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92 Chapter 92 World Binding Blood Sacrifice

A six meter long Bright Colored Tiger fell to the ground with a seven foot long broadsword stabbed into its head.

The broadsword was yanked out of its head, bringing with it a spray of blood.

Long Chen wiped off some sweat. Looking at the several Magical Beast corpses behind him, he relaxed a great deal.

Over the past two days, Long Chen had dragged along Magical Beast corpses behind him, and as he had expected, the scent of their blood had drawn over other beasts.

Those beasts had exceptionally keen senses when it came to that blood scent. That scent meant a Magical Beast was injured. Magical Beasts were extremely ferocious, and oftentimes there would be intense battles over territory.

Deep within this thick forest, being injured signified that death was near. Those beasts that wouldn't dare provoke Magical Beasts in normal times would all leap at this chance.

This tiger was already his eighth Magical Beast. Now there was a long string of Magical Beast corpses behind him.

There were tigers, leopards, and even huge lizards. They were all neatly strung together firmly by beast tendons.

Little Snow leisurely padded along those corpses and would take frantic bites until he was completely full, then fall asleep. After that nap, he would immediately start eating again.

This long train of Magical Beasts had become a luxurious carriage with a free buffet for him.

Long Chen checked over his spoils. He currently had three second rank Magical Beasts and six peak first rank Magical Beasts. That should be enough to repay the forest divinity of her favor.

A single second rank Magical Beast's flesh definitely contained more energy than even ten first rank Magical Beasts. Long Chen's spoils had long since exceeded the forest divinity's demands.

Long Chen remembered her benevolence and didn't want to owe too much of a debt. Furthermore, when he had been resisting the Heavenly Punishment, it was the forest divinity who had helped him.

He had actually been hoping to get a bit more, but even after walking for a whole extra day, there were no more Magical Beasts that came. There didn't seem to be anymore second rank Magical Beasts.

As for weaker first rank Magical Beasts, they were attracted by the blood, but they didn't approach. Even a wounded second rank Magical Beast could easily kill them.

So despite roaming around for a whole day, he no longer made any more harvests. He switched directions to go directly the mountain peak of the forest divinity.

When Long Chen arrived at that huge tree, the white-robed woman slowly reappeared. But when she saw the long train of huge Magical Beast corpses behind him, she didn't have too great of a reaction.

"You've come."

"Yes, I've come to settle our debt," smiled Long Chen.

"In this world, there was never any real fairness. I'm just doing this to make myself feel better. I don't like owing people favors," said Long Chen.

She nodded. "Then I'll thank you. The flesh you've brought should be enough for me fully activate the blood sacrifice to bind our worlds and break out of this s.p.a.ce back to the Spirit World."

That huge tree trembled slightly, and those huge corpses all disappeared in just a moment.

"Ao!" Little Snow who was originally sleeping on those corpses was suddenly awoken. He couldn't help going into a wild panic when he saw all those corpses had disappeared. He wanted to get one last bite in, but he only bit down on empty air. He actually angrily started roaring at the woman.

"Don't make a fuss Little Snow." Long Chen laughingly shouted at that little fellow to calm down.

"Haha, you think I stole your meat?" She laughed, "It's true you need meat to grow stronger. But I can give you something much better than meat."

She waved her hand and a bright ray of light poured into Little Snow's forehead. Little Snow shockingly began to slowly grow larger after being enveloped by that light.

He actually grew from being just one meter long to being close to three meters long. Little Snow now almost reached Long Chen's shoulders.

Furthermore, Long Chen could sense a powerful aura that was only becoming stronger coming from Little Snow.

"Second rank?!" The current aura coming from Little Snow was the aura of a second rank Magical Beast!

"I took your meet, so I'll give you the energy to mature so that we're even." The woman laughed and rubbed Little Snow's head.

That really startled Long Chen. Other than himself, Little Snow had never allowed anyone else to touch him. If Little Snow were to attack, that would definitely sour the situation.

But Little Snow was unusually calm. He seemed to actually greatly enjoy her rubbing. Afterwards he lay on the ground and took a nap.

"I've completely awakened its spirit. It can count as me compensating it," she said to Long Chen.

"Doesn't it seem like I now owe another favor?" Long Chen couldn't help shaking his head and bitterly smiling.

He had thought he could completely repay his favors this time. But in the end, now he owed another favor. But that favor was definitely worth it.

Little Snow was a third rank Magical Beast, a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf. His battle strength was extremely great. Now that he had already advanced to the second rank, even if he couldn't defeat a Muscle Rebirth expert, he would still be able to fight against them for a while.

Such a powerful companion could definitely provide a measure of safety for someone like him who was surrounded by danger.

"You're too gracious. My Spirit clan also doesn't like owing favors. Originally it probably would have taken me at least a couple hundred years before being able to return to the Spirit World. But you've allowed me to return home much earlier. The one who should be saying thanks is me," she politely said. "Now I'll be beginning the World Binding Blood Sacrifice. You should back up a bit."

Hearing that, Long Chen hastily woke up Little Snow and rushed further away. With how solemn she was, he didn't dare be careless. At the same time, he was also extremely curious as to what that so called World Binding Blood Sacrifice was.


Long Chen was several miles away when rumbling began. He hastily turned to look back and jumped in shock.

The huge tree which stretched several miles into the sky suddenly began to explosively grow. Its enormous treetop spread, piercing through the clouds and covering half the sky.

The many leaves completely hid the mountain peak. The leaves had countless symbols s.h.i.+ning on top of them. Divine light overflowed from them and covered the sky.

Long Chen watched with his mouth wide open. What kind of existence was this? Was it really a divinity? Did this world really have divinities?

If it wasn't a divinity, what else could cover up the entire sky, what else had an aura that was so ancient? In front of that intimidating aura, Long Chen felt as if he wasn't even an ant, as if he was just a speck of dust.

"It's the forest divinity!" The village chief was also shocked, but the villagers recognized it to be the forest divinity.

Looking at the scene, all those villagers knelt on the ground and prostrated themselves towards that direction.

The forest divinity appeared in the sky above. She formed a strange hand seal.

"Respected ancestors, please hear your people's call. With blood as the guide, open a path home for your people - World Binding Blood Sacrifice!"

Following her devout shout, an image made of blood appeared in the sky. By carefully looking at it, you could tell that that was the image of a leaf.

Long Chen guessed that that blood was the essence blood of the Magical Beasts she had collected over the years. But he still didn't truly comprehend why someone as amazingly powerful as her would use human hunters to collect that blood.

With her terrifying cultivation, no matter how strong the Magical Beast was, they would all be blown to bits just by a single breath. Was that resentful will she had mentioned actually so terrifying?

BOOM! Heaven and earth trembled, causing Long Chen to almost fall to the ground. Raising his head, he saw that the blood image in the sky had begun to twist.

Following s.p.a.ce's slow warping, a huge gate fifty kilometers high formed. As soon as it fully formed, it began to slowly open.

The instant that door opened, Long Chen saw the world within it. That was also a world of endless trees.

But each huge tree was so tall as to prop up the heavens. There were also countless Spirit Beasts roaming within, each of them so large that they were comparable to mountains.

A spiritual qi that was so dense it had almost turned solid also came out of it that huge door.

Just taking a slight breath, Long Chen felt his cultivation base quickly rising. It truly was too shocking.

"I'm about to leave, so thank you for your help. Expert, my Spirit clan looks forward to your arrival. I know that that day will not be too far off."

The woman waved her hand to Long Chen, and the huge heaven-reaching tree slowly shrunk and entered the gate.

"This is my gift to you. The previous agreement is over, so treat it as a new promise."

She extended a hand and a small drop of dark green blood fell towards Long Chen. Long Chen hastily reached out to receive it.

That droplet emitted an extremely dense vitality. Long Chen could sense the terrifying life energy within it.

That woman's entire figure dimmed greatly after sending that drop out. Obviously that drop was an extremely important thing to her.

"I can sense that you will become a peak expert in the future. My Spirit clan needs your help. Your body actually has- AHHH!"

Before she got halfway, she suddenly let out a terrified scream, and without even the time to say goodbye to Long Chen, she disappeared behind the huge door.


Seven-colored lightning suddenly appeared in the sky and smashed that huge door to pieces.

That had happened too fast, and before Long Chen could even react, the huge door had already faded away. The world on the opposite side could no longer be seen. It was as if everything had been a dream.

But that mountain the forest divinity had been on was now a crater.

Now the forest divinity had left, but this place still had some remnant dense spiritual qi in the air. Long Chen quickly sat down and began to cultivate with Little Snow standing guard.

It went without saying that Long Chen's decision was extremely smart. In just a short six hours, an explosive sound came from his body.

That explosive sound came from Long Chen's blood. He had finally entered the first Heavenstage of Blood Condensation, becoming a true Blood Condensation expert.

Since the leftover spiritual qi from that huge door had already dissipated at this point, Long Chen no longer wasted any more time. He directly returned to the village. It was time to say farewell.

But there was still one big question that kept repeating in his mind at this time. What had the forest divinity meant at that last point? What had she been meaning to say before leaving in a panic?

She said his body had something on it? What could possibly cause someone as strong as her to feel so afraid?

As those questions churned in his head, he ended up getting quite close to the village, when suddenly a faint scent of blood floated past his nose.

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