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Chapter 50 - Rather Die Than Submit

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There was silence as everyone turned to look at Qiao Nian.

When Gu Zhou heard Zheng An’s voice, he turned to glance at Qiao Nian, his expression indecipherable.

Qiao Nian was actually Zheng An’s life savior?

When everyone present realized this, they were all stunned.

At this moment, Qiao Xin gritted her teeth and glared at Qiao Nian. If looks could kill, Qiao Nian would have died a million times over.

Qiao Xin really hadn’t expected Qiao Nian to be so lucky.

However, this was also the first time Qiao Xin had gotten to know Qiao Nian from a new perspective.

Qiao Nian was highly adept at martial arts and possessed excellent medical skills. What else could she be hiding? Qiao Xin found herself incredibly curious.

Su Yan gazed unblinkingly at Qiao Nian, his eyes filled with admiration. This was the first time he understood Qiao Nian on a deeper level. He felt that he must have misunderstood her in the past.

Su Yan finally realized why Teacher Liu liked Qiao Nian so much. So Qiao Nian was really a medical genius.

Suppressing her resentment, Qiao Xin glanced at Su Yan. Just as she was about to speak, she saw Su Yan gazing at Qiao Nian affectionately.

Qiao Xin’s eyes flashed. Carefully, she tugged a little at Su Yan’s sleeve and whispered, “Brother Su Yan, if her medical skills are so advanced, why did she set fire to the school building?”

At Qiao Xin’s words, Su Yan’s good impression of Qiao Nian instantly vanished.

Even if Qiao Nian was a genius, so what? Qiao Nian was clearly just lucky.

If he had been the one who had run into Zheng An back then, then he would have been Zheng An’s life savior.

At this moment, Qiao Nian’s expression softened and she spoke gently into the phone, forcibly suppressing the rising discomfort in her body. “Uncle Zheng, what happened that year was nothing; it’s not a big favor at all. I’ve already forgotten about it. Don’t take it to heart.”

On the other end of the call, when Zheng An heard Qiao Nian’s words, he sensed that she was no longer willing to settle this matter peacefully. He sighed silently and said, “You have full authority over this matter. Do whatever you want. I’ll make no complaints.”

When Zheng He heard Zheng An’s words, his expression changed in an instant. He hurriedly snatched the phone away and shouted, “Father, you can’t do this to me! Save me!”

“That’s enough! Shut up!” Zheng An’s impatient voice came from the phone. “Apologize properly to Miss Qiao until you’ve gained Miss Qiao’s forgiveness. I’m telling you, if you don’t do as I say, you’ll no longer be a part of the Zheng family. You are not my only son!”

After the call ended, Zheng He looked at Qiao Nian. All the blood had drained from his face.

“Brother, apologize quickly!” Zheng Xiang said anxiously.

At this moment, the lust drug in Qiao Nian’s body had completely flared up. Her eyes gradually glazed over. She forced herself to look at Zheng He and say, “I just want a sincere apology!”

If Zheng An had spoken properly to Zheng He just now, Zheng He would have been willing to apologize to Qiao Nian. However, when Zheng He thought of his father’s words—”You are not my only son!”—his mind went blank. In a daze, he pounced toward Qiao Nian.

Even if he had to die, he would drag Qiao Nian down with him.

With nimble reflexes, Gu Zhou sent Zheng He flying with a kick. He called out, “Chen Qing.”

Chen Qing immediately stepped forward, holding a knife. Previously, he had gotten someone to bring him a knife from the Shen family’s kitchen. Swiftly, he chopped off Zheng He’s hand.

Zheng He cried out in agony!

Seeing this, Chen Qing swiftly dislocated Zheng He’s jaw and cut off his tongue with the knife. In the end, he even kindly repositioned Zheng He’s jaw.

Zheng He was in so much pain that he was on the verge of fainting. He couldn’t make a sound right now, either. Suppressing his pain, he had no choice but to agree to wait for Zheng Xiang to call the ambulance.

Today was Matriarch Shen’s birthday banquet, and yet, blood was shed. She couldn’t even blame the two of them, for she could not afford to offend either of them.

The bloodstains on the cobblestones had all been cleaned up. It was as if the bloody scene from just now had just been an illusion. Everything returned to normal.

Matriarch Shen ushered the other guests into the banquet hall.

The onlookers around her had finally dispersed. Lifting up her skirt, Qiao Nian walked briskly toward the gates.

As she jogged, her gaze began to cloud over, and the door in the distance gradually turned blurry..

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