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Chapter 1292 - Chapter 1292, life force!

Chapter 1292 Chapter 1292, life force!

Under the huge bounty, everyone had to face the test of humanity.

Some people would lose their bottom line and lose their morals. There were also very few people who would hold onto their bottom line.

The two of them struggled for a moment, but in the end, they couldn’t resist the temptation of money.

They hit it off and decided to tell Ling Yun Qin Yu’s location in exchange for the high bounty.

At this moment, Qin Yu didn’t think that he would be betrayed by the hunter organization.

He activated the Divine Wilderness Eye and looked hundreds of meters away.

The gigantic flying spider didn’t have any intention of leaving. Even though Qin Yu’s punch had injured it severely, it had successfully angered it.

A pair of dark eyes stared coldly at Qin Yu’s skinny figure.

Qin Yu was also looking at it. There was not the slightest hint of panic on his face.

“Come, let me see how capable you are,”Qin Yu said coldly.

The flying spider seemed to understand Qin Yu’s words. It flapped its huge wings and flew over in an instant!

The fluttering arms brought about a violent hurricane in the mountain forest.

The hurricane swept past, as if it wanted to destroy everything. “Hiss!”

It spat out steel wires from its mouth, intending to tie Qin Yu up.

But Qin Yu’s speed was very fast. With a deep leap, he jumped onto a tree and easily dodged it.

The flying spider flew into a rage. Its arms were like sharp blades, slashing towards Qin Yu with a swoosh!

Qin Yu did not dare to be negligent. This was not an ordinary demonic beast, but a demonic beast of the mighty realm!

It was even stronger than the spirit monarch lion from back then!

Therefore, Qin Yu did not dare to conceal his strength. He directly activated the third level of the battle word technique, and clenched his fist as he approached!


A punch landed on the flying spider’s ugly face, forcing it to take a few steps back. Qin Yu seized the opportunity, and his fist smashed towards the flying spider’s vital point like raindrops.

Even the flying spider couldn’t withstand the violent wind and rain.

Half of its head was smashed by Qin Yu, and dark green blood flowed out with surging flames.

But in the next second, the flying spider actually began to heal slowly.

“Huh?”Qin Yu frowned slightly.

What kind of ability was this? It could actually recover its injuries in such a short time?

“What a terrifying recovery ability, “Qin Yu said with a frown.


Before Qin Yu could think too much, the steel-like spider silk shot over once again!

This time, its speed was much faster. It almost instantly formed a web and bound Qin Yu within!

The terrifying adhesion made it impossible for Qin Yu to break free.

The spider silk stuck tightly to Qin Yu’s skin. With just a slight movement, it almost tore Qin Yu’s skin apart.


At this moment, the flying spider leg pierced through Qin Yu’s chest with a sharp wind! It was like chopping vegetables!

Qin Yu could not help but turn pale with fright!

He lowered his head and looked at the wound on his chest. He could not help but be shocked!

How long had it been since this body had been pierced through! This flying spider was indeed not simple!

A thread of liquid suddenly surged out from his feet. This liquid flowed along Qin Yu’s wound and merged into his blood.

“Not good!”Qin Yu’s expression immediately changed!

This was most likely the poison in the Flying Spider’s Body! Moreover, it directly merged into his blood!

Qin Yu did not dare to waste any more time. He directly activated the fifth level of the ‘Dou’formula, forcefully breaking open the spider web, and then retreated.

He touched the blood that was flowing out of his chest, and his brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

At this moment, a faint feeling of dizziness surged into his brain.

Although it was not serious, it was enough to drag down Qin Yu’s battle prowess.

More importantly, Qin Yu did not know much about the flying spider. He had no idea if the poison would spread for a long period of time. However, the president of the Flying Spider Academy was not very familiar with it.

“I should not have underestimated this beast.”Qin Yu could not help but feel a little annoyed.

If he had activated the fifth level of the battle character technique at the first moment, he wouldn’t have fallen to such a state.

“Swoosh!”The flying spider came again. He used the same trick again, wanting to trap Qin Yu with the spider web.

However, Qin Yu, who had activated the fifth level of the battle character technique, had his strength greatly increased. The spider web couldn’t stop him at all.

Qin Yu grabbed the spider web and quickly approached along the spider web!


His steel-like fist smashed onto the back of the flying spider, causing cracks to appear on the back of the spider.


This made Qin Yu slightly stunned.

The back of the flying spider was actually so hard. Even with its full strength, it was only able to create cracks! It was truly terrifying!

The flying spider became more and more agitated, shaking the entire Qingyan Forest.

Many demon beasts sensed the might of the flying spider and fled, afraid that they would be implicated.

Qin Yu’s expression was cold. His head was getting dizzy. If this continued, he would definitely fall here.

“I can’t waste any more time. I have to finish off this beast as soon as possible.”Qin Yu took a deep breath.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had not fainted yet, he launched another storm-like attack.

After a series of punches, the flying spider’s body was smashed into a bloody mess and its bones were shattered.

Although it had a powerful recovery ability, it was unable to heal such injuries in a short period of time.

Qin Yu did not give it any chance to catch its breath. He immediately launched a third round of attacks and completely shattered its body!

After hundreds of punches from Qin Yu, the flying spider finally fell down, and its internal Qį began to become more and more dispirited.

In a moment, the flying spider completely collapsed, without any internal Qi.

Qin Yu could not help but let out a long breath. He rubbed his head, feeling a headache.

“Damn it, at this rate, I’ll pass out sooner or later.”Qin Yu could not help but curse.

“I have to find a safe place to recuperate.”

Just as Qin Yu struggled to get up and was about to find a safe place, a wisp of smoke-like internal Qi suddenly flowed out of the flying spider’s body.

This internal Qi was extremely strange and carried a strong yang qi. Just sniffing it would make one feel refreshed.

“What is this?”Qin Yu looked at the internal Qi with some surprise.

He sniffed hard and felt extremely comfortable.

Soon, Qin Yu reacted.

He looked at the internal Qi with surprise and joy and said with a trembling voice, “Could it be… the internal Qi of life?!”

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