Chapter 366

"This breath It's Chu Yao "

as soon as long Chen's face changes, he summons Xiaoxue and pulls Lu fang'er to jump on Xiaoxue's back and gallop in one direction.

"Longchen, it's close to the core of the dark forest. It's dangerous for you to run like this," Lu fang'er reminded.

"It's OK, Chu Yao is fighting with others, so I have to get there"

the spirit of long Chen unfolds with all her strength, and every move within a thousand Zhang radius is under his supervision, so that Xiao Xue can go on her way with all her strength.

Xiaoxue understands longchen's mind and makes great efforts to turn it into a white lightning, rushing towards the front.

In front of him, many people stopped in the shadow of the surrounding mountains.

On one side of the depression, close to a cliff, the cliff is thousands of feet high, like a knife cut, and there is an ancient tree under the cliff.

There is a woman in front of an ancient tree. Hundreds of wooden pillars appear in the soil in front of her. They are like vines flying in the air and tightly protect her.

When long Chen saw the figure, he was relieved that the man was Chu Yao.

Seeing that Chu Yao is safe and sound, long Chencai looks in front of Chu Yao. When he sees the figure opposite her, he can't help but feel angry.

There were more than 30 people there, including three top class strong people. All of them were dressed in other courtyard clothes, but they all came from different courtyard.

At this time, Yin Wushuang coldly said to Chu Yao:

"I'm not embarrassed about your friendship with Tianmu palace in the branch. I like this old tree. Please leave.

I hope you can keep up with the times and don't embarrass me. That won't do you any good! "

At this time, long Chen looked at the old tree behind Chu Yao, and found that the old tree was less than 100 Zhang high, and there was no leaf around it. It was dead.

But when he saw the lines on the bark of the old tree, long Chen could not help but his pupils shrank slightly, and finally understood why Yin Wushuang wanted to fight for the ancient tree.

This old tree is called seven heart Begonia, which is a very magical tree. Its branches, leaves and fruits have no value.

The true value of the heart of a pure tree is that it is the heart of an old tree.

Seven heart Begonia tree heart, a total of seven, when a tree reached the limit of Shouyuan, will die.

However, this is a state of suspended animation. In the state of suspended animation, the seven heart Begonia is still burning six wooden hearts in the body, melting all the energy into one wooden heart.

After the other six cores burned out, the only surviving core was rich in powerful energy.

This wooden heart will always hide in the body of the old tree, and enter a state similar to hibernation. When it wakes up again, it will be the time when the dead tree is in spring.

Now this seven heart Begonia has completely withered in appearance, and with the powerful power of the soul, longchen can sense that there is a kind of magical energy in the ancient tree, which is slowly awakening.

It should be the wooden heart of seven heart Begonia. After a long period of dormancy, the energy inside has reached a certain saturation and is about to wake up.

If the wooden core is taken out at this time, then the wooden core is priceless to the wood practitioner.

"This seven heart Begonia was discovered by my younger sister first, and then someone coveted it. When I extracted the strength of my wooden heart, I started to fight for it. It was not my younger sister who forcibly seized other people's things.

Your Xuantian branch and our Tianmu Palace are in the same boat. Do you want to fight for my younger sister's property? " Chu Yao was angry.

Half a month ago, Chu Yao came to the hinterland of the dark forest and found the seven heart begonia with the help of wood induction.

It's just that this seven heart Begonia doesn't grow in the right place. It's too conspicuous. Moreover, it's a very complicated process to extract the wood heart of seven heart Begonia. If it's a little careless, it will hurt the heart of the tree, lead to the loss of energy in the heart of the tree, and finally become waste. That's a terrible thing.

Therefore, Chu Yao needs no one to disturb her in order to complete this task. If it is someone else, she will uproot the whole tree and earn more space.

But Chu Yao knew that if she did that, she would lose her spirit. Even if she got a complete wooden heart, she would lose half of her energy.

The most hateful thing is that Chu Yao wants to collect Shu Xin perfectly, but she is constantly disturbed by people. Those people are very bad. They can't beat Chu Yao, so they are guarding in the distance. As long as Chu Yao goes to collect Shu Xin, they attack Chu Yao, or shout loudly to attract more and more people.

Chu Yao secretly hates her own softness. If it wasn't for her love for the right way, she would have killed the three people she was fighting for at the beginning, and Mu Xin would have arrived long ago.

Later, more and more people gathered and became more and more powerful. Although Chu Yao was strong and blocked everyone's attack, she became very difficult and had no chance to accept Mu Xin.

And not only that, she also became the target of public criticism, everyone aimed at her, she did not know what to do, but let her give up her heart, she was very unwilling.You should know that the wooden heart of the seven core Begonia is the treasure that the wood practitioners dream of. With the help of the wooden heart, they can understand the meaning of life and peep at the truth of the wood Road, so that they can go further.

So she had to get the wooden heart of the seven heart Begonia, but she couldn't think of a good way. Seeing more and more strong people, she was more and more anxious.

Suddenly, a group of Xuanchu's disciples, especially the leader of tianqiang's, were worried.

But without waiting for her to come to the other side of the rescue, the disciples of the other side of the court came up to grab the seven heart crabapple, so that Chu Yao just gave birth to a glimmer of hope, instantly fell into the valley.

Surrounded by enemies on all sides, the ally suddenly turned into the most terrible enemy, which filled Chu Yao's heart with grievance and anger. Is this the ally?

Yin Wushuang looked at Chu Yao, with a touch of disdain on her face, and said: "genius treasure, those who have strength get it, don't say any jokes that come first and then come, it can only prove your stupidity"

"you..." Chu Yao's delicate body vibrated and her beautiful eyes were filled with mist, but she held back her tears.

I don't cry, I swear to be strong, I want to protect him, I want to become stronger, if I cry, it means I'm still that useless woman.

Chu Yao warned herself again and again that if she wants to be strong, she needs to make her will strong, and she can't shed tears because of a little grievance.

"Hum, you are too naive. The so-called solidarity is just a form. In front of Zhibao, the relationship between forms is as fragile as paper.

If I don't kill you, I will give you enough face in Tianmu palace. Don't be shameless. Although you are powerful, you are still not the enemy of my ten moves.

So I advise you to leave, don't get the treasure, but also take your life, and leave quickly before I change my mind. "Yin Wushuang looked at Chu Yao, his eyes flashed a trace of jealousy, and his voice was very impolite.

Because she found that Chu Yao was better than her in appearance, especially Chu Yao, who had the unique temperament of a wood practitioner, just like a beautiful spirit, attracted people's love.

Usually, women don't like women who are more beautiful than themselves, especially those who are both beautiful and pitiable. For Yin Wushuang, she couldn't tolerate that.

Yin Wushuang wanted to kill Chu Yao, but she was not so crazy. Xuantian branch made friends with Tianmu palace. She knew that if she killed Chu Yao in front of so many people, it would cause great trouble.

So what she's going to do now is to get the wooden heart of Qixin Begonia, and force this unpleasant woman away by the way. If Chu Yao doesn't appreciate it, she doesn't mind giving her a lesson.

At the same time, she also has a killing heart to Chu Yao. This killing heart comes from her deep jealousy, but she doesn't want to show it now, which will show that she is not confident enough.

So she wants to show her indifference and look down on Chu Yao with a high attitude. She wants to crush her with her strong cultivation.

"I won't give up the wooden heart, just come if you want to"

Chu Yao clenched her teeth and made a seal with her hands on her chest. The earth shook, and countless square wooden pillars came out from the ground, just like a python sticking out of the earth, forming a huge wooden array around Chu Yao.

Every wooden column is covered with countless lines, which exudes metallic luster. No one will question the power of the wooden column. The terror of the wooden column alone is enough to make many powerful Taoist practitioners breathe hard.

Seeing Chu Yao put on a defensive posture, Yin Wushuang said coldly: "in front of me, you are a little mole ant. Now I give you the last warning, put away your rotten wood and get out, otherwise don't blame me for mercilessly taking your life"

"put away your mask, long Chen is right, some idiots don't have to tell them It's reasonable, let's do it. "Chu Yao gave a cold chide, and his anger reached the extreme.

As a strong woody man, she was extremely sensitive to all kinds of killing intentions. How could she not sense Yin Wushuang's real intention?

"Do you know longchen?" Yin Wushuang was slightly surprised.

"So what?"

Chu Yao was on guard and didn't dare to be careless. With the keen sense of muxiu, she knew how terrible the man was.

"Ha ha ha, not so good. You know long Chen. Good, very good, very good!" Yan Wushuang burst out laughing.

if you look at the thief, you can't let the evil dragon disappear People set it up.

If you want to capture the wooden heart, you can capture it? Even if I can't get it, I can destroy it. I won't let the wooden heart fall into the hands of a vicious woman like you. "Chu Yao's eyebrows stand up, and Yu Yan's frosting says angrily."How dare you, bitch? If you dare to destroy the wooden heart, I'll scratch your face "

Yin Wushuang was very angry, his silver sword came out of the sheath, and his whole breath broke out. He was about to rush to Chu Yao, and suddenly a huge figure blocked her sight. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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