Chapter 9

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After leaving school, Lin Shen went to Calm Sun Martial Arts School as usual for his part-time job.

After yesterday’s experience, Lin Shen was relatively calmer on his second day and performed better. He also had fewer bruises than yesterday.

After an hour of training, he left the martial arts school with 1,000 spirit coins.

On his way, Lin Shen still bought half a kilo of white-headed pork from the spirit beast meat shop.

The thought of increasing his cultivation progress by a lot later made his footsteps lighter.

He was still rejoicing when he heard shouts from behind.

Lin Shen looked over his shoulder. In the dim light, he saw a tall and burly figure rush out of the corner at the end of the street and run in his direction in large strides.

Under the bright moonlight, Lin Shen quickly saw the figure’s face.

It was a strong man in armor and a yellow scarf on his head. He held a spiked club in his hand and ran like a ferocious beast, creating a gust of wind.

“Yellow-scarved warrior?!”

Lin Shen soon recognized the person and couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock.

Of course, he recognized the most well-known talisman puppet among the cultivation practitioners. However, he never expected to see a yellow-scarved warrior in the residential area at night.

He was still in a daze when several men rushed out of the corner. They were all dressed in black uniforms and held swords in their hands. Their expressions were cold and solemn as they chased after the yellow-scarved warrior.

Seeing Lin Shen, the expression of the man in the lead changed slightly. He hurriedly shouted,

“Martial Enforcement Hall is chasing criminals. Stay out of our way!”

Lin Shen narrowed his eyes.

The Martial Enforcement Hall was a well-known law enforcement organization under the jurisdiction of the Three Sects Prefecture in Dragonside City. It specialized in capturing cultivators who committed crimes and violated the laws of the city. It was extremely famous among cultivators.

He looked at the chests of those men and saw their uniforms were indeed embroidered with the exclusive mythological beast pattern of the Martial Enforcement Hall.

Seeing this, Lin Shen quickly retreated to the side of the road without a word. He had no intention of helping the Martial Enforcement Hall stop the criminals.

He wasn’t joking. Although the yellow-scarved warrior was the lowest grade of talisman puppet, it still had the strength of the Long Breath Stage. How could a Qi Transformation student like him stop it?

If he really charged forward, he would be smashed into a pulp by the yellow-scarved warrior.

Fortunately, the warrior didn’t pay any attention to Lin Shen. It sped past without slowing down at all.

Immediately after it, men of the Martial Execution Hall also swept past like a violent wind. Without even looking at Lin Shen, they chased after the yellow-scarved warrior into the night.

“The person with a yellow-scarved warrior as a talisman puppet can’t be an ordinary criminal. I wonder where he came from and what crime he has committed.”

Lin Shen muttered to himself.

However, he quickly threw this doubt to the back of his mind. In any case, it had nothing to do with him.

Shaking his head, Lin Shen continued on his way.

In order to avoid encountering the group of people again, he simply changed directions and took a detour to return to his apartment.

Under the moonlight.

The groups of men chased after the warrior, and in the blink of an eye, they were over a kilometer away.

The yellow-scarved warrior was known for his extraordinary strength, but speed wasn’t his forte. In the end, he couldn’t outrun the members of the Martial Enforcement Hall, and the distance between the two sides gradually shortened.

Four to five minutes later, the leader, Han Wu, was within a hundred meters of the yellow-scarved warrior.

He suddenly shouted and pounced forward like a tiger. The steel saber in his hand suddenly slashed out.

In an instant.

One could almost hear the sound of lake waves hitting the shore, followed by an ear-piercing whistling sound.

Blue wave-like saber energy suddenly tore through the air and attacked the yellow-scarved warrior from behind at lightning speed.

The yellow-scarved warrior seemed to have sensed the fatal threat of the saber energy behind him. He had no choice but to stop, turn around, and swing his spiked club fiercely!


The spiked club and the saber energy collided violently in the air!

The huge impact instantly tore the saber energy into pieces, and the yellow-scarved warrior staggered back by the momentum.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, members of the Martial Enforcement Hall caught up with the warrior. They tacitly spread out and surrounded the talisman puppet.

“The talisman puppet is controlled by someone. It doesn’t have any intelligence to speak of. There’s no need to waste your breath on it. Kill it!” Han Wu caught up with the warrior in a few large strides and shouted in a deep voice.

The moment he finished speaking, he turned into a moving shadow and charged at the yellow-scarved warrior.

Seeing this, the others followed suit.

Although the yellow-scarved warrior was valiant, he couldn’t withstand the group attack. In a short while, he was covered in wounds. In the end, he was beheaded by the leader of the men. With a bang, he turned into smoke and disappeared, leaving only a broken talisman slowly floating to the ground.

Han Wu quickly scanned the area and frowned.

“He doesn’t have it.”

The others were also stunned. They looked around but found nothing.

“That shouldn’t be the case. I saw this yellow-scarved warrior kill someone and snatch the treasure. The item should still be on him!”

“Could it have been taken away by Tian Dian?”

“Damn it! That guy is as slippery as fish. We went after him so many times, but he escaped every single time!”

“It can’t be helped. That guy killed more than twenty cultivators and took countless treasures. It won’t be easy to catch him!”

Han Wu rubbed his brows in frustration.

The criminal known as Tian Dian wasn’t an advanced cultivator. He was only at the eighth level of the Qi Transformation Stage.

His martial techniques weren’t as good as disciples from the three great sects, but he carried many talismans and treasures he had snatched from other cultivators.

Every time he was surrounded, he could use the talismans and treasures to break out and escape.

Moreover, he was very cunning. Most of the time, he didn’t take action himself. Instead, he hid in the dark and controlled the talisman puppet to rob and kill other cultivators.

Han Wu and his subordinates had been pursuing Tian Dian for more than three months. They had ambushed and surrounded him no less than five times, but every time, they had failed on the verge of success. For this, he had been reprimanded by his superiors countless times.

Not only did he fail to catch Tian Dian this time, but he also lost the object he was after. He would probably be scolded by his superiors when he returned.

The idea gave Han Wu a headache.

One of his subordinates leaned over and whispered, “Captain, could that yellow-scarved warrior have hidden it somewhere while escaping?”

Han Wu frowned.

The night was dark as they chased, and many passersby had blocked their vision along the way. Even if the yellow-scarved warrior really had hidden the item halfway, they wouldn’t have been able to spot it.

After hesitating for a while, Han Wu sighed and said, “Let’s go and search the way we came!”

Even though there was little hope of finding it, he still had to make a trip. What if he was lucky?

The subordinates looked at each other and nodded weakly.

Han Wu slapped one of his subordinates on the head and said angrily,

“Why are you all so depressed? Everyone, cheer up!

“We’ve been chasing Tian Dian for more than three months. No matter how many talismans he has, he should have used them up by now. I know we’ll catch him next time!”

After being lectured by Han Wu, his subordinates’ morale rose a little. They perked up and searched along the way they came.

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