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Chapter 1055 - Chapter 1,055, the battle against Gu Zizhen!

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Qin Yu led everyone into the second secret realm.

Gu Zizhen, who was in the palace, quickly felt a trace of an abnormal internal Qi!

“He’s here,”gu Zizhen stood up and said.

Xuan Qi cupped his hands and said, “I’m willing to fight.”

Gu Zizhen waved his hand and said coldly, “No need. I want to kill Qin Yu Myself!”

After saying that, Gu Zizhen walked out of the palace and rushed toward Qin Yu!

Behind him, he led a dense group of martial marquis who covered the sky and sun as they rushed toward him!

The two sides faced each other and their eyes met.

Seeing Gu Zizhen, Qin Yu couldn’t help but frown slightly.

He didn’t expect that Gu Zizhen would personally lead people here.

“Little Bastard, you really dare to barge into my second secret area!”Gu Zizhen said through gritted teeth.

Qin Yu did not say anything. He looked around as if he was looking for Zhai Xing.

“Where’s Zhai Xing?”Qin Yu asked deliberately.

Gu Zizhen’s expression changed and he said coldly, “Why are you looking for Zhai Xing?”

Qin Yu smiled and said, “I injured him. Only I can treat his injuries.”

After saying that, Qin Yu flicked his finger and a pill shot toward Gu Zizhen.

Gu Zizhen took the pill, but his face became colder and colder.

“Qin Yu, what is your relationship with Zhai Xing? Tell me the truth!”Xuan Qi suddenly took a step forward. He pointed a long spear at the tip of Qin Yu’s nose.

“Who do you think you are? Do you have the right to know?”Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. He suddenly stretched out his hand and cut at the spearhead!


In the blink of an eye, the spearhead was broken!

Xuan Qi’s expression could not help but change.

The battle had yet to begin and his weapon had already been broken. This was not a good thing for a battle between two armies.

As expected, Gu Zizhen could not help but cast a cold glance at Xuan Qi.

Xuan Qi gritted his teeth. In order to make up for this mistake, he shouted, “Qin Yu, I heard that you are invincible among the younger generation. Today, I will experience your powerful move!”

After saying that, Xuan Qi threw down the long spear and shot towards Qin Yu!

Qin Yu couldn’t help but sneer. He stretched out his palm, and a strong suction force instantly made Xuan Qi lose his balance.

His face changed. Before he could struggle, Qin Yu had already pushed his palm on his chest.


Xuan Qi instantly flew hundreds of meters away, and he couldn’t see the end of it.

Gu Zizhen’s expression instantly became even more unsightly, and his morale instantly dropped.

On the other hand, on Qin Yu’s side, their morale was high, especially the demonic beasts under immortal crane. Each of them bared their fangs as if they could not help but attack.

“Little Bastard, if I don’t kill you today, I swear I won’t be a human!”Gu Zizhen shouted loudly. His hair danced wildly as a terrifying aura spread out!

Peak of the Martial Saint Realm! This was the strongest person Qin Yu had ever met! He was only one step away from the Almighty Realm!

“Little Bastard, go to hell!”

Gu Zizhen clenched his fingers, and thousands of lights gathered on his palm. With a raise of his hand, it seemed like he was going to destroy the world!

Naturally, Qin Yu did not dare to be negligent. His Vajra holy body instantly erupted, and his palm met Gu Zizhen’s!

This was the first time the two sides had met each other’s palm. The collision of their internal Qi was too terrifying, and it seemed as if the world was about to collapse!

What was even more shocking was that under this force, the surrounding space seemed to have distorted! It seemed that the second mystery realm was about to be unable to withstand the strength of the two of them!

A huge explosion spread throughout the entire second mystery realm, and cracks appeared on the Golden Light on Qin Yu’s palm!

A trace of surprise flashed across Gu Zizhen’s face!

He had thought that with his strength at the peak of the Martial Saint Realm, killing Qin Yu would be as easy as cutting melons and cutting vegetables.

However, this exchange of palms had given him a huge shock!

“It seems that Zhai Xing did not lie to me. You are really not simple. No wonder my son was defeated by you.”Gu Zizhen said with a gloomy face.

Qin Yu sneered, “Your son is just a ruthless trash. I wonder how much stronger you are than him as a father.”

“You are courting death!”Gu Zizhen was furious. As he roared, the battle between the Heaven Gate and the second secret realm began!

Gu Zizhen was at the peak of the Martial Saint Realm. His strength was unimaginable. His breathing exercise seemed to be accompanied by the roar of the Great Dao!

Each of his spells seemed to be born with the Great Dao. They were extremely powerful. The black radiance was like a divine sword, slashing straight at Qin Yu’s primordial spirit!

Facing such an expert, the slightest carelessness could result in his death. Qin Yu also raised his strength to the peak, relying on the ‘line’formula to dodge.

However, that divine sword was too terrifying. Even if its speed was extremely fast, it was impossible to dodge. It seemed like it wanted to cut down everything in the world!

“Internal Qi!”Qin Yu roared as his aura erupted. His hand formed a large golden seal, colliding with the divine sword!


The collision on this scale caused the entire second mystic realm to become unstable!

The earth was shaking, mountains and rivers were crumbling, and everything seemed to vanish into thin air!

The more Gu Zizhen fought, the more shocked he became. Even if he used all his trump cards, he was still unable to take down Qin Yu!

His incomparably fierce body was completely unharmed by ordinary spells!

This made Gu Zizhen extremely angry. He opened his mouth slightly, and black flames gathered in his mouth. Then, he saw clusters of black flames!

Qin Yu had seen such black flames before. Wherever it touched, it would instantly turn into ashes!

The black flames spread rapidly and slowly condensed into a cage, trapping Qin Yu in an extremely small area!

Then, Gu Zizhen stretched out ten fingers, and the clattering sound was immediately deafening!

Several chains shot out from several directions of the secret realm. The end of the chains carried a sharp black flame and pierced towards Qin Yu’s body!

Qin Yu’s expression changed greatly. He smelled a sense of danger and hurriedly activated the Vajra holy body in an attempt to stop it.

But this black flame actually directly penetrated the golden light and shot towards Qin Yu’s body!

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