Chapter 5

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After the announcement, Kong Hong waved his hand to dismiss the students.

Zheng Hongsheng turned around and called out to Xu Yuan and Lin Shen.

“Come, let’s go eat. It’s my treat today!”

Lin Shen shook his head. “You two go ahead. I still have something to ask Mr. Kong.”

Without waiting for the two of them to respond, he strode towards Kong Hong, leaving Zheng Hongsheng and Xu Yuan puzzled.


Upon hearing the voice, Kong Hong turned around and saw that it was Lin Shen. A gentle smile appeared on his face.

“What is it?”

“Sir, I want to ask you if there are any part-time jobs suitable for students?”

Kong Hong was stunned for a moment before he understood.

Many less fortunate students like Lin Shen would work part-time in order to cover their cultivation resources. He had encountered many cases in the past.

Kong Hong had always been happy to help such students within his capabilities.

He had introduced many part-time jobs to his students in the past. Lin Shen had probably heard about this and came to ask for his help.

“If you came to ask me yesterday, I don’t think I can help you. But now that you’ve made it to the fourth level, it’s much simpler. I happen to have a part-time job for you.”

“What is it?” Lin Shen asked.

“A training partner at the Calm Sun Martial Arts School.”

Lin Shen hesitated.

Calm Sun Martial Arts School… Wasn’t it the martial arts school that distributed fliers on the road yesterday?

“Although it’s a tough job, it pays well.” Kong Hong glanced at Lin Shen. “However, if you don’t think it’s suitable, I can introduce you to other easier part-time jobs.”

As soon as he said that, Lin Shen said without hesitation, “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Kong. A training partner is fine!”

Easier jobs wouldn’t pay as well. Now that he needed a lot of money, of course, he wanted a job with a higher wage.

Maybe it would be tough, but could it be tougher than cultivating day after day?

Seeing Lin Shen’s determination, Kong Hong agreed. He nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll talk to my acquaintances at Calm Sun Martial Arts School. You can drop by later.”

“Thank you, Sir!”

When he came out of the stadium, Zheng Hongsheng and Xu Yuan had already left.

Lin Shen went to the locker room to change his clothes before leaving the academy.

However, he didn’t go to Calm Sun Martial Arts School immediately. Instead, he returned home first.

In the living room, Lin Shen examined the cultivation progress of his two clones.

[Clone 1]

[Talent: Perseverance]

[Stage: Qi Transformation Level 4 1%+0%]

[Current Cultivation: Original Breathing Technique (Proficient 96%+2%), Blazing Sun Palm (Beginner 57%+1%)]

[Clone 2]

[Talent: Above Average]

[Stage: Qi Transformation Level 4 1%+0%]

[Current Cultivation: Original Breathing Technique (Proficient 96%+2%), Blazing Sun Palm (Beginner 57%+1%)]

As expected, the cultivation progress of the two clones hadn’t changed.

“I was right. After reaching the fourth level, the cultivation efficiency of Proficient Origin Breathing Technique has decreased greatly.”

Lin Shen muttered to himself.

Before, the progress of the two clones would have increased by at least 1%.

“Fortunately, the last 4% of the Origin Breathing Technique is completed!”

Without hesitation, Lin Shen directly fused with his clones.

In an instant, countless cultivation memories and comprehensions of the Origin Breathing Technique appeared in the depths of his mind. His understanding of the Origin Breathing Technique instantly jumped to another level.

[Name: Lin Shen]

[Talent: Above Average]

[Stage: Qi Transformation Level 4, 1%]

[Cultivation Technique: Original Breathing Technique (Mastery 0%), Blazing Sun Palm (Beginner 59%)]

[Number of clones: 2 (48%)]

Lin Shen heaved a long sigh of relief, his eyes filled with joy.

He had finally reached Mastery in the breathing technique!

In this way, his cultivation speed would recover to the same level as before or even faster.

Suppressing the joy in his heart, Lin Shen checked Clone 1’s talent.

[Perseverance: Resistance +50%, Stamina Recovery Speed +30%, Wound Recovery Speed +30%]

That was why Lin Shen took the job as the training partner without hesitation.

To put it bluntly, a training partner in a martial arts school was a punching bag. Naturally, they had to withstand a beating!

The Perseverance talent was undoubtedly very suitable for this part-time job.

With a thought, the talent on the interface changed from Above Average to Perseverance.

In an instant, Lin Shen vaguely felt that his body had undergone some kind of change. The skin, flesh, and even bones all over his body seemed to have become denser and stronger.

“Is this the effect of Perseverance?”

A smile flashed across Lin Shen’s face. He picked up the backpack on the coffee table and slung it over his shoulder. Without another word, he walked towards the door.

As one of the top ten martial arts schools in Dragonside City, Calm Sun Martial Arts School occupied an entire floor of the business building in the prime location of the city center. The decoration was very luxurious.

When he walked into the bright lobby, he was greeted by a smiling girl in professional attire.

“Welcome to Calm Sun Martial Arts School. How can I help you?”

Lin Shen cut to the chase. “I’m here to apply for the position as a training partner. Mr. Kong Hong from Willow Academy recommended me.”

The girl smiled and didn’t change her manner just because Lin Shen was here to apply for a job. She said mildly,

“Alright, please wait a moment.”

She then went inside.

In a couple of minutes, a bald, burly man walked out and sized Lin Shen up.

“Are you Lin Shen?”

“Yes, I am.”

“My name is Gao Jun. I’m the supervisor here. You can call me Mr. Gao. Kong Hong has told me about the part-time job. I don’t have any objections, but you have to pass the trial first. Let’s be candid here. Being a training partner in a martial arts school is a very hard job. You’ll get injured all the time. If you can’t take it, I advise you to take another part-time job early!”

“I understand,” Lin Shen said calmly.

Gao Jun nodded and didn’t say anything else. He turned around and walked inside.

“Come with me. Let’s find a place to test your strength!”

Lin Shen immediately followed him.

The two of them passed through the lobby and came to a long passageway.

On both sides of the passage were spacious fighting rooms. The walls facing the corridor were replaced by wide transparent glass.

Through the glass, he could see that most of the combat rooms were already filled with people practicing in pairs.

Moreover, one of the pairs was usually wearing thick protective gear, while the other was only wearing light training clothes.

“Those people are all training partners.” Gao Jun pointed at the people wearing protective gear.

Under the swift and violent attacks of their opponents, most of the training partners seemed to be struggling and could barely parry the strikes. From time to time, they would grimace in pain when they were hit. One could feel the pain just by watching them.

Gao Jun glanced at Lin Shen from the corner of his eye. Seeing that the latter remained unperturbed, he nodded to himself.

“Looks like the student Kong Hong introduced this time will be fine.”

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