Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2

Just in time, a stack of papers that would serve as a suitable excuse caught her eye. According to Skyla, it was a document related to her transfer, so if there were something difficult to understand, it would be better to use that as an excuse to find him.

Thinking so, she read through the papers carefully, page by page.

Most of the content was about the transfer process. Although there were sometimes difficult words, there weren’t any sentences that she couldn’t understand.

There was no room for faults and the paperwork went smoothly, so the only thing left was the last page of the letter of recommendation. Since the paper already had her name on it and Count Huckley’s seal, all that remained was a place where the seal of the Prince would be stamped.

‘At this rate, how can I use this to make an excuse…’

Ariel put down the papers with a rather serious face. Not knowing if she’d ever see him in person after today, she had to make sure she had raised the likeability as much as possible since the deadline was only three years.

Even though she didn’t have an answer, she had to act.

There was no hesitation in her action. Leaving the room, Ariel walked down the hallway in the full glow of the setting sun. The deep colors suggested that the sun would soon be setting.

Ariel moved, peeking at the phone hidden in her sleeve.

The main building where Skyla was located was at the back of the building she was in. She had to go through the lobby she came in through, go out the other side, and then cross the middle garden. The way out was easy, as she only had to make one left turn down a long hallway and then go straight ahead.

The problem would start after entering the main hall.

‘What do I say? When is the transfer date? Is that alright…?’

Gallantly, Ariel walked through the back door, her pace noticeably slower.

‘…I think I’ll need to think about your excuses a little more.


A sharp friction sound cut through the still air.

Startled, Ariel hid herself among the landscape. As she kept looking around to find the source of the sound, her eyes widened.

“Your Highness…! I’m disappointed in Your Highness!”

With a shrill voice that spat out in anger, it was followed by the sound of crying.

‘Your Highness…?’

Ariel was instinctively drawn to the title, which was clearly meant to address someone with a high ranking. She cautiously lowered her body and pressed herself against a nearby wall to where she could hear the conversation.

‘Is this another target?’

Holding her breath, Ariel poked her head slightly around the corner of the ivory wall. Beyond, obliquely obscured by the landscape, she could see two figures with their backs to the setting sun—one was a tall man, and in front of him was a woman wearing a bonnet with her shoulders shaking.


“I’m not going to apologize! I know it’s blasphemous, but…!”

“If you know that it’s blasphemous, then do you know what the punishment will be for this action?”

The girl’s shoulders stiffened as if she was frightened.

“…B-but—! Your Highness, my…my heart! You’re trying to cut me off like that… so…!”

“I thought you had a bad head, but it turns out you’re just emotionally uncontrollable like a toddler.”

“You really… you…were just joking, weren’t you?”


“That’s a lie… isn’t it…?”


“…Your Highness.”

“Don’t cry. It’s getting ugly, just like your family.”


Hearing the insult, the woman raised her hand furiously and slapped the man across the cheek. His face half turned, and his exposed cheeks were flushed.

Ariel stared at the two of them, unable to hide her shaky gaze.

The man’s face slowly returned to its original position.

At the most brilliant height of the sunset, the man’s blond hair fluttered, revealing a face as smooth as a sculpture. Even from a distance, the heterochromia eyes were eerily beautiful—the color of the deep blue sea and blade-like silver eyes—two eyes of different colors peered over the woman’s bonnet.

All of a sudden, his eyes narrowed slightly as he sensed a stranger.

Momentarily, he accurately found her and their eyes met. With her heart pounding in surprise, Ariel’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth, but the man raised his index finger to his lips, ‘Shh,’ quietly and stealthily.

Ariel involuntarily covered her hand over her mouth, dutifully following his signals.

The corners of the man’s lips went up smoothly, and he flashed her an insinuating smile. It was a flirtatious smile, almost seductive.

On the other hand, with her head bowed from crying, she didn’t see his smile as her sobs only intensified.

As he brushed the back of his hand across his flushed cheeks, the smile was erased from his face looking down at the girl in front of him. Similarly, the deceptive warmth disappeared, replaced by a bitterly cold expression.

“That’s two hits.”

“Your Highness… I-I’m…”

“Alright. I’ll let it slide, so leave.”

His gentle tone strangely reminded her of Skyla. Their voices were a little bit alike, but the feeling he gave was utterly different. Excluding his appearance, his facial expression and personality were completely different.


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