Chapter 103

The whole world is dead, only the sound of dragon dust reverberates between heaven and earth, full of domineering words, like a sledgehammer, heavily hit people's hearts.

Long Chen's broad sword is leaning on the ground, his momentum is startling, his clothes are floating, standing there quietly, as if he is the only one in the world, which is so awe inspiring.


the broad sword in his hand turned into a roaring wind, shook off the bloodstain on the broad sword, and walked slowly towards the direction of the fourth Prince under the gaze of countless people.

The sword drags on the ground, and the weight of terror cuts deep traces on the ground. The rustling sound shakes everyone's eardrum.

The fourth Prince's face changed greatly, and he had a feeling for the first time. Long Chen looked at him, as if he was locked by the eyes of death, and his heart was full of horror.

"You go to kill longchen"

just then, the man in white, who had not spoken, put down his tea cup and said, "if you can't kill him, you don't have to live anymore"

Xia Youyu's face changed, but he didn't dare to refute. He took a cold look at the fourth Prince and looked at the two people behind him:


longchen's face changed In front of the line, suddenly, three people came running. They were Xia Youyu and the other two strong people in Yijinjing. One of them had lost his nose. It was the one who was nearly shot in the head by long Tianxiao.


when they saw the three moves of longchen, they killed Yingzhao, who had been famous for decades in Yijinjing. Without the slightest carelessness, they burst out to fight against longchen.

Xia Youyu has a long iron gun in his hand, and a black light comes up. He is the first to kill. A sharp sound burst resounds through the air.

In the distance, long Tianxiao was surprised. Although Xia Youyu was the emperor of the Xia Dynasty, his accomplishments were very high. When the two countries were still fighting, long Tianxiao fought with him.

However, they were equally matched, and no one took advantage of them. After Xia Youyu ascended the throne, the relations between the two countries improved, and there was no conflict between them.

Today, seeing Xia Youyu, long Tianxiao finds that even if he becomes the emperor, Xia Youyu's cultivation is not abandoned, but more profound.

This is also why Xia Youyu has only two sons. There are countless concubines in the palace, and she is not addicted to women. This perseverance is really amazing.

Long Tianxiao loves his son so much that he is afraid that his son won't be able to support him. As soon as the long sword shakes, he kills his opponent in front of him. He hopes to kill them as soon as possible so as to support long Chen.

Although long Chen just showed his astonishing fighting power, he urged the ground level fighting skills three times in a row, which was absolutely shocking.

But anyway, long Chen is still too young, and he's just a kid in the coagulation realm, although I don't know how he can continuously perform his ground level combat skills.

But if he uses the skill of the ground level three times, it will cause a great loss to his aura. Even if he is strong in the land of easy tendons, his aura will be exhausted, which is what long Tianxiao is most worried about.


Marquis Wu and the strong man worked together to block the strike of long Tianxiao, but their chest was shocked and their internal organs seemed to turn over.

Two people's heart is one Lin, originally they three people work together, can barely with long Tianxiao fight a draw, now the British Marquis died, they immediately stretched, extremely hard.

It's a pity that they can't retreat. Now there's no room for maneuver. They have to fight back. They don't want to kill long Tianxiao, they just want to help them after they kill long Chen.

Seeing Xia Youyu's bayonet coming, long Chen didn't dare to be careless. He chopped forward with his broad sword.

Guns and swords intersect, a burst, two people each step back a few steps, a face shocked looking at each other.

Long Chen didn't expect that this richly dressed man was so strong that he could even share his strength with him.

You should know that although yinghou is a strong coagulation state, after longchen is promoted to coagulation state, Qi is compatible with blood, and his strength has soared, so you can ignore yinghou.

But Xia Youyu blocked his sword. Although they didn't try their best, long Chen could judge that this man was much better than yinghou.

"Very good, so many years, in addition to long Tianxiao, you are the first person who can catch my strike." Xia Youyu trembled and slightly numb.

Although Xia Youyu was the emperor of the great Xia Empire, he was a good warrior and became a fool all his life.

In his whole life, no one can compete with him except long Tianxiao. He grabbed his throne with his fist.

Now the arm that is shocked by the Dragon dust is slightly numb, the heart is shocked to have no way to add to reply, but on the face absolutely can't weak momentum, just say such a word.

"That doesn't mean how powerful you are, it only means that you are a frog in the well and haven't seen the world before"

long Chen snorted coldly. He hated this kind of person who pretended to be forced, and even more hated that kind of person who didn't have the strength to pretend to be forced.

"Looking for death, let me see what qualifications you have to be so arrogant"

long Chen's words make Xia Youyu's face hot. He is precious to be an emperor, and he is so humiliated. With a long shot and a shock, there is a spray of guns, just like a lotus flower in full bloom, stabbing at long Chen.Just now, Xia Youyu was just trying. He saw the three successive moves of longchen that killed yinghou Shengsheng.

He asked himself that he could defeat yinghou, but he couldn't do it in three moves. He killed a seven strong man with easy tendons.

So for long Chen, he was full of fear, far less relaxed than on the surface. He didn't get any benefit from the duel of strength just now.

Therefore, this shot is purely a clever move, hiding the real gun in the firecracker, so that people can't tell the true from the false. If the enemy guesses the wrong position of the gun head, he will seize the opportunity and kill with one hit, which is also one of his unique moves.

At the moment of Xia Youyu's shooting, the other two strong men also attack. A long knife and a golden hook seal both sides of longchen, leaving him no way to escape.

At the same time, in the face of the attack of the three strong people in the easy muscle environment, longchen's eyes are shining, his hands hold the broad sword, his eyebrows stand upright, and he stops drinking:

"whirlwind cutting"

with longchen's stop drinking, the broad sword cuts out like a whirlwind, and the rolling air waves take longchen as the center, straight into the sky, just like a tornado column, shaking the void.


people can't see the situation in the air column which is like a hurricane. Suddenly, the explosion came, as if it were a single sound or a continuous collision.

After the explosion, the three figures flew out in a panic. People were shocked to find that they were Xia Youyu. Xia Youyu had a long gun on the ground, tried his best to stop, and his body still flew more than ten feet. Then he managed to stabilize. An unhealthy blush appeared on his face. It was obvious that he was injured.

The other two, whose skill is obviously not as deep as Xia Youyu's, only stop after rolling out more than 30 Zhang. One of them stands up slowly and directly spurts out blood.

And the other person, that is, the man who had been treated by long Tianxiao, lay on the ground and sprayed several mouthfuls of blood, directly fainted.

The hurricane stopped, slowly showing the figure of dragon dust, people looked at the figure, almost forgot to breathe.

It used to be three moves to kill a strong man in Yijinjing, but now it's one move to defeat the three strong men. This dragon dust is a monster.

In the distance, the man in white looks at longchen, and a touch of shock finally appears on his calm face. Longchen's fighting power reminds him of those "demons" in the door.

He is just an outside disciple in the school. This time, he won a big pie. As long as he completes the task of the school, he can be promoted to an inside disciple.

At that time, he will get the key training of the school, and those who are more paid than the inner disciples are the core disciples of the evil class.

They are known as the existence of the same level invincible, evil talent, terrible fighting power, it can make people crazy.

The fighting power of dragon dust is not enough to frighten the man in white, but it is only dragon dust that can coagulate the blood. With his talent, it can match those evil genius.

Shocked at the same time, the man in white felt uncomfortable. Maybe it was a kind of jealousy, deep jealousy.

The inner disciple has been his goal all his life, but he dare not think about the core disciple.

And in front of long Chen, if he is known by the clan, he will definitely pay all the costs to become a core disciple.

There is a cold flash in the eyes of the man in white. Long Chen must die, not only because he is a chess piece, but also because the man in white doesn't want to see the rise of an evil genius.


the Dragon dust vomites the turbid air in his chest. The whirlwind chopper is really powerful, but the consumption is too terrible.

This blow was created by longchen himself. It was created according to the changes of Lifeng's three movements. However, it was not so much self creation as improvement.

After he became familiar with the three moves, he found that the principle of the three moves was very good, not as rigid as other moves, and there was a lot of room for free play.

So I had an idea. I improved the principle of cutting away from the wind. At the same time, I increased the speed and strength. I used the rapid rotation to drive the weapon to form the range attack of tornado vigorous wind.

In the past, long Chen only slightly tested it, and the effect was OK. Now, when three people attack at the same time, long Chen is afraid that his power is not enough and he can't resist the attack of the three people, so he doesn't have the slightest reservation to fight with all his strength.

The result was astonishing, but the consumption was also terrible. He felt that the blow just now consumed more than half of the aura in his body.


there is a shock at the foot of longchen, and people have been flying forward. Now is not the time for surprise. The battle is not over, so the broad sword cuts at Xia Youyu.

Xia Youyu hasn't recovered from the strike just now, and the second strike of longchen comes again. He can't help but feel shocked. This longchen is a monster who never gets tired.

Xia Youyu takes a deep breath, and knows that if he doesn't do his best, he will be finished. His whole body is full of spirit, and he is injected into the long gun.


the momentum erupts, and the ground under Xia Youyu's feet is cracked. The shock in Xia Youyu's eyes disappears, and a touch of extreme self-confidence emerges, a shot comes out, and the space vibrates.

"Rock breaking gun"

one shot, and the stone breaks the sky. This is Xia Youyu's strongest move, such as a meteor rushing to the moon, straight to the Dragon dust.Longchen is locked by the terrible Qi machine for the first time. Although he has never seen Xia Youyu, he still has no idea that he has such a powerful trick, which can threaten longchen's life.

The wind house star moves, the spirit power instantly penetrates nine orifices, and a strange light appears on the broad sword.

"Let's take one move to win or lose"

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