Chapter 340

"Strong heretics"

those righteous disciples who were searching in the distance could not help but change their faces. They were all dressed in the costumes of heretical disciples.

There were seven visitors. The first one was a strong man with a ferocious face. There was a long scar on his face, slanting from his forehead to his chin.

Looking at the deep scar, it's a surprise. It's clear that this kind of injury was left by someone's head. This person's life is really big.

The man walked slowly, with a tremendous momentum and a strong will. It was frightening.

"The most powerful"

everyone is shocked, some people have begun to retreat quietly, looking around, ready to run at any time.

Even the two Yandao people lying on the ground could not care to wail. They, who had just swallowed the pill, trembled and retreated to the distance.

As soon as the strong evil appeared, the whole audience was shocked, especially after the powerful supreme evil, there were two followers who were equally powerful.

The most terrifying thing is that they all have a terrible murderous spirit. Just looking at them, it's frightening.

"You were farting?" Long Chen squints at the man.

"Boy, you're looking for death"

the most powerful man of the evil way hasn't spoken yet. A Taoist priest behind him steps forward and points to long Chen and scolds angrily.

Suddenly, the figure moved, and the most powerful person of the evil way suddenly yelled: "be careful"


the blood burst into the sky. People were shocked to find that the head of the powerful evil way derivation had disappeared, and the blood gushed out.

The most powerful person of the evil way and the people behind him all looked at the front with a look of surprise and anger. There, a man was holding a fresh head in his hand.

"You say I want to die? Do you have the guts to say it again? " Long Chen is carrying the head in the hand, a face serious quality asks a way.

After a while, the head finally failed to answer him, and long Chen threw the head to the other party:

"it's so seedless, I don't even have the courage to say it twice"

the righteous disciples who watched the battle in the distance were silly, and even the two Yan Taoists who had just been repaired by long Chen were very happy.

This guy is not a human being at all, or a devil. He doesn't even blink when he kills people. It's really cruel.

He two people deeply remorse, want to beat oneself a few mouths, have nothing to provoke who is not good, but provoke long Chen, this is not to seek death?

People don't even pay attention to the supremacy of heresy. Killing a Taoist priest is like killing a chicken. Thinking of their rudeness to long Chen before, I can't help feeling scared.

Taking advantage of long Chen's lack of time to take care of the disciples of the upper evil way, they still scramble to the distance even though they are injured. They are afraid that long Chen will come back to them on a whim. Even if they have 10000 lives, they are not enough for long Chen. They are completely afraid.

"Report your name, our rock star won't kill the unknown"

the most powerful person of the evil way roared, and his whole body burst out, pressing against the Dragon dust.

"For a dying person, I think it's a waste to sign up. I'd better save it." long Chen shakes his head, cuts the evil in his hand, and resists lazily on his shoulder. He looks at the supreme power of the evil way faintly.

"Today, I'm going to beat you to the bone and raise your ashes"

the most powerful man of the evil way gave a loud shout, which shocked the sky, lit up a bloody long knife in his hand and cut it off at longchen.

Although it seems to be just a simple knife, it is a profound meaning to condense his energy and spirit on the long knife, which shows that this man also has a profound understanding of the knife.

"I don't like the trouble, I just want your head"

with a cold hum, the evil action of the shoulder is also cut out. With the long sword, it crosses a wonderful arc. In this arc, every time the long sword advances, the power of long Chen is in a crazy influx.

When chopping evil and the other party's long sword touch, it is just when the strength reaches the peak. This is a skill of transporting power, which can instantly improve the strength to the extreme without accumulating power.


the two swords collided, the earth was shaking, and the waves swept all directions. A figure flew with the sword and directly hit the rock wall at the edge of the valley. The solid rock wall collapsed half of it.


Everyone was surprised, because they found that the figure left in place, the knife in hand, was still lazily on their shoulders.

"Long Chen, how could he fly a top-ranking strong man?"

Everyone is stupid, you know, the supreme level strong, that can be the existence of monster level, powerful far beyond their imagination.

Even some of them have never seen the fight of the supreme power, but in his understanding, the fight of the supreme power will be earth shaking and wonderful.

In front of him, the powerful supreme level strongman was split by longchen. His relaxed and comfortable appearance was no different from the two Yandao masters who slapped him in the air before.It's not only the right way, but also the evil way disciples.

You should know that the most powerful person of the evil way is the number one among the most powerful people of the evil way. Although he can't compare with Yin Luo, he is also extremely powerful.

But now it's just a move, and it's cut off by others. They can't accept the result at all.

at this time, the devil's face is like a fierce dragon flying out of the dust.

"I'm going to tear you to pieces"


the most powerful man of the evil way suddenly let out a roar, his whole body glowed, and his body was covered with runes. Unexpectedly, he broke away from his body and emerged around his body. The power of terror broke the earth under his feet.

"Terrible momentum"

"is this the power of the supreme power? Just relying on momentum can shock us to death. "An ordinary core disciple, pale as paper.

Although the distance is several miles, they can still feel the terrible pressure, which makes them feel like a huge stone.

Such a terrible momentum, let alone fighting, I'm afraid that before we rush to his side, we will be torn apart by the terrible force.

"What a strange skill"

long Chen was slightly surprised. For the first time, he saw that rune could leave his body, absorb the aura of heaven and earth, and bless himself.

"Haha, I'm afraid. It's too late. Go to die"

the most powerful man of the evil way has a ferocious sneer on his face. With the long scar on his face, he looks as fierce as a ghost and rushes to the Dragon dust.

In the face of the most powerful person of the evil way, long Chen used to hold a knife with one hand, but now he holds it with both hands.


without any tricks, it's like a woodcutter chopping wood. The evil spirit is cut off with a roar. With the sound of tearing the space, the evil spirit is cut off.


there was another explosion. This time, the noise was even louder and the waves were so strong that even the surrounding valleys were shaking, just like an earthquake.


in front of the valley burst, tens of feet high cliff, collapsed most of the side, boulders rolling, the momentum is shocking.

"as like as two peas,"

, when the smoke and dust dispersed, people found that the dragon and dust remained standing in the same place, and moved without moving. They even carried the long knife's posture exactly the same as before, but the evil spirit of the evil class before him was completely vanished.

People have been looking for him for a long time, but they haven't seen his shadow. When people see a large area of collapsed cliff in the distance, they are petrified instantly.


Just now everything happened so fast that I felt it was over before I started. I didn't understand what was going on.

But the opposite of longchen is a large area of collapsed cliff, so everything is self-evident, but we can't believe it to accept this fact.

"Boom boom"

suddenly, there were bursts of sounds in the large area of collapsed rocks, and the whole earth was shaking.


there was a sudden explosion, the rock pile exploded, countless pieces of gravel scattered, and a figure flew out of the rock pile.

At this time, his eyes were red, his hair was erect, and his whole body was shaking. He didn't know whether he was scared or angry, and he was staring at longchen.

Long Chen looked at him askance, shook his head and said: "the sound of cowhide blowing is so powerful?

He also said that he would tear me to pieces. Hum, even Yin Luo didn't dare to fart so hard when he came here. What are you

"What, you know Yinluo?" The most powerful person of the evil way was shocked.

"Be regarded as know, he once gave me a gift" long Chen light way.

"What gift?" The evil way is the most powerful one.

"In fact, you evil people also have something lovely. The first time I met Yin Luo, I was not related to him. He gave me such a heavy gift. I'm really a little embarrassed," said long Chen, a little shy.

"Nonsense, Yinluo is the most powerful one of our evil ways. How can he give gifts to others, let alone to you despicable and shameless righteous ones?" the most powerful one of the evil ways roared. It is obvious that Yinluo is very tall in his heart.

"What I said is true. The first time we met, this guy left one of his thighs to me as a memento, which made me very embarrassed," long Chen said with a smile.

As soon as long Chen said this, no matter what is good or evil, the whole audience's face has changed. Yin Luo's name is very famous, and no one knows what is good or evil. Long Chen dares to humiliate Yin Luo like this.

"You Are you Dragon dust The most powerful person of the evil way finally changed his color.

It's because most of the most respected disciples of the evil way have heard of the secret, but they don't know about the right way.Because the high level of the branch deliberately suppressed this matter and did not allow it to spread. It was related to the number of people who were the most powerful, so the glory of the war was hidden.

However, the most respected disciples of the evil way were severely beaten by their elders. They were told not to be arrogant. Even Yin Luo would capsize in the sewer. There was no absolute thing in the world.

At the same time, long Chen is ranked second in the list of must kill by the evil way, second only to Han Tianyu, the first master of the right way. We know how much they attach importance to long Chen.

"Haha, well, now that you know who I am, then the game is over"

suddenly, the smile on long Chen's face disappears, the murderous spirit rises in his eyes, and he cuts the evil in his hands, and goes straight to kill the evil powerful man with a frightened face. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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