Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2

Then, a special ending would take place. Those two lines alone were enough for her.

Now, her goal was clear.

She needed to increase everyone’s favorability to at least three hearts before her birthday passed. However, based on the targets she’d encountered so far, the prospects weren’t promising…

‘There is no one who is easy-going… Will the last person who hasn’t come out yet be any better?’

As she thoughtfully weighed the possibilities, Ariel eventually stopped thinking. It was better to focus on the present rather than worrying about the future. Thinking so, she opened the basic help that was displayed prior to the section on special endings.

The information was bland and predictable, faithful to the word ‘basic.’

On the note the third line mentioned the minimum condition for the ending. She needed at least or higher in favorability with one target.

In other words, if even one person had a favorability rating of or higher, it would open up the possibility of an ending.

‘So, it means that there could be other endings besides the special ending, right?’

Ariel’s brow furrowed naturally at the tricky possibility.

She counted the possibilities with a serious expression on her face. If one person’s favorability were too high, she would see that end… so it meant that she needed a balanced, level playing field that didn’t favor anyone as much as possible.

Thinking so, she opened the target profile window once again.

center> Target of the attack

The third target that was empty.

Since all of the targets so far have been related by blood, there was a high chance that the remaining one would be the same, too.

A high rank, a noble lineage determined by the Empire, and…


A voice that was somehow familiar came over her back. Taken aback, Ariel quickly slipped her phone back into her coat.

“What are you doing here?”

The voice that had been heard a little far away was now close enough to be behind her ears. Turning her head away, Ariel changed her expression from a stiff face to a deliberately nonchalant one.

Soon, Skyla stopped a step or two away from her.

“Ah… Good evening, Your Highness.”

As a rather stupid greeting flew out of Ariel’s mouth, Skylar tilted his head as she let out a gasping sound.

“Have you done something wrong? Why are you making such a stern face?”

She thought she had done a good job, but her expression must have been rather foolish. Even though she tried to explain, Skyla’s questioning was faster.

“What are you doing without eating dinner?”

“Uh… the weather is nice.”

“The sun has set, what weather? Do you prefer the dark?”

“No… I just like the night sky.”

“Is that why you came out here without eating dinner?”

“Yes. It’s romantic to see the stars.”

“Really? Then…”

It seemed as though he was about to say something, but Skyla stopped and made a complicated face before gritting his teeth as if there was something stuck in his throat. It felt like he was swallowing something he wanted to spit out but couldn’t.

‘…What’s wrong with him?’

Ariel wondered as his cheeks flushed a pale red.

‘Is he shy? About what…?’

Around the time a strange curiosity piqued, he abruptly looked unnecessarily angry for no reason.

“Don’t run around, go in moderation.”


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