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Chapter 470 - Critical Situation

“Okay!” Su Han agreed without hesitation.

Chen Shi sat beside Lu Zhu’s bed. His eyes were red as he looked at Qiao Nian and said gratefully, “Mrs. Gu, thank you so much. If only…”

Qiao Nian frowned slightly and interrupted Chen Shi. “Chen Shi, it’s not convenient for me to reveal my identity now. Please don’t call me that in the future. Also, don’t spread this matter, okay?”

When Chen Shi heard Qiao Nian’s words, he was slightly stunned.

It had to be known that many people would be proud to be Mrs. Gu, but this was the first time Chen Shi had seen this. She did not want to announce to the world that she was Mrs. Gu.

However, Chen Shi quickly thought it through.

If Qiao Nian was just an ordinary person, the Second Young Master of the Gu family probably wouldn’t have thought much of her.

Chen Shi quickly nodded. “Alright, Miss Qiao. If you can save our Eldest Young Master, you’ll be the benefactor of everyone in the Lu family! The Lu family will definitely thank you well.”

“Actually, you don’t have to say this. I would have tried my best to save him no matter what. If Lu Zhu hadn’t saved me, I might have died long ago. In that case, Lu Zhu is my savior!”

At this point, Qiao Nian’s voice choked up a little, and her heart was filled with fear.

If that bullet had deviated even a little more, it might have hit Lu Zhu’s heart. Then, Lu Zhu would never see the sun tomorrow.

At the thought of this, Qiao Nian’s heart skipped a beat.

Soon, the car arrived at the hospital.

The nurse knew about the situation here and hurriedly ran over with the hospital bed. She carefully helped Lu Zhu onto the hospital bed and rushed to the emergency center.

When the doctor heard the news and rushed over, he immediately saw Lu Zhu’s injuries and hurriedly arranged for the nurses to prepare for the surgery.

With an anxious expression, Chen Shi asked the doctor. “Doctor, how’s my family member?”

“He’s not in good condition now. His life is in danger from excessive blood loss. We have to check his blood type first. When the time comes, we’ll help him remove the bullet from his chest while transfusing blood. Although this surgery is very risky, we’ll definitely do our best to save him. Don’t worry.”


Chen Shi frowned, then looked at Qiao Nian anxiously.

He had a vague feeling that only Qiao Nian could save Eldest Young Master.

Qiao Nian was also worried about Lu Zhu now, so she asked, “Doctor, can I enter the operating theater with you and be your assistant?”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, the doctor looked troubled. Since ancient times, there had never been a case of a patient’s family entering the emergency room at will.

After some thought, Qiao Nian took out her phone and took out an ID photo. She handed it to the doctor and said sincerely, “Can you make an exception?”

The doctor took Qiao Nian’s phone. When he saw the identification documents, his eyes couldn’t help but widen. Then, he smiled at Qiao Nian and said respectfully, “It would be my honor to have Dr. Qiao’s guidance in this surgery!”


Hearing this, Qiao Nian knew that the doctor had agreed to let her in. She said gratefully, “Thank you.”

Standing at the side, Chen Shi instantly understood and heaved a sigh of relief. His gaze landed on Qiao Nian’s face, and he begged humbly, “Miss Qiao, please!”

Qiao Nian looked at Chen Shi and nodded slightly.

Although she had previously felt that Chen Shi always had a long face, she had to admit that he was a very loyal bodyguard.

Qiao Nian followed the doctor to the disinfection room and changed into a surgical gown. After disinfecting herself, she entered the operating theater.

As soon as she walked into the operating room, she smelled thick disinfectant and blood.

Qiao Nian’s gaze landed on the operating table. She saw that Lu Zhu was already lying on it, his body connected to various instruments.

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