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Chapter 1065 - Chapter 1,065, the Second Secret Manual!

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Qin Yu was secretly delighted. This purple-gold gourd required a large amount of spiritual power to support it, and Qin Yu could not use it too many times.

Looking at Gu Zizhen who was rushing over, Qin Yu was also filled with fighting spirit.

“So what if he’s at the peak of the Martial Saint Realm? Come!”

Qin Yu’s body flickered with golden light, and the secret technique was fully displayed. A pure and big battle instantly began!

Gu Zizhen was at the peak of the martial saint realm and his strength was beyond imagination. He was even more powerful than the star plucking hand!

He possessed a secret technique. Any one of his secret techniques was not inferior to the star plucking hand!

For a martial saint, every time he advanced a realm, his spiritual Qi would become more vigorous!

Both parties fought for dozens of rounds. Gu Zizhen’s internal Qi did not show any signs of weakness. Instead, he became more and more courageous as he fought!

Qin Yu was the same. He had the determination to win. He fought with his life and forced Gu Zizhen back many times!

Gu Zizhen was extremely furious. He had been in the martial saint realm for many years and the early stage of the martial saint realm was like an ant in his eyes.

However, the Qin Yu today had completely exceeded his imagination!

“I must end this battle as soon as possible!”Gu Zizhen roared in his heart!

The seal on the exit of the secret realm could only last for an hour at most. He had thought that he could end the battle quickly, but he did not expect Qin Yu to be so difficult to deal with!


Qin Yu held the vast power of the sea in his hand, and he beat the entire mystic realm until it trembled!

When the two fists collided, a large area of space collapsed, and the beating shocked everyone!

After all, the mystic realm was not a real world. Under such a large-scale battle, it appeared extremely weak. If this continued, the entire mystic realm might collapse!

“Gu Zizhen, you are just like your son, Trash!”Qin Yu mocked as he fought.

“Your son is like a dead dog in my hands, and so are you!”

“Ah! ! Little Bastard, I’m going to kill you!”

Such a spiritual attack naturally made Gu Zizhen even angrier!

His blood and Qi surged, and the secret technique in his hand grew stronger, forcing Qin Yu to step back repeatedly!

It had to be said that Gu Zizhen’s strength was much stronger than he had imagined!

“Little Bastard, go to hell!”

Gu Zizhen’s mind moved, and a pitch-black spear actually stretched out from the void of the second secret realm!

The spear was incomparably sharp, and it almost pierced through Qin Yu’s body in an instant!

Gu Zizhen seized this opportunity and chanted a spell silently. The spear seemed to have taken root in Qin Yu’s body, spreading to his internal organs, and then it went straight for his primordial spirit!

Qin Yu secretly felt that things were not looking good. He took a deep breath and punched out with both hands at the same time, smashing towards Gu Zizhen!

Even Gu Zizhen did not dare to neglect such a terrifying power.

He could only temporarily give up on the idea of crushing Qin Yu’s primordial spirit and leave.

The battle had already lasted for a long time. Both of their bodies were covered in blood.

Qin Yu panted slightly, and his body emitted a ray of light.

He planned to use the ‘fighting’formula to kill Gu Zizhen!

Otherwise, who knew how long this battle would last!

The Immortal Crane had already pulled itself out. It used its crystal-clear palm to smash the two martial saints’bodies and primordial spirits. At this moment, it was watching from a distance.

More than half of the surrounding martial marquis were dead or injured, and there were only a few left.

The glorious second mystery realm was showing signs of decline today.

“Do you need my help?”Immortal Crane transmitted its voice through divine sense.

Qin Yu said coldly, “There’s no need. With his current condition, it’s only a matter of time before I defeat him.”

When immortal crane saw this, it did not say anything more. It placed its hands behind its back and waited quietly.

Right at this moment, the sealed entrance suddenly exploded!

Waves of internal Qi leaked out, and the sealed secret technique disappeared at this moment!

The few remaining martial saints desperately ran towards the exit to avoid being killed by these eight light pillars.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu glanced at Gu Zizhen and berated, “Gu Zizhen, do you dare to fight with me outside? !”

“I can kill you in the second secret realm, why do I need to go out? !”Gu Zizhen roared. The light on his body was like a waterfall, sweeping across everything.

Qin Yu turned around and dodged. The light instantly exploded beside Qin Yu. The second mystic realm was full of devastation, and it was unbearable to look at.

“It’s not up to you!”Qin Yu snorted. After he said that, he stepped on the “Xing”formula and shot toward the exit!

“Little Bastard, where are you running!”Gu Zizhen roared and quickly chased after him!

However, when he came to the exit, he stopped and did not continue to chase after him, as if he was afraid of something.

“What’s wrong, Old Dog Gu? Don’t you dare to come out?”Qin Yu’s voice was like a loud bell that shook the entire world!

“A dignified stage master of the second secret realm is actually a coward! As a peak martial saint, are you afraid of a newly promoted martial saint like me?”

“Little Bastard, you’re courting death!”

Gu Zizhen roared and finally dashed out of the second secret realm!

His hands were like eagle claws, pressing toward Qin Yu’s head!

Qin Yu’s body was like lightning as he retreated. Then, with a furious roar, golden light shot out from his right arm and met Gu Zizhen!


This was a world-shaking loud sound! It was countless times more shocking than the Thunder!

The entire Jingdu, and even the surrounding area, was shaken by this loud sound!

“What’s the situation?”Many people walked out of their homes one after another and raised their heads to look at the sky.

“It seems to be Qin Yu!”A martial artist recognized Qin Yu’s figure!

“Qin Yu? Who is his opponent? How come that old man has never seen him before?”

“That seems to be Gu Zizhen! The Master of the second secret realm, a true top-notch expert!”

“Gu Zizhen? Gu Xinghe’s father? That Gu Zizhen who was hailed as the number one person in the world a hundred years ago?”

“Is Qin Yu going to fight against the heavens? After so many years, Gu Zizhen has probably stepped into the Almighty Realm!”

A flood of comments quickly flooded in!

In just a short instant, countless martial artists swarmed over!

They looked at the two people who were confronting each other in mid-air and were all filled with shock!

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