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Chapter 190 - Calling the Police

Seeing that Qiao Nian didn’t speak, Qiao Xin continued to persuade her. “If your biological mother finds out that you’re upset because she abandoned you, she’ll definitely blame herself.”

Impatience flashed in Qiao Nian’s eyes. She looked up at Qiao Xin. “Are you done speaking?”

Qiao Xin felt a chill run down her spine under Qiao Nian’s cold gaze. She couldn’t help but shiver, stumbling backwards.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes, her voice as cold as ice. “Do you think I’ll believe everything Su Xue says?”

Qiao Xin’s gaze faltered. So Qiao Nian didn’t want to admit to herself that she had a contemptible background.

Pursing her lips, she asked, “Sister, if Mom is lying, why haven’t your relatives come looking for you?”

Qiao Nian looked at Qiao Xin expressionlessly.

Qiao Xin’s words hit the nail on the head.

It had been more than twenty years. Why hadn’t her biological parents come looking for her?

Back when she was sent to live in the mountains, she didn’t have enough to eat. As a result, she constantly faced the risk of starving to death. If an elderly man hadn’t saved her, she might have died alone out there, with no family to her name.

What puzzled Qiao Nian the most was that her biological parents had never come to look for her.

If a child who was loved by their family had gotten lost, their relatives would definitely try their best to find them. They wouldn’t be able to bear to let their child live alone on the streets.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes. If Su Xue and the others hadn’t gone too far in their treatment of her, she might not have known until her death that she wasn’t Qiao Shan and Su Xue’s biological daughter.

Perhaps it was really as Su Xue had said. To her biological parents, she was just a burden—a burden that they wanted to throw away.

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian’s back and frowned slightly, his thin lips pursed. He remained silent.

Chen Qing noticed the change in Gu Zhou’s expression, but he couldn’t guess what Gu Zhou was thinking.

At this moment, the ringing of the phone interrupted everyone’s thoughts.

Qiu Nan, who had been in a daze, jumped in fear when he heard the phone ring. He began to tremble.

Su Xue looked at Qiao Nian in panic.

Qiao Nian casually took out her phone from her bag. The caller ID was 1101.

Su Xue turned pale with fear. If she was really thrown into prison, Qiao Shan would probably have gotten together with someone else by the time she was released.

As for the two children, they would probably find her humiliating as well. They might never acknowledge her as their mother again.

Cold sweat had broken out on Su Xue’s forehead. She looked at Qiao Nian anxiously and said with impatience, “Qiao Nian, you just said that as long as I give you the details of your birth, you won’t call the police!”

Qiao Xin looked at Qiao Nian anxiously. She was really worried that the family’s scandal would spread to the public. If others knew that her mother had done such a thing, she would probably be too embarrassed to face anyone. She hurriedly said, “Sister, Mom saved you when you were just a baby. And Mom and Dad treat you like their own daughter. Without knowing the results of this paternity test, I wouldn’t even have guessed that you’re not related to us by blood. I think it’s better if you don’t let the police know, or we’ll all be humiliated.”

Qiao Shan stood at the side with a cold expression. Deep down, he still hoped that Su Xue would go to jail. Su Xue had done something so dirty and despicable. She should pay the price.

However, when Qiao Shan heard Qiao Xin’s words, a trace of pity rose in his heart. If news of what Su Xue had done got out, Qiao Yu and Qiao Xin would be the ones to suffer the most.

At the thought of this, Qiao Shan could only suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart. “Qiao Nian, on account that your mother once saved you, don’t let the police handle this matter. We’ll handle it privately.”

Qiao Nian looked at her phone and lowered her gaze slightly, hiding the emotions in her eyes. When she looked up again, there was only coldness in her gaze. She glanced at the people in front of her and said mockingly, “You sure make it sound nice. Back then, you saved me, but you didn’t take any responsibility for me. You even left me alone in the mountains. If it weren’t for Grandpa, I would have died long ago. So what’s the difference between you and my biological parents who abandoned me? I think you’re even more disgusting. You’ve never done me any favors, but you want to take everything you want from me!”

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