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Chapter 1258 - Chapter 1,258, the seven continents of the saint-level

Chapter 1258 Chapter 1,258, the seven continents of the saint-level

Qin Yu was so tired that he was sweating profusely.

Qin Yu had never imagined that he would be in such a sorry state after arriving at the saint-level.

“Fortunately, I’ve got the map.”Qin Yu took a deep breath.

He looked around, then found a small teahouse and sat down. He then took out the map.

The place where Qin Yu was located was called Lizhou. It was one of the seven continents of the holy region.

Lizhou was divided into five regions. They were South region, East Region, North Region, West region, and thunder courtyard.

The Heavenly Cloud Sect was located in the South region, which was the land under Qin Yu’s feet.

In the South Region, the Heavenly Cloud Sect was an extremely huge sect. It could be said to be the number one sect in the South region.

However, this map was too simple and crude. Other than the simple markings on it, there wasn’t much useful information.

“As expected of a profiteer, “Qin Yu muttered to himself.

He kept the map and couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

The currency here was called Spirit coins. Qin Yu didn’t know how to obtain it.

As for that anger, Qin Yu had no way to ask.

“From this map, the Heavenly Cloud sect seems to be very strong, “Qin Yu said in a low voice.

He wanted to seek refuge with Chang Mang and the others, but Qin Yu had no idea about Chang Mang and the others.

As for what kind of existence the heavenly cloud sect was, and what kind of experts they had, Qin Yu had no idea either.

Soon, Qin Yu felt a trace of hunger in his stomach.

Ever since the spiritual energy disappeared, Qin Yu had a feeling of hunger, not much different from an ordinary person.

“F* ck.”Qin Yu couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

He didn’t have any money on him, and even eating became a problem.

“Don’t sit here if you don’t drink tea. I’ve been watching you for a long time. Hurry up and get out!”The people from the small teahouse also ran over and waved their hands.

Although Qin Yu was a bit unhappy, he still walked out obediently.

“F* ck, a single coin really can’t beat a hero, “Qin Yu couldn’t help but curse.

It was truly hard to imagine that a top-notch expert would actually be reduced to a state where even eating was difficult.

In the next few days, Qin Yu basically wandered around this bustling city.

The size of the saint-level was beyond Qin Yu’s imagination. Just this bustling city alone was comparable to a city. Qin Yu walked for a few days, but he still couldn’t see the border.

At this moment, Qin Yu’s stomach was already extremely hungry.

“If this goes on, I’m afraid I’ll F * cking starve to death, “Qin Yu said with a frown.

After thinking about it for a long time, Qin Yu finally decided to find someone to ‘borrow’some. At most, he would return it to him when he became rich in the future.

Thus, Qin Yu came to a restaurant.

The restaurant was filled with Phoenixes and dragons, and it was full of grandeur. Waves of fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

From time to time, there would be people dressed luxuriously coming in and out of the door. There was no sign of a single person passing by. “It’s him.”Qin Yu licked his lips and Strode into the restaurant.

After he sat down, the waiter quickly brought over the menu.

The menu surprised Qin Yu even more. There were red-braised sawtooth tigers, roasted bone cattle, and boiled black-horned dragons.

Any one of them was a rather famous demon beast.

And the price was naturally not cheap. A single dish cost a few hundred spirit coins.

“So damn expensive.”Qin Yu couldn’t help but curse.

A waiter at the side said, “These were all captured from the green rock forest by a mighty realm cultivator. The price is naturally higher. How could ordinary people have the chance to eat the meat of such a Demon Beast?”

Qin Yu didn’t know what the Green Rock Forest was at all, but he knew quite a bit about the mighty realm.

He looked at the waiter in surprise and exclaimed, “The mighty realm… is going to catch Demonic Beasts to supply you?”

“Haha, Is It Very Strange? These mighty realm experts can earn at least ten thousand spirit coins by going to the green rock forest once. Of course, the Green Rock Forest is full of dangers, and many mighty realm experts have died there,”said the waiter.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but be greatly shocked.

This holy region truly lived up to its reputation. If it was on Earth, a mighty realm expert would be able to sweep away everything, but in the holy region, it had actually fallen to such a state.

However… To Qin Yu, this could be considered a way to earn money.

“Since I’m here to eat for free, I might as well ask for more, “Qin Yi said in her heart.

Thereupon, Qin Yu returned the menu to the waiter and said, “Give me a portion of this


The Waiter Looked Qin Yu up and down and said, “Can you finish it all by yourself?”

“Why do you care if I can finish it all? Just hurry up and serve it, stop talking nonsense!”Qin Yu slammed the table and shouted.

Seeing that Qin Yu was so confident, the waiter didn’t doubt him and quickly turned back to the kitchen.

Qin Yu touched his chin and muttered, “Sigh, this holy region is really different from what I imagined.”

While waiting for the meal, Qin Yu’s eyes scanned his surroundings.

Soon, he locked onto a young man.

This young man was dressed luxuriously and had an extraordinary bearing. Beside him stood two bodyguards.

Although Qin Yu couldn’t see the strength of the two bodyguards, he was certain that this person must be from a wealthy family.

The world of cultivators was even more cruel. There were very few people at the top of the pyramid, and the people at the bottom were like ants.

Therefore, those who could afford to hire bodyguards naturally had a rich family background.

Soon, the food was served.

Looking at the table full of meat, Qin Yu, who had been hungry for a few days, did not waste any time and immediately began to wolf down the food.

After a whirlwind, almost all the food on the table was eaten.

Qin Yu patted his stomach in satisfaction, intending to find an opportunity to escape.

At this moment, a few people suddenly walked in from outside.

They were dressed in brocade robes, and the fluctuations of their internal Qi were extraordinary.

On their brocade cannons, a cloud-shaped pattern was impressively printed.

“They are from the Heavenly Cloud Sect!”Very soon, someone recognized their identity.

Qin Yu secretly thought that something was wrong, and his brows furrowed slightly.

“I didn’t expect to find you so quickly, “Qin Yu said in a low voice.

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