Chapter 308 - Slander

Xia Xue composed herself. She stood up and looked at Qiao Nian pitifully. Biting her lip, she said pitifully, “Student Qiao Nian, I don’t know why you’re slandering me like this, but I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve never done anything to let you down.”

As Xia Xue spoke, tears rolled down her cheeks. “And I did practice the violin and piano in the practice room that afternoon. The cleaning lady was my witness.”

Xia Xue looked sincere. Some brainless men really believed her. After all, Xia Xue had always had a good reputation in school.

“I don’t think Xia Xue is lying.”

“Could Qiao Nian really have hired someone to imitate Xia Xue and Gao Lin’s voices?”

“That’s very likely. You must know that Xia Xue is kind, so how could she have done something like impersonate her?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I don’t think Xia Xue would do such a thing either!”

When Gao Lin heard the words of the people around her, she heaved a sigh of relief. As long as someone was willing to believe Xia Xue, there was still room for negotiation.

Hence, Gao Lin smiled and tried to smooth things over. “Qiao Nian, everyone knows how capable you are, but you can’t try to snatch Sister Xia Xue’s position by hook or by crook just because of this!”

Qiao Nian stood rooted to the ground, staring unblinkingly at Gao Lin. She wanted to see what other tricks Gao Lin had up her sleeve, so she didn’t interrupt her.

The higher she stood, the harder she would fall.

Gao Lin put on a magnanimous expression and advised earnestly, “Student Qiao Nian, if you really want to be Mr. Dong Hua’s female musician,you can get Sister Xia Xue to recommend you to Mr. Dong Hua after Sister Xia Xue gets familiar with Mr. Dong Hua. I believe that with your talent and ability, you can definitely be a backup female musician!”

Wang Xuan, who was standing at the side, was stunned!

This was the first time she had seen such a brazen person. Judging from Gao Lin’s words, she was clearly trying to establish her status as inferior.

“Gao Lin, how dare you say such things?” Wang Xuan couldn’t help but lash out.

Gao Lin’s expression remained the same. She said calmly, “Wang Xuan, what has this got to do with you? Why are you causing trouble? I’m telling the truth!”

The onlookers did not speak. Now that the matter had yet to be concluded, they did not know who to believe.

Gao Lin could guess what the other onlookers were thinking, so she gave Liu Yu a look.

Liu Yu immediately understood. She said coldly, “Sister Xia Xue, Linlin, you’re being bullied because you’re too kind. Why don’t you use your brains to think? What’s the use of explaining? You won’t be able to beat her!”

“She has the ability to seduce old men, and also the ability to get old men to send her to the academy. This means that her schemes are much deeper than yours. Now that she wants to snatch Sister Xia Xue’s position, so she must have planned this long ago!”

Liu Yu’s words instantly enlightened everyone.

Only then did everyone remember the photo of Qiao Nian on Tieba.

When Qiao Nian left the school, she got into a luxury car with a violin on her back.

Moreover, there had long been rumors on Tieba that Qiao Nian practiced the violin every day because the rich man liked it. That was why she could play the violin better than her peers.

Gao Lin gave Liu Yu a satisfied look and said, “If you didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten. She transferred here halfway through school. She probably used her status as a tycoon’s sugar baby to enter the school. That’s why she got someone to create this recording. Now, it seems that money can really make the world go round!”

Liu Yu and Gao Lin’s words made some people who did not know the truth waver.

“In that case, that tycoon should be very capable in An City!”

“He must be capable. Otherwise, why would a beauty like Qiao Nian be with him?”

“There are many indecent photos of her on Tieba! I didn’t expect her to be such a person!”


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