Chapter 306

"Don't make trouble with Xiaoxue, it will be OK in a moment"

Xiaoxue's big head starts to rub on longchen's body intimately again, which makes longchen unable to prepare medicinal materials at ease.


"I've told you that it's related to your future, so don't make trouble first, OK"


"I know, I miss you very much, OK, OK, hold one, and then don't make trouble!"

Dragon dust was made by snow have no way, had to hold snow big head kiss, but now snow is too big.

A head is the same as a small house, but no matter how big Xiaoxue grows and how powerful she is, she is still the coquettish and mischievous Xiaoxue in front of longchen.

"Well, you go to the side to play for a while, and I'll call you when I've finished practicing Dan." long Chen patted Xiaoxue's big head and let him play for a while.

Xiaoxue just got up and ran to the distance. Xiaoxue likes to run. Although she is huge, her body is not a bit clumsy, but her speed is even faster. From a distance, it looks like a fast lightning.

After passing the snow, long Chen will more than 80 packets of powder, carefully check again, for fear of a little omission.

No matter the quality or weight of the powder, it can't be wrong, because this time he wants to refine a kind of pill that is not in Danti's memory.

It was a whimsical idea of his own, and he was not sure whether he could succeed or not.

"God, I beg you, you are blind so many times, just blind again, let me succeed"

long Chen prayed in his heart, took out a jar from the space ring, the jar was opened, a terrible pressure radiated, let long Chen's sweat stand upright, even the heaven and earth trembled slightly.

"It's really the blood essence of the strong in the congenital environment. It's really powerful." long Chen can't help feeling in his heart.

The jar was filled with the essence and blood of a man who was born strong. At the beginning, Yin Luo had a big hand in the door of the space before he went on the battlefield of good and evil.

As a result, the big hand was chopped by Ling Yunzi and retracted behind the door of space, leaving blood.

Long Chen still doesn't understand what that big hand is. If it's a real hand, how can it be so big? How can it bleed?

However, these are not what long Chen cares about. He carefully checked the essence and blood in the jar: "Hey, the strong is the strong, and the blood is different. If it's chicken blood and duck blood, it will solidify long ago"

if the evil leader hears long Chen's words, he will be directly angry and spray another mouthful of fresh blood to long Chen.

Then he took out a package of powder from the space ring and poured it into the jar. The half jar, which was originally peaceful, had congenital blood essence, suddenly became irritable and began to roll like boiling water.

"What a powerful activity, I'm afraid Xiaoxue may not be able to resist. No, the dosage of shexincao has to be doubled." long Chen's face changed slightly.

the energy of congenital blood is far beyond his estimation. Just now, he activated the active essence of blood with the method of distributing ten thousand animals' blood, which almost shattered the jar.

Although the name of shexincao sounds frightening and looks like the letter of a poisonous snake. It looks very ferocious, but its medicine is very mild and can counteract the violent factor in the blood. In this way, it plays a buffer role when absorbing medicine, otherwise it is easy to explode and die.

See congenital essence blood so violent, dragon dust immediately redistributed the proportion of powder, until repeatedly distributed several times, just feel almost.

Although not done, but according to a large number of principles in Danti's memory, long Chen thinks that there is still a success rate of such pills.

Long Chen's decision was inspired by Yin Luo. You should know that the innate essence and blood is not something that can be subdued by a strong person below the innate environment, even a drop of it is not enough.

Even those who are strong in Tongmai and a drop of blood essence of those who are strong in congenial environment are easy to explode and die.

It's like putting magma into a water pipe. The water pipe can't bear the energy of magma at all, and it will burst or melt.

But Yin Luo did it. Although I don't know how Yin Luo did it, it's enough for long Chen to see such a precedent.

Yin Chen uses only a little bit of congenital blood, though it is only a little bit different from Yin Luo.

But no matter longchen or monen, they can feel that there is a huge volcano hidden in his body. What he plays is just a little Mars.

That is to say, Yin Luo's body is likely to be integrated with all the essence and blood of a congenital strong person, which makes them feel the most creepy thing.

In order to cultivate a disciple, he sacrificed a strong man in his natural environment. Maybe only heresy can do this.

Compared with Yin Luo, the blood essence in long Chen's hand is only a small part. He knows what secret method Yin Luo must have used to integrate the congenital blood essence into his body.

Although long Chen didn't know this method, it didn't prevent him from trying. On the one hand, he had less blood essence and was easy to control.On the other hand, it only needs the essence of congenital essence to transform the body of little snow and not absorb his blood.

The blood difference between the two can not be fused. The most important thing is that Xiaoxue once received the blessing of the spirit world strongman, and her body is different from the ordinary red flame snow wolf.

Now Xiaoxue has reached the peak of cultivation, and can compete with the general Yandao. It can be said that Xiaoxue is much stronger than the red flame Snow Wolf of the same level.

But for long Chen, this is far from enough. This time, when he enters the secret place, the enemies of long Chen are all top class strong men. It's too dangerous for Xiao Xue to fight.

So this time, longchen plans to refine a pill for Xiaoxue to break its shackles and promote it to the fourth level.

If you let a Dan Xiu know what long Chen thinks, he will think that long Chen is a madman. The level of Warcraft is related to his blood.

Long Chen's idea is to give a cat constant medication, and then let it grow into a strong tiger.


long Chen took a deep breath, offered his own fire lizard blue flame, and began to warm the stove. When the temperature of the stove came up, he slowly poured those congenital blood essence into the stove.

"Bang bang"

when the congenital blood essence entered the furnace, the whole Dan furnace began to shake violently, as if a beast was struggling frantically in the furnace.

"It's really powerful"

in his heart, long Chen was shocked. It's just a little blood. Without any life, he still has such a great energy. It's really shocking.

Increase the firepower, half an hour later, those blood began to become more viscous, but long Chen sighed:

"this beast fire can't keep up with their own needs, we need to find a more powerful flame"

use blue flame beast fire to refine congenital blood essence, which is slow and maddening. An hour later, congenital blood essence only goes down a little.

But there was really no way. It wasn't until the next day that the blood essence in the Dan stove began to turn into a big ball of fists.

that regiment is all the cream of those innate blood. When you see the essence, dragon dust is startled.

he regretted that he despised the blood of the strong man. He thought that the essence left behind after refining was the size of longan, and he knew how to make it.

didn't expect to have such a big fist, which made him regret. But now it's late, the blood's activity has been purified. Once the heat is removed, the essence will dissipate immediately, so he must finish it in one breath.

Taking a deep breath, long Chen poured the prepared powder into the Dan stove one by one, but in the process of pouring, he increased the dosage according to a certain proportion.

Because it has far exceeded his expectations, now he is not refining a furnace of pills, but refining a big pill that has never been refined.

with the continuous addition of medicinal materials, the Dan stove began to shake again, and the huge nature of medicine combined with the essence of essence in blood burst into a terrifying force.

The Danlu keeps shaking. With the power of his soul, longchen stabilizes the Danlu and injects other danyao into it.

Half an hour later, all the powder was poured into the Dan furnace. What made longchen a little nervous was that the vibration of the Dan furnace became bigger and stronger.

But now there is no remedial measures, can only grit their teeth, absolutely can not break the fire.

Just when longchen is nervous about alchemy, Xiaoxue comes back, but Xiaoxue can feel longchen's tension and honestly lie down and watch longchen.

An hour later, the huge shock of the red stove in front of longchen's body appeared a small crack, which changed longchen's face.

"Hold on, it's going to be OK"

long Chen is worried. He knows that refining super Dan is not what ordinary Dan furnace can bear. Now he can only pray in his heart, not blow up the furnace.

In desperation, long Chen can only continue to push the Dan fire, while wrapping the Dan stove with the power of his soul, tightly hooping the Dan stove. The power of his soul is limited, and the effect will not be very big, but this is no way.


the Dan furnace makes a light sound again, and cracks appear in several places. Under the impact of Dan medicine, the Dan furnace starts to vibrate continuously, and the cracks become more and more dense.

"Hold on"

long Chen roared in his heart, because he found that the Dan furnace had reached a limit, and the Dan medicine in the Dan furnace was about to take shape, which was the most critical time.

if the Dan stove does not adhere to the moment of the forming of the Danshen, it will not be able to lock the essence of Dan Dan medicine and spread it in the air in an instant. Then this precious Dan will be scrapped.

Other materials are all right, but I'm afraid that precious blood essence will never be collected again.

The power of longchen's soul was no longer reserved. It broke out with all its strength. In the air, it formed two transparent hands, protecting the Dan stove.

But the concussion in the Dan stove was too violent, just like the beast was about to break the seal. It took less than a quarter of an hour, but it didn't hold on at last."Boom"

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