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Chapter 414

Cao Shan’s expression changed drastically! He glared at Xiao Cheng and shouted, “Xiao Cheng! You’re not a man of your word! Burn the bridge after crossing the river!”

Xiao Cheng sneered, “Burn the bridge after crossing the river? Your ability determines your value. In My Eyes, your value has already ended.”

“You!”Cao Shan was so angry that he was trembling. A strong killing intent burst out from the bottom of his heart.

But he knew very well that he was not Xiao Cheng’s match at all.

If they really fought, they definitely would not gain any benefits.

Therefore, at this moment, Cao Shan could only place his hopes on Qin Yu, hoping that Qin Yu would not agree to Xiao Cheng’s invitation.

“How about it? No matter what kind of conditions you offer, my Hong family will give it to you,”Xiao Cheng continued to say.

“With your talent, you can go overseas to study for a few years. Once you return, even the Yan family in Jingdu is not worth mentioning!”

Such a high evaluation was indeed frightening.

Qin Yu, who was suppressed by the divine seal, had a cold smile on his face.

“If you can betray Cao Shan, you will definitely betray me,”Qin Yu said with a cold smile.

Xiao Cheng repeatedly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no. You are different from him.”

As he spoke, Xiao Cheng glanced at Cao Shan and continued, “Cao Shan can only hide in this tiny Yun Chuan for the rest of his life. The current him is already the highlight of his life.”

“But you are different, Qin Yu. You are so young and have unlimited potential! Your special physique is filled with unlimited possibilities!”

“If you are willing, it is possible for you to become the leader of the Hong Yi sect in the future!”

Xiao Cheng’s offer was indeed tempting. Even Cao Shan, who was standing at the side, felt waves of envy.

The leader of the Hong Yi sect! The wealth that he controlled was not the slightest bit inferior to those top-tier aristocratic families!

“How about it, Qin Yu, are you willing to join our Hong Yi Sect?”Xiao Cheng asked.

Qin Yu sneered, “Our pursuits are different. To me, wealth is just a worldly possession.”

“As for the leader of the Hong family, he is not even worth mentioning. As long as I am willing, I will definitely be able to establish an aristocratic family sect that will surpass the Hong family in the future.”

Xiao Cheng was not angry. He put his hands behind his back and said indifferently, “I know you well, Qin Yu. Your only pursuit now is the Yan family’s eldest miss, right?”

Qin Yu did not say anything, which was a tacit agreement.

Xiao Cheng snorted coldly and said, “Those who succeed will not care about a mere woman! In a hundred years, they will only be pink skeletons!”

“In the future, all kinds of women will kneel at your feet. Why should I care about the Yan family’s Miss!”

Qin Yu said coldly, “That’s why I said that our pursuits are different.”

“There are three thousand weak waters, and I only took one scoop. Moreover, without Yan Ruoxue, I would not be where I am today.”

“Abandoning your guide, What’s the difference between you and an animal?”

A few words made Xiao Cheng’s face turn green.

He looked coldly at Qin Yu and said, “So you are determined to reject me?”

“That’s right.”Qin Yu did not hesitate.

Hearing Qin Yu’s answer, Cao Shan, who was beside him, finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Mr. Xiao, hurry up and kill him. There’s no need to talk nonsense with him!”Cao Shan urged anxiously, afraid that Qin Yu would change his mind.

Xiao Cheng ignored Cao Shan. Instead, he looked coldly at Qin Yu and continued, “Have you ever thought that if you don’t agree, you will die here today!”

“If you die, there’s no need to talk about ideals!”

Qin Yu raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t think I will die.”

“Oh?”Xiao Cheng’s face turned completely cold.

“I admit that your talent is not bad, but there’s a prerequisite that you can grow up. The current you still can’t say such Big Words!”

As he spoke, Xiao Cheng had already clenched his fist and stood up!

A terrifying qi force was approaching Qin Yu’s face!

The power of this punch far surpassed Cao Shan’s! Before the Fist arrived, the fist wind had already shattered the ground!


The fist landed firmly on Qin Yu’s face, but what surprised Xiao Cheng was that Qin Yu’s face only left an inconspicuous mark.

Not to mention his broken bones and tendons, even his skin could not be broken!

“What a strong body!”Xiao Cheng sighed from the bottom of his heart.

This also made him want to rope Qin Yu in even more!

“Qin Yu, are you really not considering it?”Xiao Cheng asked coldly.

“You talk too much nonsense,”Qin Yu said coldly.

“Okay!”Xiao Cheng reached out his hand, and a long sword immediately appeared out of thin air!

This long sword was also a treasure of the Hong clan. Although it was not as good as Qin Yu’s bronze sword, it was definitely not something that could be compared to an ordinary weapon!

“No matter how strong your physical body is, I can still kill you.”Xiao Cheng looked down from above and pointed his sword at the tip of Qin Yu’s nose.

A faint light burst out from his palm.

The light and the long sword fused together and instantly burst out with an extraordinary splendor!

The blade seemed to have been strengthened and became incomparably sharp!

“Let me do it!”Cao Shan volunteered!

Xiao Cheng glanced at him and then handed the sword to Cao Shan.

“Remember, don’t destroy too much skin,”Xiao Cheng reminded.

Cao Shan nodded and said, “Mr. Xiao, don’t Worry!”

After saying that, he held the sword and walked towards Qin Yu.

“Qin Yu, don’t you want to take revenge for that Yan Jiang? Hehe, I’ll send you to see him now!”Cao Shan’s face was full of a sinister smile.

Qin Yu sized up Cao Shan and said, “Do you really think you can defeat me?”

Cao Shan laughed loudly and said, “The current you is already unable to move. What waves can you create?”

Qin Yu’s expression was calm as he said indifferently, “Have you heard of a spell that specializes in divine perception?”

“Huh?”Cao Shan was stunned.

“Divine… Judgment!”

Before Cao Shan could react, Qin Yu’s spell had already been unleashed!

In an instant, Cao Shan’s mind felt as if it had been struck by lightning!

It was as if a golden sword had flown out from between Qin Yu’s brows and headed straight for Cao Shan’s spiritual sense!


In the blink of an eye, Cao Shan’s spiritual sense had vanished into thin air!

This was the technique that Qin Yu had used to deal with Hui Ming, the Divine Judgment!

No matter how strong your physical body was, it was not worth mentioning before the divine judgment!

As for Qin Yu, who had stepped on the heaven ladder, the power of his spiritual sense was far from what Cao Shan could compare to!


Cao Shan’s corpse fell to the ground like a small mountain, without any chance of survival.

Xiao Cheng’s expression changed drastically! He felt even more uneasy!

“It’s your turn..”Qin Yu raised his head and sneered.

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