Chapter 359


A very clear and loud slap, hard to draw in the face of the supreme level strong.

It has to be said that long Chen's slapping skill is unique in the world.

Long Chen has studied it carefully. Apart from the tricky angle and smooth posture, the reason why the slap has a super high hit rate is that it doesn't take the slightest murderous air and the purpose is to kill people. The master can't produce induction.

In fact, the effect of pure humiliation and entertainment as the purpose of the attack is very amazing. Compared with the physical injury, it is far less than the spiritual trauma and more lethal.

The super strong man didn't see the situation clearly at all, so he was slapped by long Chen, flying a high parabola in the air, and his body was spinning at high speed.

The devil flew out and went straight to the golden scale bull. At this time, the golden scale bull didn't need the master's command at all. When he saw that the man was flying quickly, his head was like a giant horn made of gold, and he picked it out fiercely.


the golden ox horn, which is a few circles thicker than the water tank, slammed into the back of the most powerful person of the evil way, making a loud bang.

All of a sudden, the most powerful man of the evil way didn't react. He didn't have time to protect himself. He was directly hit by the ox horn. However, he felt that his bones were about to break and a mouthful of blood was gushing out.

This mouthful of blood gushed out. Before it was over, the man flew into the air again. Suddenly, a huge figure flew straight to him.

It was the double tailed civet that moved. The double tailed civet was very fast, and its sharp claws were shining cold light. It was catching the supreme power of the evil way.

At the moment when he was pushed by the ox horn, the most powerful man of the evil way finally realized the danger. He had already protected his whole body with aura, and he had a long stick in his hand to block the attack of the two tailed civet.

At this time, the most powerful person of the evil way had a chance to see the people clearly. When he saw the Dragon dust, he couldn't help but shrink his pupils and ran away quickly without thinking about it.

Originally, Lu fang'er thought that she was no longer lucky today. Suddenly, she saw a man appear in front of her. She slapped the powerful supreme power away.

But when the supreme level strong man saw the man's face clearly, a look of fear appeared in his eyes and he ran away.

Looking at the man's back, Lu fang'er felt familiar for a while, but she didn't see the real face and couldn't recognize who it was.

"It's so impolite to leave without saying hello, Xiaoxue, come out to see someone off"


as soon as Xiaoxue's huge figure appeared, she opened her mouth, flew out with a blade of wind, and flew straight to the supreme power of the evil way.

When the wind blade first came out, it was only a few feet long. It spun like a Frisbee. However, when it flew a hundred feet away, it had already expanded to a hundred feet. When the wind blade passed by, the grass was flying, and the momentum was terrible.

The most powerful person of the evil way didn't dare to resist the wind blade of Xiaoxue. With a force at his feet, he had jumped to the height of more than ten feet and avoided the wind blade at his feet.

But he just avoided the wind blade, and the wind behind him began to rise again. A crisis full of death spread in his heart. He just had time to turn around and look back.


before he could see what was going on behind him, suddenly his body burst into pieces, and the blood mist filled the sky, and a generation of the most powerful men fell.

With the fall of the supreme power, a transparent congenital pattern slowly condenses in the air and flies out of the sky.

Lu fang'er really saw it. Xiaoxue made two attacks in total. The first attack forced the most powerful person to jump up.

The second attack, in the first attack, was just released, and before the evil supreme level strongman could escape, he launched the second attack. Two attacks killed a supreme level strongman, which was a magic trick.

While Lu fang'er was still shocked by the death of a powerful supreme level strongman, long Chen slowly turned his head and said with a kind smile: "miss fang'er, you're all right"

"is that you? Dragon dust

Lu fang'er can't believe her eyes. She can't imagine that the person who blocks her body and slaps a super strong man is actually long Chen.

"Yes, it's my little brother, miss fang'er. I can't forget my little brother," said long Chen with a smile.

For Lu fang'er, long Chen is grateful. It was Lu fang'er who sent Xiaoxue to him.

Although Xiaoxue is sent by Mengqi, Lu fang'er does not sleep for three days and nights. She brings Xiaoxue to us all the time. This love has always been in her mind.

"It's really you, so this God, how can the red flame Snow Wolf be promoted to the fourth level? "

Lu fang'er looks at the little snow beside long Chen, and finally recognizes that this is the little guy she brought to long Chen.

At this time of snow, promoted to the fourth level, has had a variation, exuding a terrible pressure.

As soon as Xiaoxue comes out, Lu fang'er's four Warcraft are all lying on the ground and dare not move.

"Hehe, Xiaoxue also has its chance. Come on, Xiaoxue, I met Miss fang'er, but she sent you to me from afar." long Chen patted Xiaoxue.As for the variation of Xiaoxue, it involves the mysterious spiritual strongman. It's not that long Chen can't believe Lu fang'er, but that there are some things that can be said or not.


Xiaoxue sniffs Lu fang'er's taste and makes a Wuwu sound, with a very intimate look.

"Hehe, Xiaoxue said, it remembers your taste," explained long Chen with a smile.

"It's really it"

seeing that Xiaoxue is really the red flame snow wolf, Lu fang'er can't believe it. She gently caresses Xiaoxue's fur and suddenly changes color on her face:

"you didn't plant a soul mark on her?"

You know, Warcraft is extremely violent, there is no planted soul mark, and it will be eaten back at any time. Even if planted soul mark, no one can guarantee that Warcraft will not betray its master.

What's more, she just found out that the Dragon dust summoned Xiaoxue from the soul space. She was too familiar with that kind of soul fluctuation.

She immediately understood that longchen had established a kind of trust with the red flame Snow Wolf purely by spiritual connection, and could share the soul together.

But this kind of relationship is too dangerous. If Xiaoxue wants to rebel against longchen one day, longchen will surely die, so Lu fang'er will be startled.

Long Chen shook his head, patted Xiaoxue's big head and said: "Xiaoxue is not my pet, it's my partner, it can be entrusted with life, I believe it"


Xiaoxue called twice, her eyes are warm, and the big head leans on longchen's body and rubs gently.

Feeling the intimate trust between longchen and Xiaoxue, Lu fang'er can't help but blush. Her strong soul power can make her easily feel Xiaoxue's dependence on longchen.

As masters of beasts, Warcraft is not only their fighting tool, but also their partner. However, Warcraft is so violent and changeable that they can't get along with each other at all. They can only enslave them with their strong soul power, otherwise they will be in danger at any time.

"You and Mengqi are so much alike. Mengqi is going to capture some powerful Warcraft in the secret world. She even released the original Warcraft slave when she was outside." Lu fang'er sighed.

"Ah? Isn't she very dangerous without Warcraft? " Long Chen was surprised.

Without the protection of Warcraft, the Beast Master is like a snail without a shell. It becomes extremely vulnerable, especially in the secret place of Jiuli. It is dangerous.

"It's very dangerous, but you don't have to worry about it. Mengqi's soul is so powerful that it's no problem to protect herself," Lu fang'er comforted.

Hearing Lu fang'er say this, long Chen is relieved. Lu fang'er and Meng Qi are sisters, and they won't cheat him.

"It's you, long Chen. I'm really impressed. I haven't seen you for more than a year, and you've been promoted to Yijin.

Even the most powerful are not your opponents. You can wave your hand to kill them. It's too strong. "Lu fang'er looks up and down at long Chen, and her eyes are full of admiration.

"Haha, it's all thanks to Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue is brought to my younger brother by sister fang'er. Generally speaking, it's all thanks to my elder sister." long Chen laughs.

"You, this mouth is so sweet. You must have cheated a lot of women these days," Lu fang'er said with a smile.

Long Chen couldn't help but smile awkwardly.

"In fact, Mengqi has always been very concerned about you. When she was in fenghunge, she had been collecting your movements secretly.

Until later, you entered the Xuantian other courtyard, here met some things, just cut off your news.

I didn't expect that you had such a huge change during your stay in Xuantian bieyuan. It's really shocking, "Lu fang'er said with emotion.

At the time of Fengming Empire, longchen was just a little rookie in the atmosphere. Compared with Mengqi's identity, longchen was really one in the sky and one in the ground.

But in a short period of more than a year, long Chen has grown to the point that even Lu fang'er has to look up to.

When long Chen heard that Mengqi was so concerned about herself, she couldn't help feeling warm. She always cared about herself.

"But long Chen, you seem to have offended someone. Someone is holding your video and constantly publicizing it," Lu fang'er said suddenly.

Long Chen's face turns black. These idiots really don't spare any effort. They can't clean up if they want to smear him completely and let him jump into the Yellow River.

"It's just a bunch of idiots doing boring things"

long Chen told Lu Fang er the whole story, although as long as people with a little wisdom can see that the image has no head and no tail, there must be something hidden.

But there are too many idiots in the right way, especially under the help of some people, things are getting worse.

Now almost the whole right path knows that longchen is a bold sex devil, and everyone has to kill him.

"That Yin Wushuang how so cruel, this is to let you down, and then kill you, to make a stepping stone for others." after hearing the whole story of long Chen, Lu fang'er said angrily."Stepping stone, hehe, I'll be a stepping stone for once. I'll see who dares to step on it." In the eyes of the Dragon dust, a fierce expression appears.

"Long Chen, this is simply a dead end without solution, you are too passive," Lu fang'er said with some worry.

Long Chen has fallen into other people's stratagem. In the face of the pursuit of the right way, he can't fight back. Otherwise, he will fall into other people's favor and even have no chance to clarify.

"I've found a solution to the problems on my side. Don't worry, sister fang'er, tell me about fengxiaozi"

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