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Chapter 100

Chapter 100

It wasn’t until sunset that their travels stopped temporarily. Attendants and soldiers began preparing for the night. After a simple dinner, Andra entered the barracks she was assigned to change clothes, and was shocked to see Dustin waiting for her inside.

“When did you come in?”

First, Andra hurriedly covered the entrance to the barracks. She was afraid that someone would find out that Dustin was here. No one should see Dustin. Afterwards, Andra lit a small lamp to illuminate the darkened tent. Only then did she know what Dustin’s condition was.

“…Dustin Airak, what are you doing?”

Dustin was kneeling in front of Andra, looking quite depressed. Because of that, Andra was dumbfounded. Why was he on his knees again? Dustin opened his mouth without lifting his head.

“I seem to have offended you.”


“…You just walked away.”

Dustin’s answer made Andra remember what she had done to Dustin. Because of Dean in Anat’s memory, she took out her anger on Dustin. But at the time, she really had no choice. Dustin’s terrifying resemblance to Dean was enough to scare Andra away.

‘No, even if that’s the case, is it just because of that?’

Andra stared at Dustin blankly. Kneeling to her as before, he looked infinitely small, even though he’s like a huge bear in reality. And the fact that she made him that way… Andra was stunned. She has no idea whether she should like it or hate it. Andra tried to get Dustin up.

“Get up now.”

“…Is that okay?”

As Andra tried to get him to stand up, Dustin asked, looking up at her. Will you forgive me for saying that? Andra was at a loss for words for a moment. She really can’t get used to this. She suddenly gets sick. Andra asked, raising her eyebrows.

“If I tell you not to get up, will you never get up?”

“If you want.”

“Can you swear on it? Don’t promise anything you can’t keep.”

Maybe in response to her cold voice, Dustin hastily grabbed the hem of Andra’s dress. He feared that he might offend Andra again.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter as long as the other person was Andra. Even if it happened because Andra was simply in a bad mood. Dustin would beg Andra unconditionally given what he had done.

“I’m serious. I swear I can even write a blood-signed letter by splitting my finger right now.”

“Blood-signed letter…? What the hell are you talking about?”

Andra was disgusted by the unexpected answer. Was he crazy? Why would he write a blood-signed letter by splitting his own finger? Was it something that could come out of a normal person’s mouth in the first place?

In fact, she feared that Dustin would do it, so Andra was even terrified. If an Awakened’s finger was broken on this journey…

“Never do that. I really don’t want to and I don’t need it.”

“I won’t do it if you don’t like it.”

“It’s not that I don’t want it, just don’t do it. What kind of crazy person would break their hand and write a blood-signed letter?”

“Something that often happens in our northern region…”

“Whatever! Just don’t do it, okay?”


Feeling her heart pounding, Andra let out a sigh. She doesn’t mind if the person wants to hurt himself, but she didn’t know why she was feeling so nervous. Andra touched her aching head, then she glared at Dustin. Because it really didn’t suit him.

No matter how sincere he was towards her, his behavior didn’t go well with Andra. That’s why she suddenly gets annoyed even when she wanted to try to be a little tolerant of Dustin.

“Get up first. Rather, what if someone came in? Do you know how many eyes are on you and me right now?”

Dustin’s actions without countermeasures made Andra’s head hurt even more. If something went wrong, wouldn’t they have to deal with it themselves? Dustin’s head lowered again at Andra’s scolding.

“…You said we’ll talk later.”

“Did I ask you to come to me so suddenly?”

“I was going to wait longer, but I’m… anxious.”

Still holding on to the hem of Andra’s clothes, Dustin intermittently continued. He came because he was anxious? More than anything, what was he anxious about? Andra asked again, narrowing her brows.

“What’s making you anxious?”


“What are you so anxious about?”

Dustin lifted his head and looked at Andra. His pale green eyes gleamed with anxiety, similar to last time.

“…I’m anxious that you will leave.”

From the outside, his relationship with Andra seemed to have been roughly restored, but it wasn’t at all. Andra hadn’t forgiven Dustin yet, and she still felt resentful of him.

So Dustin was afraid that Andra would suddenly and abruptly walk away from him.

Dustin ran away in fear even when Andra was talking to her friend about him. It was hard for him to face how she would judge him.

What if Andra still thought of him as disgusting and creepy? What if she was treating him like this to get revenge on himself? What if she accepted that she had forgiven him and then at the end she would say she never did and she would abandon him? Each and every scenario is a nightmare, something Dustin fears more than death.

Even he found himself unfamiliar, being impatient with Andra.

“…I feel like you’re going to leave me like this. Because you’re completely warranted in doing so.”

No matter how much he was regretful now, it wouldn’t undo the actions he had done in the past. The scars Dustin gave to Andra during the twenty years they knew each other would remain in her heart. Because it was the things he said to hurt her. Of course she had also inflicted pain unto Dustin, but he didn’t care about that anymore.

‘It’s only natural that she hates me.’

Even more recently, Dustin had tried to do everything to displease Andra. He pushed and forced his own feelings onto her. Even when Andra screamed and cursed at him, he didn’t care. Because only he mattered. He didn’t care about Andra’s side.

And in the end, those things came back, strangling him

“…I was so anxious.”


“I don’t know what to do, Andra.”

Noticing that Dustin’s voice was quivering slightly, Andra inhaled sighs in succession. Every time Dustin clung to her like this, she felt helpless. She couldn’t quite figure out how to deal with him.

Truthfully, she couldn’t figure out how she was supposed to feel. It was all the more so because the only emotional exchange she had with Dustin in her entire life was to criticize and hate each other.


Andra slowly reached out and freed Dustin’s hand from her dress. The big hands came loose as he was pushed away by her. Andra said in a small voice after a small sigh.

“Dustin Airak, you know that the more you do this, the more difficult it gets for me, right?”


“You’re too straightforward… Like last time, and like today.”

Andra felt the need to correct Dustin’s behavior right away. If she didn’t, he would continue to seek her out like this. Of course, Andra would not agree to that, and it will only act as a variable in her future plans. From this point on she had to be sure.

Dustin, who thought Andra was abandoning him with a firm voice, caught his breath.

“Andra, I…”

“I’m not done talking yet.”


“So I mean if you… like me… you have to follow my words completely. I’m just saying that behavior like this is putting me in a difficult situation.”

Andra poked Dustin with her index finger. However, her gaze was subtly away from Dustin. It was awkward for her to admit that Dustin liked her. Dustin, on the other hand, focused on Andra’s every single gesture, trying to listen as much as he could to her words.

“I will do… whatever you ask.”

“No. After saying that, you came to me. Before I even call you.”


Dustin looked at Andra’s eyes and spoke no more. But after that, there was a movement outside of the barracks.

Both shut their presence and listened to the sound of footsteps approaching. Suddenly, a servant stood in front of the barracks door and called Andra.

“Your Ladyship, your bathwater has been prepared. Shall I bring it here right away?”

Andra glanced at Dustin, then she spoke in a voice that the attendant could hear.

“…I understand. Can you come back a little later?”


The servant immediately moved away from the barracks. It wasn’t until the sound of the footsteps was completely gone that Andra let out a sigh of relief. Right, it’s so difficult to have a conversation in this state. She needed a place where no third party would intervene. So they could talk or do whatever they want. Andra looked down at Dustin again and continued.

“I think you and I need to draw up some rules.”


“Yes, rules. Rules to follow if you really want to be by my side.”

“I can keep it. I swear by my family, my sword, and my heart.”

Dustin said again as he grabbed Andra again. With Dustin appealing to her to recognize his earnestness, Andra gave a slight shrug.

To be honest, from her point of view, she didn’t want to care what Dustin swore by. Andra still didn’t trust Dustin, so what she really wanted to know was whether Dustin followed the rules.

“Do whatever you feel like. More than that, as I said, it’s difficult, let’s talk about it again tonight. I heard that there’s a lake nearby. I’ll see you there, so just get up now.”

Andra reached out and held out her hand to Dustin. Dustin looked at her hand, then grabbed it and pulled himself up.

It feels like the tent was full when he got up because he was so big. Andra withdrew the hand she had held out to her, and was about to tell him to go, but Dustin suddenly hugged Andra tightly.

What was he doing, she was out of breath. Unexpectedly, Andra, who was hugged by Dustin, struggled in frustration. Dustin said as he hugged Andra further.

“It was only half a day, but I missed you so much.”


“Don’t avoid me. I thought I was going crazy.”

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