Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2

The way he spoke back was cold and fierce. While Skyla’s personality was notoriously cranky, there were a few exceptions to some people whom he kept acquaintances with… though it didn’t seem to be like that today.

Racine pursed his lips in resignation. He wasn’t the type to stick around anyway. He would rather he wasn’t interested.

Then, he withdrew his gaze from the Princess and glanced at Skyla. The noble prince’s profile was engulfed in confusion. Although he was usually uptight, he seemed different from his usual indifferent expression.

Perhaps it was because of this woman, he guessed.

The strange girl was so beautiful that even if she was quiet without saying a word, she could steal people’s eyes at once. Even if Skyla wasn’t usually interested in beauty, he never knew. He might possibly want to have one.

‘Is he going to make her the princess?’

Lucine speculated, judging by his reaction, but soon denied it.

Skyla didn’t seem to care much for her.

And, even if he tried to take her as the princess, it was clear that the Crown Prince would try to take her away anyway. Skyla’s brother was such a person. The Crown Prince had taken a lot from him, both politically and non-politically.

Racine furrowed his eyebrows. He was getting tired of digging into people’s complicated relationships.

The imperial family’s affairs were that of the imperial family. Even if the Princess in front of him might get caught up in it, it was none of his business.

“Wake up.”

A dull whisper reached her ears. It was a voice that sounded friendly, even if only slightly.

Ariel struggled to lift her eyelids.

She could see a ruby-studded gold brooch and bolo tie. Skyla’s chest was right in front of her as his white neckline brushed away from the side of her profile as if he had deliberately taken this position on purpose to wake her up.

He was unexpectedly close. Because of that, Ariel involuntarily shrank her shoulders.

Meanwhile, it seemed that Skyla didn’t care as he nonchalantly returned to his seat. When she checked the surroundings with embarrassment, it seemed that the car was already stopped, and the front seat was empty.

‘Did… we arrive?’

She couldn’t tell how much time had passed. Ariel shifted her long sitting position and massaged her stiff knees and elbows.

But, strangely, her arms felt empty. Puzzled, she dropped her head in wonder. Instead, the bag she’d been carrying was neatly placed on the floor of the car. Skyla must have taken care of it while she slept.

Recognizing that, she couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. Ever since last night, she’d been noticing strangely kind things about him.

‘…I should thank you.’

However, as Ariel was about to say something…

“The preparations are complete, Your Highness.”


The door suddenly opened.

Skyra quickly got out of the car without saying anything to her. The stiff hem of his coat, hanging down his back, quickly escaped her line of sight.

Through the open door, the scenery outside was clearly visible. Just as the sun was setting, the sky faded from pale blue to white. Beneath it, an ivory-colored building bathed in blazing light perched on top of a series of stairways.

‘Is This the academy building?’

It was more grandiose than she had imagined.

Ariel reached down to the floor with her eyes still fixed on the car door. The door on the other side opened as she picked up the bag lying on the floor.

“Please get out.”

The servant greeted her politely.

Holding the bag in her arms, she stepped out of the car door, careful not to scratch the car.

Once she was out of the narrow interior, the smell of water wafted through her. It must have rained again during the car ride. When she took a deep breath, the cool air permeated and cooled her airways.

“Princess, this way.”

Ariel turned to follow the call. The imposing grandeur of the castle was overwhelmingly revealed. Skyla strode toward the high doors at the top of the wide staircase with his aides and escorts at his side.

A maid who had come down the stairs opposite them approached her.

“I’ll guide you around.”

She stood beside Ariel and bowed her head.

Ariel gave her a small nod, and the maid continued to lead the way before she followed him up the stairs.

With a cloud shadow casting over her head, dusk marks moved slowly on the white steps. The light shining through the clouds was still bright enough to illuminate the edges of the shadows. She wondered what time it was since it seemed that there was still plenty of time before the night fell.

The shade that occupied the stairs continued beyond the door. The large windows were dazzling, reflecting the white sky, while the floor was darker in contrast. The contrast of color the light brought to the white marble was vivid.

Ariel stared at the scene in wonder.

“Ariel, come here.”

When she looked out of the corner of her eyes at the call, it was Skyla. He was standing in front of the long table that served as the front desk.

As she approached, he held out a bundle of papers tucked into a clip to her.

“Documents required for transfer. Hold on to them because I’ll need to put my stamp on them later.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Ariel accepted what he offered in a bewildered manner.

The papers in her hand were quite thick.

She hadn’t realized that he had already done this much preparation. In the era of automobiles, she didn’t even know if he had explained to them in advance by phone or something earlier. Because of that, she was surprised to see how much attention he had put into this.

Holding the bag in one hand, Ariel clutched the papers in her other arm. Skyla’s expression became strange at the sight of her holding things with both her hands full.

“Why are you carrying your luggage?”

“…It’s my luggage, so I’m holding it.”

“Are you kidding me?”


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