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Chapter 61

Chapter 61

As Holly pulled the cloth from her mouth and said so, Cahill continued to stare at her in disbelief. Then, he sat down on the floor.

“Your underwear is all wet.”

“…You’re lewd.”

He muttered with a dazed face and grabbed her thigh.

“I’ll lick them all.”

When Holly spread her legs at that signal, a bright smile spread across Cahill’s face, and without hesitation, he buried his lips between her legs.

‘Who is calling someone else racy?’

A hot breath hit the sensitive area.

Holly closed her eyes tightly in dizziness before opening them again. It felt like her underwear was being sucked in all at once.

The hot, soft tongue licked her slit. Sucking on the cl*toris for a while, Cahill opened his mouth wide and exhaled a hot breath. The lewd lips rode up, and he put his lips together again and pressed against her pubic hair.


It was itchy, and more erotic than she could have imagined for his lips to be rubbed against the rough pubic hair.

Holly felt the liquid pouring down her thighs.

“It’s getting more wet.”

Cahill’s fingers pulled back her underwear and slipped into the damp hole. As he pressed his fingertips against the wet inner walls, her flesh clung to his fingers.

Suddenly, he jumped up and rummaged through the pocket tied around his waist with an urgent hand. He then put the pill he found into his mouth and chewed it before a few pills from the barrel rolled on the floor.

“It’s too wet, so let’s just take it off!”

He chewed down the pill and quickly ripped off her underwear, and he pierced through the bottom at once.

The damp entrance opened easily but was narrow inside.

“Ah! Relax… a bit.”

When Cahill growled in agony, the corners of Holly’s lips went up smoothly. Seeing his face contorted with impatience boosted her confidence.

“Huhp, huht…!”

Immediately, hot, wet flesh wrapped around his pillar. Cahill, out of habit, stopped moving. Otherwise, he was afraid that he would finish before he could do anything.

“Don’t… tighten, up.”

Holly’s strength was loosened from Cahill’s pleas. While it got a little better, her inside was still cramped, so he grabbed her hips and moved her waist. The narrow hole gradually widened the space to fit him.

“I want to kiss you…”

Seeing her lips biting her skirt, he licked her lips in regret. Instead, he restlessly kissed her cheek.

“I’m bored of the forest. I hope to get out of here soon.”

He spoke with a sad face and strongly raised his waist.


Holly’s mouth widened at the strong stimulation. As a result, the cloth she was biting on slipped out of her mouth. Cahill did not miss the opportunity as his eyes flashed, and he pulled her neck before swallowing her lips.

A sweet moan passed through her mouth and dissipated.

Instead of biting her skirt again, Holly clung to his lips. The wet lips made a muddy sound as they moved on and off several times. The lingering tongue came out and tangled in the air.

“Haaa, uht… hng!”

He grabbed Holly by the waist and stabbed her with his hard pillar. There was a continuous moan in her mouth. Correspondingly, Cahill’s thrusting became faster and faster. Leaves from the swaying tree piled up on their bodies, but neither of them paid any attention.

Holly wiped her bottom with a handkerchief soaked in the river water. It was just after she changed her clothes that Cahill’s men returned.

“Awesome, really. Aren’t you tired?”

She clicked her tongue as she looked up at Adam’s fed-up face.

‘…As expected, he heard everything.’

Somehow, the timing of their appearance was also very good, so she pretended not to notice Adam’s gaze and hit the flint.

The sparks attached to the dried leaves instantly increased in size.

“Oh, a real fire…!”

Adam let out a small exclamation, forgetting his irritation.

“I’ll do it!”

Cahill, who had been silently watching from behind, slightly pushed Holly to fan the flame. She readily gave him the spot, as he looked proud to step up to do something.


But when he opened his mouth, a cold wind swept through the area. Holly’s sparks disappeared without a trace.

“Your Highness! What is this…?!”

Adam realized whom he was blaming for attacking the fire and immediately shut his mouth. At the same time, Badin’s face stiffened as he was skewering the meat with excitement at the thought of finally eating. There was even a slight murderous energy in him.

As Cahill’s shoulders dropped bewilderedly, Cahill glanced at Holly, who let out a deep sigh with wet eyes.

He was trying to help, so she couldn’t be angry.

“…I will take care of the fire.”

And so, Holly turned over the snow-covered ground and rekindled the fire.

“So, didn’t I tell you to listen to the class properly?”

Even Adam, Cahill’s follower, couldn’t stand it this time. While she lit the fire, he kept Cahill from stepping out. When the fire finally got big enough to cook the meat, Badin put the skewer around the fire immediately.

“Holly, sit here.”

Cahill, who had been depressed, looked at her and tapped the floor with his palm. His robes were spread on the floor. While Holly sat on top of the robe he had laid for her and stared blankly, Adam added additional firewood to keep the fire burning.

‘Is this a bit comfortable?’

Adam and Badin not only groomed the rabbits they caught but also got a lot of firewood. Holly smoked the fire to grill the seasoned meat, although there was an accident in the middle.

“Still, we are fortunate that there are many places to eat around here. I also brought fruit for dessert.”

As the meat began to cook to some extent, Adam said with a relieved face and took out the harvest from his pocket.

“The purple berries on the other side are good to eat by lightly sprinkling them on top of the meat.”

Holly, a little hesitant, glanced at the berries Adam had collected and opened her mouth.

“Is that so?”

Adam was delighted, contrary to her worry that he would be harsh again. Then, she cut off the purple berries and put several in front.

“Thank you.”

Holly smiled slightly, and Adam cleared his throat and turned away.

“I told you not to smile.”

Meanwhile, Cahill grunted as he grabbed her cheek and turned it towards him.

‘That must have been cooked.’

Holly looked at the skewer in front of Badin and licked her lips. Her stomach, which was only filled with a few fruits, was already empty, so she moved her body, too. Badin must have known that the meat was cooked, so he quickly pulled out the skewer.

“What are you doing?”

Said Badin, sharply opening his eyes. Cahill snatched the meat from his hand.

“I am your prince.”


Cahill pondered for a while at Badin’s attitude, then spoke again.

“The forest seems to be very empty. Wouldn’t it be okay to have an ice statue here?”

It was quite intimidating this time, so Badin shut his mouth before he snatched the fish in front of Adam and put it in his mouth.

“It’s mine…!”

“Want some?”

Badin held out the meat with clear bite marks in front of Adam. He already knew Adam would reject it.


While Holly was watching them, Cahill was nibbling on the meat. Peeling away the scorched part and tearing off a tender piece of flesh, he blew the meat and held it in front of Holly’s mouth.


“Do I have to look at this every time I eat?”

Adam muttered frustratedly, rolling his eyes.

“If you don’t like it, go separately.”

Seeing Cahill didn’t even look in that direction and just replied nonchalantly, Holly also opened her mouth, ignoring Adam’s cold eyes. A piece of meat that was cut to a size that seemed a little small fit in her mouth.

As she caught his expectant gaze, Holly moved her mouth.

“How is it? Delicious?”

Then, he asked with twinkling eyes. Anyone who saw it would think that it was the food he had prepared.

Feeling that Cahill was cute, she smiled and nodded her head.

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