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Chapter 961 - Chapter 961, the descent of Jiang He!

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Not far away, an old man was slowly walking over.

Although his face looked a bit old, his spirit was like that of a young man.

Compared to the last time they met, Jiang he seemed a few years younger this time.

He walked towards Xu Huaigu with light steps.

“It’s really Jiang he!”

Some people in the room recognized Jiang he.

No one had expected Jiang he to appear at this time!

“He seems to have entered the martial Saint Realm!”Someone exclaimed.

Qin Yu was extremely excited. Judging from Jiang he’s condition, he must have entered the martial saint realm!

Gu Xinghe’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He sized up jiang he and sneered, “Just in time. I’ll kill him too.”

Then, Gu Xinghe looked at Zhai Xing.

“I’ve let him escape before. This time, kill him in front of me,”Gu Xinghe said coldly.

Zhai Xing gritted his teeth. He had let Jiang he go several times before. This time, he was afraid that he would not be able to do it.

Jiang he walked toward Xu Huaigu step by step.

He came to Xu Huaigu’s side and helped him up.

At this moment, Xu Huaigu was extremely weak. He had intended to self-destruct, but he did not expect to survive.

“Go and rest.”Jiang he said.

Xu Huaigu opened his mouth and wanted to say something. However, he was interrupted by Jiang he’s wave of his hand.

“Another one has come.”Many martial saints could not help but ridicule him.

“Do you also want to Die?”Someone asked.

Jiang he ignored them. He swept his gaze across the crowd and said coldly, “Let’s go.”

Everyone was stunned. It seemed that they did not understand what Jiang he meant.

“What did you say?”Zeng Ji scratched his ear and took a step forward.

Jiang he repeated, “You guys go. Leave this place.”

“Hahahahaha!”When Zeng Ji heard this, he could not help but burst into laughter.

“What if we don’t Leave?”Zeng Ji raised his eyebrows and said with a playful tone.

Jiang he glanced at him and said indifferently, “If we don’t leave, we won’t be able to leave.”

A trace of ridicule flashed across everyone’s faces.

We won’t be able to leave? How could this person be so arrogant?

Did he want to fight against the Nine Martial Saints alone?

“Old Man, I think you’re not thinking clearly.”Zeng ji laughed coldly.

“A new martial saint dares to say such arrogant words!”

Jiang he ignored Zeng Ji and looked at Gu Xinghe who was not far away.

“Are you leaving or not?”Jiang he asked.

Gu Xinghe raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, “Everyone says that you, Jiang he, are the number one genius in the world. I’ve heard a lot about you, but I’ve never seen your skills.”

“Since we’ve met today, why don’t you show us your skills?”

Jiang he’s face turned cold and he said coldly, “I’ve given you a chance.”

“F * ck you!”

Zeng ji shouted angrily and took the lead to charge at Jiang He!

His iron fists were aimed at Jiang he’s face!

Jiang he dodged lightly and easily dodged.

Before Zeng Ji could regain his senses, Jiang he had already slapped Zeng Ji’s chest!

That extremely fast speed even left an afterimage in the air!


A crisp sound was heard.

Zeng Ji’s body was directly sent flying!

Not only that, the penetrating force of that palm even directly pierced through Zeng Ji’s chest!

Everyone could not help but widen their eyes, and their expressions changed abruptly!

Just one palm had dealt with Zeng Ji? ? ! What kind of technique was this?

In the room, Qin Yu and the others could not help but shout excitedly!

No one had expected that Jiang he, who had entered the martial saint stage, would be so powerful!

Unlike Xu Huaigu, Jiang he’s moves were extremely sharp and full of murderous intent.

As long as one touched it, one would either die or be injured!

In fact, Xu Huaigu was not inferior to Jiang he. It was just that the Great Dao that he followed always allowed him to hold back his moves!

Zeng Ji’s primordial spirit was still trying to escape, but Jiang he waved his hand and instantly crushed Zeng Ji’s primordial spirit!

Everyone could not help but feel ashamed.

Jiang he’s methods were actually so cold and cruel?

Qin Yu in the room seemed to have noticed something as well.

Previously, Jiang he had long gone into seclusion. Qin Yu had witnessed his methods.

At that time, Jiang he definitely could not have done it so cleanly.

But now, without saying a word, he had crushed Zeng Ji’s primordial spirit.

This was enough to prove that Jiang he had also found his own path!

The faces of all the martial saints present also became solemn.

One after another, they took a step back and looked at Jiang he in front of them with vigilance.

“He’s quite capable,”someone said in a low voice.

“Looks like we can’t hold back anymore. We must think of a way to kill him immediately.”

Gu Xinghe gave the order directly and shouted, “No matter what method we use, kill him!”

The seven martial saints shouted and revealed their trump cards one after another as they charged towards Jiang he!

Jiang he raised his palm and appeared extremely calm when facing the seven martial saints.


The explosions outside continued. Jiang he was fighting against seven martial saints by himself. He was not at a disadvantage at all.

Jiang he’s palm carried rays of mysterious light. The moment he waved his hand, it seemed as if he had struck out dozens of palms!

Those palm prints were clearly afterimages left behind by his palm. However, as long as they came into contact with them, they would either kill or injure him!

What was even more shocking was that those afterimages could gather on his palm and erupt with incomparably terrifying power!

Relying on this pair of palms, Jiang he’s figure did not move at all, and he was in an invincible position!


Just as everyone was shocked, Jiang he’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Before everyone could recover from their shock, Jiang he had already arrived behind one person, and his qi palm smashed his opponent’s head into pieces!

“What speed!”Everyone exclaimed.

Qin Yu, on the other hand, recognized this move!

This was the line formula of the nine secrets!

Jiang he had actually used it in battle!

That extremely fast speed was like a ghost, making people unable to grasp it!

Jiang he had used the line formula to the extreme. Relying on his graceful steps and sharp techniques, he had killed four martial saints in the blink of an eye!

Looking at the four people who had fallen to the ground, the Martial Saints present were also afraid.

They all retreated to the back of Gu Xinghe one after another. They all looked as if they had lost their will to fight.

Gu Xinghe’s expression was also a little ugly.

Just as they were about to succeed, unexpectedly, Jiang he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Moreover, he was so powerful!

“Lord Zhai Xing, we’re counting on you!”A martial saint said.

Zhai Xing frowned slightly. He looked at Gu Xinghe as if he was waiting for Gu Xinghe’s order..

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