Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Chloe couldn’t erase this anxiety, for she felt that Eric’s demeanor had changed too suddenly! In addition, even if he said he loved her now, there was no guarantee that when she went back, she wouldn’t be a fish caught by him and not go through the same experience.

She was uneasy about this.

As she thought that this insecurity was due to her inability to trust Eric and doubting his heart, she glanced out blankly at the ocean.

Waves always come in easily and recede easily.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the relationship was like this? How nice it would be if everything could be easily solved…

Chloe thought about this, but at the same time, she had a pessimistic thought about what her love had to do with her death anyway.

She would die.

Where more words could she say that made everything in her life powerless as much as this? She pondered for a while about the direction of life that made her doubt that she had lost the will to live, and maybe even had.

What goals did she live her life with?

…Simply put, it was love.

Yes. Chloe has lived for love… to be loved and to love.

Still, what about the results? Not only that she has no love left, but she had run out of love for herself. Even though she had lived her whole life hoping only for love, she ended up not being loved. Oh, what a poor life!

Chloe reflected on her own stupidity and mistakes and, at the same time, came to think that it shouldn’t be like this.

A purpose of life… could she try to rebuild it?

‘One year.’

One year remaining… maybe less than that because her body was getting worse.

As for the original Chloe, she did nothing during this time of the year, she didn’t give any thought, and she was just about to die slowly. As a person who was prepared for death, as a person who was predicted to die, this was the least she could do.


“You will not die.”

“Because I’ll save you.”

The moment she heard Eric say that, of course, she was angry that he didn’t listen to her opinion, but what bloomed after that feeling was the hope of ‘maybe.’ The hope that he, the best scientist in the kingdom, no, on the continent, might be able to fix her broken heart.

‘…It’s stupid.’

It was only a few days ago that she thought it would be okay to die. It was a few days ago that the longing for death became strong. However, how could she change your mind, like flipping her palms like this?!

It seemed that she was human, too.

As a human being, she has a strong desire to live, in other words, a strong desire to live properly… just like a human. To live properly, she must have a purpose in life, but the question was whether she could find it. Because she had nothing to do…

Chloe closed her eyes tightly.

The sound of the waves crashing into her ears was not as pleasant as it was. Her heart swayed to and fro like a flame before the wind.

It was at this time.


A familiar voice came. It was Sophia.

Sophia, who had run up in a hurry, gasped in front of her. As she watched her catch her breath and waited for her next words, it seemed difficult for Sophia to say right away.

“You are so wonderful, Madam!”

But after a while, the words that came out were unexpected shouts. Hearing that, Chloe tilted her head as she couldn’t guess what made Sophia react like this.

“…What do you mean?”

“It’s thanks to the job posting Madam wrote for me, so many people came to apply today! Thanks to that, I was able to find a good person. Thank you. Thank you so much…!”

It was a thank you for the job posting that she wrote insignificantly. As Sophia thanked her repeatedly enough that her cheeks turned red, Chloe shook her head.

“What did I do? It’s all because your store is good.”

“Don’t be so humble. If you hadn’t written for me, there would have been no applicants.”

When she responded with a small smile, Sophia looked into her eyes and then quietly spoke.

“Come to think of it. The newspaper was recruiting reporters…”

Chloe raised her eyes at a glance.

Observing the flimsy wish in Chloe’s eyes, Sophia opened her mouth in a slightly more confident voice, “What do you think? The pay was pretty good, too. I think it will be generous for the cost of living for a month.”

When Chloe hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to say, Sophia took advantage of that opportunity and continued talking.

“Madam, you have to move anyway. That would cost more money, so wouldn’t it be nice to get a job?”

If there was no word more insulting than asking a nobleman to find a job, it seemed Sophia hadn’t thought about that yet.

Well, how would commoners know the lives of nobles? Chloe understood her, of course, and took her word for it.

“I’ll think about it, but it’s hard to give a definite answer.”

It was a short answer, but Sophia seemed satisfied.

“My friend is a newspaper employee. I’ll tell them to sneak peek. If you want!”

It was unlikely that the words of a single employee would do much good, but Chloe accepted that Sophia was expressing her feelings to her anyway, and she expressed her gratitude for this.

“Thank you.”

Sophia smiled and nodded her head, and perhaps she had said what she wanted to say, she left with the words that she needed to train the newly hired staff. After she left, Chloe looked out at the distant sea again, thinking.

‘The purpose of life…’

At the same time as she chanted, the job advertisement from the newspaper came to mind and occupied her mind.

She imagined herself holding the pen.

It wasn’t bad.

Eric wandered nervously around the room. It was not because of anything in particular, it was a new habit after Chloe left.

…A glass of whiskey was in his hand, his tie was loose, and his hair was disheveled.

He was the one who kept it tidy after Chloe came into the mansion, but now that she was gone, he was the one who had been messed up because he didn’t feel the need to.

He lifted his whiskey glass with his trembling hands and took a sip. As the sharp alcohol went down his throat, his clouded mind seemed to clear up a little… but he knew the fact that this clarity would be blurred again soon.

He had to stop drinking and go back to his original life.

Still, he didn’t do that well. If he didn’t drink, he would have to live with his sanity, but it’s so hard and exhausting to look at the world in that state. So, Eric kept drinking because he couldn’t have survived without it.


He kept sighing for no reason.

He stopped wandering around his room and went over to the couch, and lay down on his body before throwing his head back and seeing the world upside down. Perhaps because he drank too much, everything looked dizzy.

It was only yesterday that he met Chloe… but he wanted to see her again.

He wanted to run to Heath to find her and meet her. He wanted to hug her, hold her hand, kiss her… Eric wanted to feel her warmth for the first time, for the first time ever!

‘I’m going crazy.’

He hated himself for feeling this way now. If this were the case, he would love her as soon as she was by his side! Even if he held on to the person who had already left and regrets it, nothing would change…

As he recalled Chloe’s determined attitude and the sincerity in her words telling him to go back, Eric’s heart ached as it felt like his heart was being torn apart. Still, compared to the illness she was going through, this was nothing.

Yes… he had to make Chloe live. He had to put her out of pain.

This wasn’t the time for this.

As he thought so, Eric jumped up. After slapping himself a couple of times, he left the room to go to the lab.

Since he was still drunk, he was unable to do elaborate work. That was why Eric awakened his spirit by drawing. True, he must have a blueprint, but since he can make anything, it was more efficient for him to hold a pen than to hold a nipper.

Eric constantly drew lines in front of the drawing paper. The only way to revive Chloe’s heart was to implant a mechanical heart.

A mechanical heart…

Transplanting this would require a tremendous level of neurosurgery skill. Not just that, it had to be an engine capable of constantly pumping blood. He was studying infinite power just in time, and he decided that the endpoint of this research was a mechanical heart.

Perhaps he studied infinite power in preparation for this situation? Eric praised his past self for the first time in a while and did not let go of the pen.

He painted constantly. For several hours, he did not sleep or eat…

“Your Excellency…!”

Daniel burst through the lab door. But Eric didn’t even look at him. He just rolled his eyeballs endlessly with his nose buried in the drawing paper.

“Do you know how many days it is?! Get yourself together!”

He shouted, pulling Eric’s shoulder.

“You should take a break! Why are you acting so ignorant?!”

Eric, who had been pulled back against his will, glanced back at Daniel with a frown.

“The more days I have off, the shorter Chloe’s lifespan so I have to do this. Don’t even think about stopping me.”

Daniel’s face crumpled before Eric could finish his sentence as he drew in and out of his breath, exercising the utmost patience.

“The construction of the house I mentioned before is finished.”


Eric asked again, slightly furrowing his eyebrows. It was because he couldn’t remember for a moment which house he was talking about.

House… Ah, come to think of it, after looking at the house for the moving, he entrusted Daniel with interior work. Perhaps he had just remembered, Eric responded by tucking his chin.

“There was something like that, but what’s the matter?”


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