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Chapter 1213 - Chapter 1,213, forcibly improving one's physical body

Chapter 1213 Chapter 1,213, forcibly improving one’s physical body

Jiang Yi was the first person to arrive at the Mad Man’s laboratory.

He passed through the mercenaries who stopped him and Strode into the laboratory.

There were seven scientists in the laboratory. Although they looked quite quiet, their eyes were filled with an unusual madness.

The scientists were quite surprised by Jiang Yi’s sudden intrusion.

“Who are you?”One of the scientists asked.

Jiang Yi didn’t answer the question. Instead, he asked coldly, “I heard that you guys have developed a strengthening agent, right? where is it?”

Hearing that, the scientist immediately said, “Oh, you’re a volunteer, right? Our experiment hasn’t officially started yet. You Can Wait.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yi suddenly raised his hand. A strong suction force immediately grabbed the scientist in his hand.

The huge force made him extremely frightened.

Behind him, there were many mercenaries holding weapons pointing at Jiang Yi.

“I asked you where the strengthening agent is!”Jiang Yi said coldly.

“Dr. Chicken, since he volunteered to test the strengthening agent for us, you can satisfy him,”someone said behind him.

The scientist called Dr. Chicken hurriedly nodded and said, “Okay, you… Let Go of Me First.”

Jiang Yi threw Dr. Chicken to the side and said coldly, “Cut the crap. Hand Over the strengthening agent to me immediately.”

Dr. Chicken pushed his glasses and said, “This strengthening agent can only be injected into you in our laboratory.”

Jiang Yi frowned slightly and said coldly, “Then take me there quickly!”

“Before injecting the strengthening agent, I have to tell you the things to take note of in advance,” said Dr. Chicken.

“According to our research, this strengthening agent can indeed strengthen the human body. Everyone’s endurance is different.”

“For example, we used the sea beasts in the sea for research. Currently, the one with the strongest endurance is three bottles. After three bottles, the human body will be three times stronger.”

“However, humans can’t even withstand one bottle at the moment, and even half a bottle can kill them. We are also looking for a balance


Jiang Yi narrowed his eyes and sneered, “In other words, if it’s ten bottles, the body will be ten times stronger?”

“Uh… that’s the theory, but no one can withstand ten bottles. We have fished huge sea beasts in the sea, but we can only withstand three bottles, “said professor chicken.

Jiang Yi sneered, “How can the beasts in the sea be compared to me?”

After all, Jiang Yi was at the peak of the Martial Saint Realm!

In the entire earth, no one could compare to him. Naturally, that demonic beast could not compare to him.

“Young man, I must remind you, this…”

“Shut up and quickly inject me,”Jiang Yi rudely interrupted professor chicken.

Seeing this, Dr. Chicken didn’t say anything more and immediately said, “Then come with


Jiang Yi followed the doctors and came to a laboratory.

There was a white hospital bed in the laboratory with all kinds of examination instruments beside it.


Jiang Yi naturally wouldn’t accept such an examination. He lay on the bed and said coldly, “Come on. Don’t stop until I say so, understand?”

Professor Chicken pushed up his glasses and said, “Then what should we measure it with?”

“The bottle, of course, “Jiang Yi said with a frown.

Professor Chicken wanted to say something, but Jiang Yi glared at him coldly.

Helpless, professor chicken could only follow Jiang Yi’s request and inject the strengthening agent.

Jiang Yi closed his eyes slightly. Professor Chicken took out a bottle of strengthening agent and injected it into Jiang Yi through a needle.

During this process, doctor chicken seemed to be a little nervous. He also injected the bottle of strengthening agent very slowly, afraid that something might go wrong. It was not until the whole bottle of strengthening agent was injected into his body that doctor chicken let out a long breath.

Jiang Yi, who was lying on the bed, seemed to be changing his body quietly. Rays of light flowed along his meridians. The colorful light completely enveloped Jiang Yi and then merged into his body.

Jiang Yi, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes. He gently clenched his fist. He could clearly feel the changes in the strength of his body and the explosive increase in his strength.

“This strengthening agent… is really useful…”Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up and he was overjoyed!

Professor ji asked carefully, “How… Do You Feel?”

“Very good, very good!”Jiang Yi couldn’t help but laugh.

He looked at Dr. Chicken and said coldly, “Continue. Don’t stop until I say stop.”

The professors in the lab were naturally overjoyed!

Since they had developed the strengthening agent, Jiang Yi was the only one who could withstand the strengthening agent!

Therefore, they didn’t waste any more time and immediately began to inject Jiang Yi with the strengthening agent.

One bottle, two bottles, three bottles…

Jiang Yi only stopped after injecting eight bottles! At this moment, every inch of his skin seemed to have been strengthened. Even his bones and even his bone marrow were slowly evolving.

It was not like he was reborn, but it was almost enough!

“Eight bottles, you can actually withstand eight bottles!”Dr. Chicken and the others were extremely excited!

Jiang Yi stood up from the bed. He slightly closed his eyes, as if he was feeling the surging power in his body and his almost abnormal body!

“I really didn’t expect that other than cultivation, there is such a method that can improve my physical body…”Jiang Yi sneered.

“With my current physical body and the realm that is enough to crush Qin Yu, killing him is not a problem at all. hahahaha!”

Jiang Yi was extremely excited. He turned around and walked out of the laboratory, leaving Dr. Chicken and the others looking at each other.

They had wanted to keep Jiang Yi, but Jiang Yi didn’t give him a chance at all.

Not only that, Jiang Yi, who wasn’t a bad person, didn’t choose to destroy the laboratory.

He was different from Gu Xinghe, he teng, and the others. He just wanted to increase his strength and prove to Jiang he that he wasn’t inferior to Qin Yu.

On the other side, Qin Yu and the others had already started to move toward the Crazy Laboratory.

There were a total of 18 people in the group. These 18 people were the elites of the military district. They had long longed for the famous Qin Yu.

When they saw Qin Yu this time, they crazily expressed their admiration for him.

Under ye Qing’s arrangements, the 19 people started to head towards the Crazy Laboratory.

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