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Chapter 262

After Qin Yu returned home, he quietly waited for Gu Taichu’s arrival.

According to the agreement, Gu Taichu would arrive in Chuzhou the next day to take revenge for his disciple.

“Mr. Qin, Gu Taichu is still saying that he will give you one last day,”Yao Qing said in a deep voice.

“This matter has become a hot topic on the Internet,”Yao Qing said with a frown.

Qin Yu raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, “On the Internet?”

“Yes.”Yao Qing took the phone and handed it to Qin Yu.

After Qin Yu took it, he found that the screen showed a place called the martial arts forum.

“Martial arts forum… I’ve never heard of it,”Qin Yu said with a frown.

Yao Qing explained, “This is the official forum of the Jingdu Martial Arts Association, and also the gathering place of this circle.”

“Basically, whatever happens, it will be the first to be posted on this forum.”

Then, Yao Qing pointed to a post at the top and said, “This is the news from Gu Taichu.”

Qin Yu opened it and took a look. She saw Gu Taichu spouting nonsense on the internet, threatening to get rid of Qin Yu.

The Jiangbei region covered many provinces and could be said to be a place full of hidden dragons and Crouching Tigers.

Even in ancient times, it could not be ranked first in the Jiangbei region.

Because there were too many hidden experts in the Jiangbei region.

Qin Yu opened the thread and took a look. Countless people were commenting below.

“This Qin Yu is indeed extremely arrogant. He is clearly a junior, but he is actually so arrogant.”

“You can’t say that. One must have a backbone. You Can’t rely on your seniority to make others bow and scrape, right?”

“Qin Yu represents the power of the new faction! He also represents the new generation!”

Basically, the forum was divided into two factions. One supported Qin Yu, and the other supported Gu Tai Chu.

After all, Gu Tai Chu had been famous for many years. Naturally, there were more people who supported him.

Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “Help me respond to one. Say that I’m waiting for him in Chuzhou.”

Yao Qing’s expression changed slightly. He frowned and said, “Mr. Qin, if that’s the case, it won’t be easy to end things…”

Qin Yu glanced at him and said, “Do you think Gu Taichu will go back on his word? A person like him will definitely care about his reputation very much.”

Yao Qing hesitated for a moment and finally agreed.

Then, Yao Qing replied online, “Gu Taichu, I’ll wait for you in Chuzhou.”

Just a few words had made this news that was about to fall silent become popular again!

In just a few short hours, this post had received over a thousand replies!

No one had expected that Qin Yu would actually take the initiative to respond!

The next day.

The Jiangbei Region Martial Arts Association even sent a reporter to watch this matter.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu got up early and stood in the courtyard, waiting for Gu Taichu.

What was surprising was that Gu Taichu did not appear from morning till evening.

This made people’s jaws drop.

Could it be that Gu Taichu was afraid? Facing the provocation of a junior, he was actually indifferent?

Even Qin Yu felt that it was a little strange.

With Gu Taichu’s ability, it was not a problem to deal with Qin Yu. Why would he go back on his words?

“Strange.”In the dark, the people from the martial arts association could not help but frown.

“Could it be that Gu Taichu is really afraid?”

“Forget it, let’s retreat first. It’s better to send people to interview Gu Taichu,”the reporters said in a low voice.

Then, they left Chuzhou.

The Jiangbei region covered five whole provinces.

Chuzhou was the weakest of them all.

The most powerful martial artist was Bin Province.

And Gu Taichu was from Bin Province.

At this moment, in a medium-sized chinese-style mansion in Peach Blossom City in Bin Province, an old man with white hair was drinking tea.

“Master, why did you break your promise?”His disciple looked a little angry!

However, Gu Taichu didn’t say anything and just drank tea.

The tea he drank was extraordinary and each piece was emerald green.

The most shocking thing was that this tea contained a dense qi/spiritual energy!

The density of Qi/spiritual energy was almost comparable to hundreds of years old herbs!

“How many pieces of this tea are left?”At this moment, Gu Taichu suddenly looked at his disciple and asked.

His disciple said, “There are three pieces left.”

“Three pieces… in a flash, dozens of years have passed,”gu taichu muttered softly.

His disciple frowned and said, “Master, where did this tea come from? Why do you take it so seriously?”

Gu Taichu had always been extremely cautious about this tea. Even his disciple had no idea where it came from.

Facing his disciple’s question, Gu Taichu hesitated for a moment, then slowly said, “This tea is called enlightenment tea. It was once given to me by an expert.”

“Enlightenment Tea?”His disciple seemed a little surprised.

Gu taichu sighed, “That was fifty years ago. Thinking back, I was just an ordinary warrior…”

Fifty years ago, Gu Taichu’s talent was average. Not to mention a great grandmaster, even a great master had to work hard.

And during a training trip, Gu Taichu met an expert who was traveling.

It was that man who casually gave Gu Taichu more than ten pieces of enlightenment tea.

It was also because of this enlightenment tea that Gu Taichu was born today.

“If I remember correctly, that expert’s surname should be Qin,”gu taichu whispered.

“The same surname as Qin Yu?”His disciple was a little surprised.

Gu Taichu didn’t say anything else.

He put his hands behind his back, stood up, and looked into the distance. He murmured, “I really don’t know. My good fortune was given to me by that expert casually. I really don’t know if Qin Yu is related to that expert…”

It was precisely because of this reason that Gu Taichu suddenly canceled the preparation to look for Qin Yu.

“Master, won’t you know whether it’s related or not after you go and take a look?”His disciple suggested.

Gu Taichu was silent for a moment before saying, “Pick a suitable time to go to Chuzhou.”

“Yes, Master.”

Gu Taichu did not come, but Qin Yu’s formation was not in a hurry to be removed.

Because no one knew if gu Taichu would suddenly visit.

At this moment, at a large bar in the provincial capital.

Yang Zhao was partying on the dance floor, looking extremely happy.

“Young Master Yang, what’s So Happy?”A woman wearing a bottom-hugging skirt walked up and asked.

Yang Zhao said proudly, “That little fish has agreed to compete with me. She said that as long as I win, she will listen to me.”

“Oh? Compete with Young Master Yang? Are You So Overconfident?”The bottom-hugging skirt asked in surprise.

Yang Zhao sneered and said, “I originally invited that Qin Yu, but for some reason, Little Fish volunteered to compete with me.”

“If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being impolite…”a hint of lust flashed in Yang Zhao’s eyes.

Thinking of little fish’s graceful figure and tender face, Yang Zhao felt an evil fire in his lower abdomen.

He couldn’t wait to travel to that day.

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