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Chapter 1128 - Chapter 1,128, entering the void

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Qin Yu wasn’t surprised by Tian Zong’s words.

According to his own calculations, Tian Zong’s strength couldn’t be used much.

Although he was at the Almighty Realm, he was probably only at the half-step almighty realm.

Qin Yu walked over and said coldly, “Tian Zong, I’ll return the same words to you. If you leave now, I’ll spare your life. This will be your last chance.”

“If you miss this chance, I will not give you any chance to Live!”

Tian Zong’s attempt to wipe out the entire heaven gate had angered Qin Yu. If he did not leave, he would definitely kill him!

Qin Yu’s words caused Tian Zong to laugh out loud.

That old laughter reverberated throughout the entire Heaven Gate and did not stop for a long time!

“How Shameless!”Tian Zong roared! It was like a thunderclap in the sky!

He stepped forward and said coldly, “In that case, I will kill you and refine your body to make up for my loss!”

With that, Tian Zong’s figure suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Qin Yu in almost an instant!

That speed was almost undetectable by the naked eye!

And the moment Tian Zong got close to Qin Yu, his palm instantly erupted with a radiance!

This was the strength of a mighty figure. Ina breath’s time, he was able to cast a powerful spell!


Tian Zong held the light in his hand and slammed it onto Qin Yu’s chest.

‘The light gathered at a single point and exploded, instantly sending Qin Yu dozens of meters back. A deep scratch was left on his feet!

However, this attack did not cause any substantial damage to Qin Yu. It did not even leave a mark!

“What a tough body.”Tian Zong frowned.

Qin Yu looked coldly at Tian Zong and said, “I gave you a chance. Since you are not leaving, then stay!”


In everyone’s hearts, there were only these two words!

Qin Yu was actually warning and threatening a mighty figure! A mighty figure like the legendary Divine Dragon in the sky!

In the next second, Qin Yu quickly walked over.

He did not have any fancy techniques, only a powerful physical body and that incomparably dense spiritual power!

‘The spiritual power gave Qin Yu support, and the physical body acted as a carrier. The power formed by this combination was incomparably powerful!


Qin Yu stepped on the ‘walking’character, and the Fist in his hand shot out like a cannonball!

Tian Zong did not choose to dodge, but raised his hand to meet Qin Yu head-on!

As the loud sound spread out, Tian Zong’s expression suddenly changed drastically!

‘The power of this punch far exceeded Tian Zong’s imagination!

He only felt waves of numbness in his fist. The powerful Qi energy even forced him to retreat repeatedly!

A mighty figure was forced to retreat!

No one dared to believe the scene in front of them!

Qin Yu did not stop there. He clenched his fist again and came over!

Tian Zong secretly felt that things were not good. The strength of Qin Yu’s body was beyond his imagination. He did not dare to clash with Qin Yu’s body again. He could only retreat one after another, shooting all the way into the air.

“Kid, you really have some ability!”Tian Zong seemed to be angry from embarrassment.

His dense qi energy rumbled in his chest, as if he was about to cast some powerful spell.

Qin Yu didn’t want to give him the chance to condense a spell. He immediately stepped on the void and shot toward Tian Zong!

However, the speed of a mighty figure condensing a spell was too fast. Even though Qin Yu had attacked at the first moment, he was still one step too slow.

“Extreme tyrant Slash!”

With an angry shout, the spell in Tian Zong’s hand had already taken shape!

Qi energy was condensing in his hand, and a crackling sound like fried beans was emitted.

His palm was like the claw of a flood dragon. It was several feet long and flickered with an icy cold light.

Qin Yu’s heart jolted. Even with his ears and body, he could smell a trace of danger!

“Chi la!”

Tian Zong’s palm hacked forward. The power of the ultimate tyrant slash could not be described with words. That several feet of light seemed to be able to shatter the void!

At such a close distance, there was nowhere for Qin Yu to hide!

His body emitted a green light. This light covered Qin Yu’s entire body, as if he was wearing a layer of armor!


The ultimate tyrant slash ruthlessly struck Qin Yu’s body.

But that green light was extremely mysterious. Under the foundation of Qin Yu’s powerful body, it actually blocked this attack!

“How is this possible! ?”

Tian Zong’s expression immediately changed!

What kind of technique was this? ! It actually blocked his extreme tyrant slash? !

“This is called the green wood true body. I’ve only learned the first level.”Qin Yu’s icy cold voice sounded in Tian Zong’s ears.

At the same time, his fist had already condensed an even more terrifying light!

“Not good!”Tian Zong’s expression changed greatly!

Qin Yu naturally wouldn’t give him a chance to escape and immediately threw a punch over!

Under this terrifying punch, the entire space turned into a dazzling light!

Everyone stared at the sky with disbelief written all over their faces!

Tian Zong seemed to have lost?

He had no way of dodging this punch!

Just as everyone was shocked, the light had already slowly dissipated.

‘What appeared in front of everyone was silence, and Tian Zong had long disappeared.

“HM? Where is Tian Zong?”

“Could it be that he ran? That’s impossible. At such a close distance, there’s nowhere for him to hide!”

“How could a mighty figure run! ?”

Qin Yu didn’t say anything, but the corners of his mouth curled up into a cold smile.

It was very obvious that Tian Zong had used a spatial technique. At this critical moment, he had disappeared into the void.

“Ah! !! Come out!”

Chang Mang, who was at the side, had fallen into the same situation.

Yun Long had escaped into the void. His blood-red fist was like a headless fly, smashing everywhere.

Fortunately, Chang Mang’s spiritual energy was rich. Even though he was squandering it, his Qi and blood were still at their peak.

Qin Yu scanned his surroundings and sneered, “Tian Zong, as a mighty figure, you actually escaped into the void and didn’t dare to accept the challenge. Aren’t you afraid of losing face? !”

His voice reverberated throughout more than half of the city, making people shudder in fear.

In this battle, regardless of whether he won or lost, Tian Zong had lost all his face..

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