, the fishing float that had been still for more than an hour suddenly sank.

“There’s a bite!” Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and shouted excitedly, instantly waking the drowsy viewers in the live stream room.

With a whoosh sound, Ye Chen stood up and raised the fishing rod above his head.

The 7.2-meter long pole bent into an arch due to Ye Chen’s strong pull.

Ye Chen clenched the fishing rod tightly. Using his own weight, he pulled the fishing rod back with all his strength.

Even so, Ye Chen still felt that it was unusually difficult to reel the catch in.

Helpless, he could only call for the people beside him to help.

“F*ck, it’s a black carp that’s at least 60 kilograms. Hurry and give me a hand!”

Instantaneously, the viewers in the live stream room were in high spirits.

At the same time, the fishing pros who were night fishing by the river in Jiang City heard Ye Chen’s excited voice and were all stunned.

Mr. Liao, in particular, was dumbfounded.

He was only 10 minutes away from winning. Could it be that the brat had really caught a giant creature?

As an experienced fisherman, Mr. Liao knew that a 7.2-meter fishing rod was especially tough. Although the fishing rod wasn’t very thick, it was still very easy for it to bear the weight of a 60-kilogram black carp.

Moreover, Ye Chen was not using a small hook but the ultra-big no. 12 fish hook.

Mr. Liao thought, “What this kid caught is definitely not a small fish. It’s probably a giant as he said!”

Looking at Ye Chen in the distance pulling the fishing rod back with all his might, Mr. Liao could not help but be surprised. He mused, “Doesn’t everything have to be done one step at a time? As the saying goes, don’t bite off more than one can chew. When I first started fishing, I fished for crucian carp as practice, then moved on to more difficult catches after gaining enough experience.”

Mr. Liao had known Ye Chen for almost 20 days, and he had a rough idea of Ye Chen’s standard. Other than catching a rotten fish, he had not caught any fish at all.

With his experience, how could he catch a giant?

Arriving at a conclusion, Mr. Liao uttered, “Chen, don’t try to bluff. Your hook got snagged, didn’t it?”

A hook getting snagged meant a fish hook getting caught in something underwater, such as a rock.

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