Chapter 272

"Hey hey, don't guess"

long Chen doesn't want to continue on this topic. He thinks that Tang Wan'er may have really noticed something, and he has to admire it. Women's intuition is terrible.

Long Chen said to Tang Wan'er, "do you have any special feelings after you become a Taoist? I saw your attack just now. It's different from the previous attack! "

Said Yan Tao, Tang Wan'er on a face of excitement, she told long Chen, after absorbing Tao Wen, as if by a mysterious power blessing.

Her wind blade has changed, and her control of wind power has reached an extreme. The Rune of wind power is clearer than in the past, and its power is more than ten times stronger than in the past.

It turns out that the Taoist patterns of those who propagate the Tao are congenital patterns, which are illusory and unpredictable. They are magical things that emerge at the historic moment.

When a baby is born, if the qi movement is good enough, it will be recognized by the congenital Tao lines and attached to his body to increase the qi movement.

However, this kind of congenital Taoist pattern is not immutable. With the growth of the character, if his own luck is exhausted, the congenital Taoist pattern will leave him, find another master, or dissipate directly.

So when the Yandao person is killed, his congenital Tao lines will break away from his body and slip away by themselves.

At this time, others can forcibly seize, but whether they can seize success depends on their personal ability. Even if they succeed, whether they can let the congenital Daowen stay or not depends on their luck.

After a big war, three people captured Daowen. Only Tang Wan'er succeeded. That's a great blessing.

Because it is said that the probability of success is less than one tenth to capture Daowen, the one who derived the Tao. But once the success is achieved, with the help of Tiandao Qi, the future achievements are unlimited.

So Tang Wan'er was excited and grateful. She rarely gently took long Chen's hand and said, "thank you, long Chen. You are not a Taoist yourself, but you gave me this opportunity"

when he mentioned this, long Chen was full of grievances. When elder Tu Fang asked him to seize Daowen, he felt that this thing was out of his way.

Sure enough, Chu Yao said later that this pattern is blessed on the spiritual root of Dantian. If the spiritual root is compared to a big tree, and the aura attribute is compared to a fruit.

In addition to blessing qi movement, congenital Daowen can also make attributes change, which can enhance the ability of attributes several times or even dozens of times.

Although Chu Yao is a carpenter, normal carpenters are not strong fighters. They are strong helpers. Their greatest ability is to heal people.

However, Chu Yao is a Taoist, and his power of wood has changed, and even has the attribute of gold.

It's impossible for the warlords to be able to integrate with each other according to the common way.

Therefore, after Tang Wan'er won the congenital Taoist pattern, her current wind power is still in the process of variation and has not been completely shaped.

But even so, just now, Tang Wan'er popped up a wind blade, which was almost as powerful as her previous strike, so Tang Wan'er was more and more grateful to long Chen.

At the beginning, long Chen threw the Yandao to Tang Wan'er directly. Tang Wan'er didn't know what Yandao was, but long Chen asked her to do it, and she had to do it.

When she absorbed the congenital Tao lines, she realized how much sacrifice long Chen had made and gave her such a great opportunity.

Because of this, Chu Yao is aware of the difference between long Chen and Tang Wan'er, and takes the initiative to associate with her. Long Chen is also wrong.

His elixir field is empty. There is no spirit root that can make Daowen attach. It is right to throw it to Tang Wan'er.

Tang Wan'er has been holding her big hand. I feel that Tang Wan'er's hand is as delicate as milk. How can long Chen restrain it?

Gently stroking Tang Wan'er's delicate jade hand, she said with an intoxicated face: "if you use a Taoist priest, you can exchange a beautiful woman's love. It's really cost-effective. It seems that I have to work hard in the future"

Tang Wan'er was touched by long Chen, and her shy face turned red, but she couldn't bear to pull her hand back.

But after listening to long Chen's words, the tenderness on her pretty face disappeared. Looking at long Chen's intoxicated face, she said, "are you going to kill more Yan Taoists and change more beauties to love you?"

"Yes, yes Ouch "

when long Chen touched the jade hand, his silky touch was intoxicating. He didn't notice the change of Tang Wan'er's tone at all, so he answered casually. Just after answering, he felt a sharp pain in his waist.

At the same time, long Chen finds that he can't move any more, and his whole body is trapped by the wooden column. Tang Wan'er's jade hand is holding his waist.

"Hello, say well, how to say turn over to turn over" long Chen can't help exclaiming.

At this time, Chu Yao's hand was still holding Yin Jue, and a mischievous color appeared on her pretty face. She looked at long Chen with a smile and did not speak.

Tang Wan'er said angrily, "I know you are a big turnip. How can you be worthy of Yao'er's devotion to you?"

"Hey, I just said that casually. I can't really do it. Besides, it's you who seduced me and made me crazy. This is clearly the trap you laid." long Chen pleaded. Now he is tied up with wooden columns and can't move."What seduction? It's terrible. You're so bad, long Chen!" Tang Wan'er's pretty face was very hot. She spat a little and said angrily.

"It was a slip of the tongue just now. Besides, even if you want to punish me, Yao'er should punish me. Yao'er, if I say something wrong, you can forgive me. I won't do it again next time." long Chen knows Chu Yao is the kindest, so he simply accepts.

Sure enough, as soon as longchen pretends to be poor, Chuyao is immediately hit by the dead spot and is about to put longchen down.

"Sister Yao'er, don't, this guy is the best actor. Don't be cheated by him." Tang Wan'er knows longchen too well and reminds her.

Seeing that he was about to succeed, he was suddenly destroyed. Long Chen was furious: "have you made a mistake? This is a family affair between Yao'er and me. Why do you intervene?"

Hearing the words "couple", Chu Yao was a little shy, but in her heart, it was warm. Long Chen was always in that position.

Tang Wan'er, with a slender hand and a slender waist, said solemnly, "sister Yao'er said that when she's away, I'll look at you and don't allow you to flirt around"

"ah, you give me to her? You're not afraid of her stealing? Yao'er, I can tell you that she has been coveting my beauty for a long time "Ouch," long Chen said to Chu Yao, and he twisted his waist again.

"Asshole, who cares about you Who would covet you I steal your head... " Tang Wan'er is so angry that she can't do it. Just say a word and twist it on long Chen's waist.

Chu Yao side looking at Wu mouth smile, she knew that the Dragon dust scream is pretended, deliberately make them happy.

With long Chen's strong body, even if he twisted him with pliers, he would not hurt. How could Tang Wan'er twist him?

Seeing longchen's cooperation, Chu Yao didn't want to tie longchen any more. As soon as her jade hand was loosened, she was trapped in longchen's strong wooden column, which was as soft as a rope. She slowly sank into the soil and disappeared.

Long Chen took Chu Yao's hand and said, "Yao Er, are you going back to Tianmu palace so soon? Don't you want to go back to Xuantian other hospital with me for a while? I just met you, but I have to leave. I feel reluctant to leave you "

Chu Yao's beautiful eyes were slightly red, her jade hand gently stroked long Chen's cheek, and she said in a soft voice:" I'm reluctant too, but if I want to protect you all the time, I need to constantly improve my strength.

This time I returned to Tianmu palace. After the war, my master promised me to teach me the first volume of Tianmu Scripture.

That's the secret of our Tianmu palace. It's incomparable. The master said that if I can practice the Tianmu Scripture, my combat power will be stronger than ever! "

Long Chen can only nod his head. There is no way to do this. Practice is a struggle. We must seize all the time to improve our strength, otherwise we will be pushed into the water by others.

"By the way, how much do you know about the secret land of Jiuli, Yao'er?" Long Chen asks, long Chen has only heard of the secret place of Jiuli, but the details are not clear.

It's said that only those who are forced to enter the secret realm in the ninth year of Tang Dynasty can enter the secret realm. I don't know if it's true! "

Chu Yao said with a straight face: "it's said that the border of Jiuli's secret place is very terrible. Even if a person is born strong, he will die if he dares to break into it.

Shifu said that there are many legends about the secret place of Jiuli. Some people say that it comes from outside the country and is a world formed by the impact of time and space convection.

Others say that it is the world created by the ancient great God, hidden in the crevice of this world.

Others say that it is a part of the body of the great God. Some even say that the secret place of Jiuli is the corner of the collapse of the nine heavens in the war of the gods.

In a word, there are many different opinions, both mysterious and mysterious. No one knows the true origin of Jiuli secret place. Even its name has been handed down from generation to generation.

No one knows the real reason why it is called Jiuli secret place, but one thing is true. The master said that this Jiuli secret place has existed for a long time. It has become a world of its own, and there are many strange animals in the legend.

According to the master, there are countless opportunities inside. If the life is hard enough, you can even get an adverse treasure.

There have always been many disciples who have entered the Jiuli secret place and gained great benefits in it. Therefore, the Jiuli secret place is the place where the good and the evil must fight. "

Long Chen's heart jumped. He didn't expect that the origin of the Jiuli secret place was so mysterious. But I don't know why. Every time he heard the word "Jiuli secret place", long Chen's Fengfu star would go crazy.

"So long Chen, you have to work hard this time. At that time, the best of the seven states and eight places will gather in the secret place of Jiuli. There are many experts everywhere, and there are countless arrogance.

In the secret place of Jiuli, even if the disciples of the right and the evil don't fight for treasures, there will be a great war.

And you know, not everyone in the right path is in the same heart. At that time, we should not only guard against the evil path, but also against the black hand behind the right path "

long Chen nods his head. He knows that Chu Yao is kind-hearted. The last sentence must not be her own thought, it must be her father's advice."In order to make you feel at ease, I'll tell you a secret." Chu Yao suddenly appeared a playful look in her eyes. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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