Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61 – Part 2

‘Haha! Bandits? Don’t worry! They are nothing but puppies compared to our mercenaries!’

…The captain of the mercenary group we hired said so confidently, but well, was there anything more threatening than a hungry bandit? Especially in these mountains.

‘Bandits would know the topography of the mountain inside and out, so I’m afraid they’ll lie in the wait somewhere and launch an ambush…’

Although I was a bit guilty, I stole one of Theodore’s gemstones containing the spiritual power.

I put the disguise magic tool back into my pocket. I wrapped my whole body in a blanket and let out a low sigh, but the carriage suddenly stopped.


No way… Did bandits really appear? Speak of the devil…

I was so nervous that I grabbed the blanket with both hands and shrank my shoulders. I was on alert when the door of the carriage suddenly burst open.

At that moment, my heart almost stopped.

“Ah! I told you to knock before opening the door! The Madam is weak!”

Charlotte lashed out at the man who opened the door and poked his head out. It was quite harsh, but she seemed more like a hissing kitten.

The person who opened the door, Harriet, must have had the same thought, and smiled at Charlotte.

“Oh sorry. I forgot. Mistress, excuse me.”

It was a polite way of speaking, but it sounded like a joke. It was so playful that it was inevitable. I quietly closed my eyes and nodded. I felt languid as if my body was about to stretch out, probably because I was relaxed.

Charlotte argued with Harriet.

“Why did you stop the carriage and make a fuss? You said we had to get out of here before tonight.”

“It’s nothing special, the Mistress seems to be very cold, so I brought something.”

Harriet was the master of ‘Forest Breeze’, an errand guild that was in charge of our getaway. A young man with freckles on his face. Determining the escape route and finding and hiring talented mercenaries were all done by Harriet.

“Tada— Guess what is this?”


I slowly lifted my eyelids. What Harriet was holding in his hand were two black stones. Red inscriptions were engraved on the polished surface of the stones. Recognizing the writing, I opened my eyes wide.

‘That… Aren’t those a mage’s inscriptions?’

…In other words, those stones were magic tools.

“Come on, touch it. It’s very warm.”

Said Harriet, placing the stone in Charlotte’s hand.

Charlotte glanced suspiciously at Harriet, then widened her eyes and looked down at the stone. She stared at the stone for a while, and then, without warning, she glanced back at me and called out.

“Madam! This!”

Charlotte came towards me with terrifying speed. I winced a little and blinked my eyes. With a big smile on her face, Charlotte placed the stones in my hand.

Warm warmth permeated my skin.

“It’s really warm, isn’t it? Amazing. I guess this is also a magic tool.”

“…Yes, that’s right. Thank you, Charlotte.”

A gentle smile spread across my lips. I also thanked Harriet.

“You even take care of all of this… Thank you so much, Harriet.”

Then Harriet waved his hand with a friendly face and said,

“Ah, this is nothing? That should be enough for four hours. If it gets lukewarm, let me know anytime. I will exchange it for a new one.”

…This, it seemed, ws even disposable. Come to think of it, I heard that there are mages who make profits by creating disposable magic circuits rather than carving permanent magic circuits. It seemed that these stones were also made by such mages.

“Then I will leave now. Rest properly, Mistress.”

Said Harriet politely. I laughed at his strange tone and let out a low hum through between my lips. Soon the carriage door closed, and I went over and sat down beside Charlotte with the stone.


“You’re cold, too. Let’s use it together.”

I placed two stones in Charlotte’s palms and laid my hands over them. This way, both of us would stay warm.

“Thank you, Madam…”

“What to thank for. And this is of course. And as for my title…”

I asked Charlotte to call me ‘Lily’ from now on, not ‘Madam’. But Charlotte shook her head, saying she wouldn’t dare to do that.

After that, it took a long time to convince Charlotte, who kept refusing. In the end, I agreed with Charlotte calling me ‘Miss Lily’.

Still, I was dissatisfied.

“You can call me Sister…”

“No! How can I!”

“Charlotte, you know. I am…”

I blurted out my words as I gazed over the wall of the carriage. In case someone hears it. Then Charlotte took a second look and nodded her head earnestly.

“Of course I know. But… You will always be ‘Miss Lily’ to me.”


Charlotte knew that I was not even Duke Everett’s illegitimate daughter. I told her everything before.

Even so, she continued to treat me as a noble lady.

“Miss Lily, you are the most beautiful and radiant person I have ever seen. I’ve always thought that way from the moment I first saw you. So I’ll always be your Charlotte, Miss. That is better for me.”


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