Chapter 152

A bang came, the earth trembled, and everyone was surprised.


a burst of sound came from the butterfly jade hive, and at the same time, a figure stepped back in confusion.


All of them couldn't believe their eyes, because they saw that the figure flying out in confusion was Qixin who had just entered.


a huge figure rushed out of the butterfly jade hive and rushed to Qixin like a shell.

At the same time, a huge breath swept all over the world, making people shudder.

"Three Third order Warcraft "

someone looked at the huge figure with a pale face and trembled, obviously shocked.

It's a third-order Warcraft. It's shocking. It's totally beyond their expectation.

Qi Xin saw that the third-order queen of bees rushed in, hummed coldly, stretched out his big hand, and a transparent water curtain stood in front of him.


the water curtain failed to block the huge body of the third-order queen bee, but it just stopped for a while and rushed to Qi Xin again.

"Water moon chop"

Qi Xin gave a loud drink and put his hands together. In his hands, he had a big sword, which was about Zhang long. It was not a real sword, but a condensation of water power.

As soon as the big knife appeared, the void shuddered, crossed a streamer, and went straight to the third-order queen bee to cut it.


the long sword cuts heavily on the head of the third-order Warcraft, the terrible power erupts, the earth sinks with it, and the huge body of the third-order queen bee is smashed into the ground.

But what is shocking is that after such a terrible blow, the third-order queen bee didn't have much damage. With six long movements, she jumped out of the ground and attacked Qi Xin again.

"You are all dead people. Hurry to do it." long Chen howled and woke everyone up. He drew out his weapons and rushed to the third-order queen bee.

Long Chen also takes out a big knife from the ring and rushes to the third-order queen bee, but his eyes aim straight at the hive.

When you see the three colors on the beehive, longchen knows that there is a third-order queen bee living here, which is its unique sign to warn intruders.

Unfortunately, Qi Xin and others did not know that it was a death warning. They rashly entered the cave. If he had not reacted quickly, he would have been killed.

The crowd burst out with the strongest fighting power, and the weapons were handed to the third-order queen bee crazily, but to their astonishment, even if they used their fighting skills, they could not break its defense.

Although the third level queen bee is not a fighting Warcraft, its defense is extremely strong, even if everyone is a genius level master, it can't.

All of a sudden, the wings on the Queen's back slowly opened. People were surprised. Could the queen fly?

Seeing the Queen's wings open, long Chen's face changes slightly. It's too late to retreat. He plunges into the earth pit that Qi Xin has just hit.

As long Chen's body just sank into the soil, the third-order Queen's wings suddenly trembled, and a cloud of smoke came out of its wings, covering the area of tens of feet.


all of a sudden, there was a continuous scream. At the beginning, people didn't know what it was. When the smoke devoured them, the naked skin was like being stung by butterfly jade bee, which made them cry.

This is not to mention, whine at the same time, smoke fly into the nose, a time of pain straight to the brain, let life is better than death.

"Tianshui body protection"

Qi Xin felt that it was wrong for the first time. He directly protected his body with the force of water, and he was safe. But except for him, everyone lay down. Now he can't even cry, and all of them convulsed madly.

Only a few lucky people passed out happily, others suffered from the general torture of hell.

"The beast seeks death"

Qi Xin was very angry. He gave a loud shout and kicked the third-order queen bee on the head. The queen bee had just released a big move and was kicked dozens of feet away without any precaution.

Qi Xin gave a cold drink, and in his hand he threw a spear made of water into the queen bee.

The queen bee's combat power is very general, its most lethal part is its tail, but its huge and clumsy body is doomed to be unable to let its tail needle into the enemy's body.

But its defense is really strong, six legged flying, mouth two huge clips, crazy attack Qi Xin.

Even with Qi Xin's conceit, he didn't dare to let it get caught in the middle and fight with it.


when long Chen gets out of the mud, his nostrils hurt. He quickly holds his breath, takes out a detoxification pill from the space ring and takes it.

Long Chen takes a look at the mess around him. Everyone is twitching. Then he takes a look at Qi Xin, who is fighting in the distance. He finds that he is concentrating on the fighting and doesn't look here.

Long Chen can't help but smile and sneaks into the butterfly jade hive. After entering the hive, long Chen protects his whole body with aura. He doesn't dare to be careless.However, after seeing the situation in the hive clearly, long Chen was relieved. Although there are countless butterflies and jade bees here, they have lost their senses. As long as they don't pinch them, they won't sting people.

In the huge hive, countless beehives stand up, in which there are countless bright liquid, flowing slowly.

"It's a pity that there are too many butterfly jade bees here, otherwise you can put the whole hive away"

the space ring can't collect living things. If you want to put this hive away, you must clean up all the butterfly jade bees in it, which is too time-consuming.

And long Chen's time is also very urgent. He is not allowed to stay here too long. Although the queen bee is powerful, his attack power is not strong, and he can't threaten Qi Xin. Sooner or later, he will lose.

Long Chen looks at the beehives, which are about ten feet high. Instead of collecting them immediately, he goes straight to the deep. What's outside is ordinary honey, which is of low value.

Sure enough, after walking five or six feet away, there were several huge beehives in front. On each beehive, there were dozens of hexagonal holes, just like countless water tanks side by side.

There is full of liquid crystal, not to go near, you can smell a sweet smell, refreshing.

"Ha ha, there are so many butterfly jade queen bee honey"

long Chen can't help but be overjoyed. He counts them carefully. There are four beehives in total. When he thinks of the four beehives that were more than ten feet long before, he immediately understands that they are one by one.

Put away the four huge beehives, even if you get one, you will be very satisfied. Now that you get four, you will be happy.

However, long Chen knows that today's harvest may be more than that. He continues to move forward slowly. When he reaches the end of the nest, long Chen feels that his breathing has stopped.

There's also a beehive here. The beehive is so huge that it's almost as high as the whole hive. It's ten feet long.

It's full of honey, but it's no longer liquid, it's crystalline, just like ice crystals.

"Butterfly jade, Bee King crystal"

long Chen exclaimed, this is absolutely a treasure. The effect of Bee King crystal is ten times stronger than bee honey.

With great concentration, long Chen restrained his heart beat, held the whole beehive, shook it gently, let it fall off from the beehive, and then put it into his space ring.

Looking at the bee dragon's empty nest, I doubt my luck.

After collecting the largest queen bee crystal, long Chen ponders for a while, takes out the long gun in the space ring, pokes a small hole on the wall of the hive to allow people to pass through, and then slowly goes back.

Long Chen is a thrifty man. Waste is not his style. Although there are hundreds of beehives outside, they are not collected.

Those are ordinary butterfly jade honey, but for ordinary people, it's definitely a good thing. Even if you don't practice, it's also a good product for beauty.

But the butterfly jade honey here is not as pure as queen bee honey. There are many butterfly jade bees on the bee plate, which must be eliminated one by one.

However, long Chen is not worried now. He listens to the roar of fierce fighting outside and hums his only familiar tune:

"today is a good day. Everything he wants can be accomplished..."

However, after receiving a stick of incense, long Chen felt that something was wrong, because the frequency of fierce fighting outside was getting lower and lower, especially after the last few loud noises, the voice gradually quieted down.

Long Chen knows it's time. Seeing that there are still dozens of beehives that haven't been collected, he sighs and says, "I'm a very easy person to satisfy. Let's leave them to heal"

the poison of butterfly jade bee is very overbearing, but its honey is its best antidote.

Although the poison of butterfly jade bee can't kill people, it can drive people crazy because it's too painful.

Slowly back to the end of the hive, ears listen to the footsteps closer and closer, want to leave the small hole, but think about what is missing.

"Well, it's not my style to do bad things without leaving a name"

take out a brush from the space ring, dip it in honey, leave a line of big words on the honeycomb, drill a small hole and leave quietly.

Qi Xin exerted all his strength and finally killed the third-order queen bee after a lot of fighting. We have to say that Qi Xin's strength is really strong.

However, Qi Xin was very tired to kill a third-order Warcraft. His armor was damaged in many places, and blood was dripping slowly in some places.

It's lucky that the queen bee is not an attacking Warcraft, otherwise he will have to escape when he meets the king of the third-order Warcraft like Xiaoxue.

It's a pity that you don't get any benefit from killing the third-order queen bee, because the butterfly jade bee is different from other Warcraft. It has neither inner elixir nor crystal nucleus, and its only value is its honey.

Slowly into the hive, looking at the dense honeycomb, he can not help but sigh of relief, all pay is worth it.

He went through the hole and went deeper. But when he was halfway through, his face was a bit wrong, because it was empty. The huge beehive in his imagination did not exist.Step forward quickly, see the end of the hive, found nothing, a time of shock inexplicable.

All of a sudden, he saw a glimmer of light. He hurried over to have a look. He could not help but blood gushing up. His eyes almost burst into fire.


Rao thought that Qi Xin's cultivation also burned his five zang organs and spurted blood.

There is a small hole that people can pass through. A line of big characters was written on the hole: long Chen is here.

"Longchen, I'll kill you"

Qi Xin's roar vibrated the whole hive and hummed. At the same time, a violent force broke out and the whole hive was shattered. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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