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Chapter 60

Chapter 60

“So, what should I do?”

Adam flinched at her eager gaze.

“First of all, the mindset is important.”

“The mindset?”

Holly frowned as those words seemed like a lesson from a fairy tale.

“Yes. The spirit and the contractor want to be faithful friends.”

Saying so, he nodded his head with an embarrassed face. Perhaps he also thought it was childish.

“The contractor provides a certain amount of energy to the spirit, and the spirit lends power to the contractor in return.”

‘I think I’ll have that kind of power, too?’

With her eyes twinkling, she immediately turned to the spirit.

“Do you want to come with me?”

Cahill’s eyes were stained with envy and jealousy as he watched Holly’s offer to the spirit.

“You never said anything like that to me…”

Meanwhile, the spirit trembled with joy, and the air around it rang as if the spirits were laughing.

“It looks good.”

Even Adam, who couldn’t see it, seemed to have felt that feeling. He said in a bitter voice.

— What is my name?

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice rang in her head, but Holly knew it was the spirit’s voice. The spirit’s voice she heard for the first time was clear enough to make her feel refreshed.

“How about Shiver?”

— My name, Shiver.

Suddenly, the tree swayed violently. It was a rough name that came to mind when she saw the tree kept shaking its body.

‘…It doesn’t like it?’

The moment she contemplated whether she should rename it, the spirit’s stem stretched out. Holly flinched at the stem approaching her.

‘Is it angry because it doesn’t like it that much?’

At that moment, the tip of the stem gently touched her round forehead. The cold feeling spread around the area.


Holly narrowed her eyes.

In the blink of an eye, instead of a tree, a beast resembling a big cat was there with a blue pattern engraved on the shiny white fur.


When she called the name in bewilderment, the beast came to her feet and nuzzled on her leg.

“The look…”

“That would be the real thing.”

“I see.”

Holly reached out and stroked Shiver’s head. An exclamation flowed from her mouth, feeling the texture of the fur, which was much softer than expected when she was about to sit next to it and pet it more earnestly.


As she glanced around for Shiver, who had disappeared before her eyes, Adam spoke as if he had grasped the situation.

“It went back to the spirit realm. They say contracts require great strength.”

Holly let out a sigh of relief when she heard that her barely-acquainted friend wasn’t just gone.

“If you call it by name when you need it in the future, it will always respond to your summons.”

Hearing his words, Holly nodded her head as her face lit up again. Adam must have been a good source of information.


When she called out to him in a joyful voice, Cahill found her cute as she was at a loss of joy.


However, as he kept looking at her curved lips, he felt jealous for nothing.

“Now, you guys go get something to eat.”

Cahill spat bluntly at the men. Adam, who pursed his lips with a disgruntled expression, was grabbed by the back of his neck by Badin and dragged away.

Waiting for them to go, he soon opened his arms to her.

“Hug me.”


She asked again, thinking she had misheard. Cahill’s patience was short-lived. He quickly walked up to her and opened his arms again. He was holding back what he wanted to do from the beginning for the sake of the shy Holly.

“Hug me tight.”

Holly asked as she hugged Cahill’s back with a bewildered face.

“Did something scary happen there?”

He silently buried his lips in Holly’s hair.

‘I had been lying on the dirt floor. Will it be okay?’

Cahill took in a deep breath and exhaled over and over again, getting possessed.

“It was scary.”

Holly’s eyes widened at his answer.

‘Is Cahill afraid of anything?’

It was when he opened his mouth to speak the thoughts that came to his mind.

“The dream is so happy that I’m afraid I don’t want to come back.”

He whispered in a voice that was really relieved. On the other hand, Holly froze, her lips parted, at a loss for words.

“Ah… huht!”

Cahill bit Holly on the nape of the neck.

‘…How did it happen again?’

Leaning against the tree, her body lifted into the air as he grabbed her inner thighs and put himself between her legs. He then rubbed the lower body that was touching. It was more erotic than she imagined to be rubbed without taking off her clothes.

“Ha, uht… Ah… just, a kiss… What if they come back?”

Holly gasped and shook her head.

However, her arms were wrapped around the back of Cahill’s head, pulling him toward her. Soon, he pulled down the dress that covered her breasts before licking her bare skin with his tongue and glanced up.

Holly held back her voice, biting her lip.

“Does it bother you that much?”

Cahill asked with a troubled face.

His lower body swelled up as if it was about to burst, and he was anxious but he couldn’t just push recklessly. Before, when they had s*x, he would always look at Holly because he thought Holly would do it again next time if she felt good, but now it wasn’t for that reason.

It was because Cahill himself liked to see how she felt. Now, he was more aroused by her flushed face than by the act itself.

“Um, what to do…”

He even raised his eyebrows and pondered with a serious face. It was the first time she had seen such a serious expression since meeting Cahill.

‘What is the big deal about this…’

Holly stared at him in astonishment.

“How about this?”

Perhaps he had finally found a solution, his face brightened.

“What else are you thinking?”

She felt uneasy whenever he was confident like this.

Meanwhile, Cahill grinned at her, then the surroundings darkened. He pulled the robe he was wearing over his and Holly’s heads.

“Can I do it now?”

Holly couldn’t even make a sound and just kept her mouth shut. She was speechless, not knowing what to say to an idiot who believed that if only their head were hidden, all her shame would disappear.

The moment his eyes met hers, she found it difficult to breathe. Cahill’s eyes twinkled in the dark like those of an innocent child.

However, the thick heat settled down.

“It’s not completely ineffective.”

Holly said, wetting her dry lips with his tongue.

In the darkness, only his face shone white while the beating of the heart was louder than ever. She couldn’t tell if it was hers or Cahill’s.

Cahill’s eyes followed her little movements intently.

Catching her gaze, his tongue slipped into her mouth, and he let out a pitiful sigh. Perhaps reading her mind, the red tongue poked out again. Holly looked up at his expression and licked his lips with her wet tongue.

She could feel his body twitch at the touch of her palm. Holly, who was always taken aback, was satisfied with his bewilderment.

‘He said it was good that I asked him to do it first?’

Holly pressed closer to him, scratching the roof of his mouth with the tip of her tongue. Cahill hesitated for a moment and sucked hastily, not wanting to let go of the tongue that had invaded his mouth.

“Ha-uh, ah…”

Could it be because she was trapped inside the robe?

She was out of breath more quickly than at other times, and her mind went hazy. A soft moan flowed from her throat, and she came to her senses belatedly and pushed his chest out. The wind slipped the robe covering their heads.

“Do more.”

Cahill grabbed her disheveled hair and kissed her lips. Holly pushed his lips back with the palm of her hand. And before he grumbled, she lifted her skirt. The cold air brushed her bare legs and made her body tremble.

“Let’s do it quickly before your men return.”

She put the end of the dress she lifted into her mouth.

“…What are you doing?”

Cahill asked blankly.

“I thought it would make me make less noise…”

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