Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1

After such an experience, it felt as if her head was spinning. Why did he seduce, she couldn’t have guessed or imagined the answer. Aside from the incomprehensible things, what had just happened felt unreal.

With his departure, the sunset completely disappeared.

As the sun fell and darkness set in, the grass, once bright with light, turned dark as well.

It was only then did Ariel come to her senses. Shaking her head, she tried to let go of the image of him. He truly drained a person’s spirit*.

[ T/N: An idiom which means, ‘To fascinate someone and make him/her feel dizzy.’ ]

‘Come to think of it, didn’t that girl call him Your Highness?’

Remembering her phone vibrating in the background earlier, Ariel put her hand into her coat pocket. She was glad she had moved the phone since she might have dropped it while mesmerized by him. He didn’t even want to imagine having her phone caught by an opponent like that.

On the screen, a new name was added to the top of the system window.

Seeing the last name of the imperial family of the empire, Ariel sensed that the time had come.

She nervously pressed the new name with a trembling heart.


In embarrassment, the question didn’t just stay in her head but jumped out of her mouth as well. Temporary error due to inability to confirm affection on the profile of a person who has acted incomprehensibly that could be assumed to be seduction…

An unpleasant feeling lingered in Ariel’s mind as she kept thinking why even the system was reluctant to show his peculiarities.

As his portrait was moving slowly on the map, her eyes followed him.

…The Crown Prince, Devoncia. Skyla’s older brother.

Ariel mulled over the information she had learned.

While immersed in the contents of the profile window, she suddenly noticed a notification at the top of the screen.

‘Ah, that’s right.’

After encountering Skyla, the story and help were unlocked. It was the background information about the target. Even though she should’ve checked it in advance, she was in a hurry to move.

Ariel tapped each article one after another, feeling that she had discovered the emergency money she had hidden.

The information about the story section wasn’t remarkable. When a choice came up, it seemed like all she had to do was remember that it would diverge when presented with a choice.

What she should have paid attention to more was the help. In particular, the second part caught her attention.

‘About the special endings…’

The special ending was the final goal of her quest to go to the original world. In a way, it was the most important piece of information.

The fingers that pressed the letters trembled slightly.


Ariel breathed a sigh at the phrase, which sounded like a wall blocking her way. Her field of vision was very narrow due to the concentration. Even if it was only two lines, her heart was pounding when she faced specific conditions.

‘On my birthday when all the targets’ affection rating needs to be or higher…’


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