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Chapter 57 - Graduation Banquet

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“Sister, you’re wrong. Back then, Brother Su Yan was the one who courted me. I’m saying this today because I know you like him, so you can pay him a visit if you like. It’s all for your sake…” Qiao Xin retorted, refusing to be outdone.

“If that’s the case, then he’s just a piece of trash that I didn’t want. Is picking up a piece of trash that I’ve thrown away really worth being happy about?” Qiao Nian picked up the cup of coffee in front of her and took a leisurely sip, then put it back.

Qiao Nian looked at Qiao Xin’s face, which was now alternating between shades of green and white. She was in an extraordinarily good mood. Her gaze fell on the jade pendant around Qiao Xin’s neck and she said, “By the way, the owner of the pendant will be arriving at the Gu villa tonight. You can come over tonight!”

With that, Qiao Nian stood up and left.

That afternoon, Qiao Nian found out that Qiao Xin had tagged her on her social media account. She opened the app to see a photo of An City University’s graduation banquet.

Qiao Xin was worried that others wouldn’t be able to tell that this was An City University, so she deliberately tagged the location as well.

There was a line of text added to the photo.

[I am both immensely honored and incredibly proud to be a member of An City University. I hope my alma mater will get better and better!]

Qiao Nian scrolled past the photo and saw that there were a lot of comments. The comment section was full of members of the Qiao family, mostly distant relatives heaping praise on Qiao Xin.

“Qiao Xin is the role model of the Qiao family!”

“Qiao Xin has brought glory to the Qiao family!”

“Qiao Xin is so much more outstanding than her sister. Considering how the two of them were born to the same set of parents, how can the difference between them be so stark?”

“You’re right! Qiao Nian never spends her time doing anything serious or worthwhile. She just goes around causing trouble!”

Qiao Nian couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of the comments. All of them were fawning over Qiao Xin.

Qiao Nian couldn’t help but scoff. She closed her social media app and walked to the window, looking out at An CIty University. A joyous atmosphere filled the campus. Her lips curved up slightly.

Outside, An City University was filled with cheers and laughter. She walked out of the medical laboratory and onto the field. Immediately, she saw many students preparing the decorations for the graduation banquet.

Su Yan and Qiao Xin were the most eye-catching people on stage.

Su Yan was one year older than Qiao Xin, and he was in his second year of his Master’s degree. He was also the most handsome boy in the university. In fact, the most attractive thing about him was his family background.

The Su family was also a well-known prestigious family in An City. Because of that, many young ladies wanted to marry Su Yan, just so they could soar to the skies.

As Su Yan’s girlfriend, Qiao Xin received countless glares filled with envy and jealousy. She smiled as she stood next to Su Yan, chatting with the other classmates.

Qiao Xin’s good friend, Wang Nian, walked to her side and asked with a smile, “Xinxin, is that person your sister?”

Qiao Xin looked in the direction Wang Nian was pointing at and saw Qiao Nian in conversation with a young man.


She was right.

On the surface, Qiao Nian had seemed disdainful of the school’s activities, but in reality, she was eager to come here.

Qiao Xin smiled. “Hey, it wasn’t easy for my sister to get an invitation to the graduation banquet. Let’s not disturb her.”

Wang Nian instantly understood the meaning behind Qiao Xin’s words. Hurriedly, she spoke, making sure that the juniors nearby could hear her words. “Xinxin, you’re too kind. Your sister was capable of setting the school building on fire back then. How could you be so gentle with her?”

Qiao Xin smiled and shook her head. She explained, “It was all a misunderstanding. Believe me, it was all a misunderstanding.”

Wang Nian’s words instantly aroused the curiosity of the others in earshot. Just like that, Wang Nian was pulled away by the crowd, who wanted to hear more about the rumors.

Shen Xing stood there with a sour expression. Whenever she saw Qiao Nian, she would inevitably get angry. She looked at Qiao Xin with dissatisfaction. “Didn’t she get expelled from the school? How can she still enter the campus?”

Just as Qiao Xin was about to explain, she heard Shen Xing say, “Senior Su, it’s been so many years, but she still likes you. When she found out that you were here, she came running immediately.”

When Su Yan heard Shen Xing’s words, he felt an inexplicable sense of disgust. He still had to give a speech tonight, as an outstanding alumnus of the undergraduate medicine program. He didn’t want Qiao Nian to disrupt his good mood..

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