Chapter 375

In front of longchen is a huge basin with a diameter of 100 li. It's a basin, more like a well, surrounded by cliffs, like a knife cutting, straight into the sky, thousands of feet high.

Surrounded by mountains and viewed from the sky, it is like a round well with only a narrow passage leading to the basin.

On the other hand, the surrounding area of the passage is in a mess. The ground collapses and waves overlap, and the traces are obviously new, which proves that there was a fierce battle not long ago.

Longchen let Mengqi three people according to the plan, guard in the narrow entrance, if the people inside run out, it is difficult to find the ambush outside.

The passageway is a typical line of sky, which is less than three feet wide and tens of miles long. Longchen walked carefully into the basin, but was surprised to find that there are towering green trees and ancient trees, which is completely opposite to the scene outside.


suddenly, there is a dull sound in the distance. Long Chen quietly takes out the evil spirit and runs to the source of the sound.

After running for more than ten miles, there is a turning point in front of him. Long Chen suddenly finds a figure far away, which is very familiar with Yin Luo.

At this time, Yin Luo was holding a long gun and waving it wildly. In front of him, there were golden bugs the size of fists.

Yinluo's long gun hit those golden insects heavily, and it made a sound of metal collision.

To long Chen's surprise, Yin Luo's power can crush mountains and stones, but when he hits those insects, he can only smash them away, but he can't kill them.

"Gold eating beetles"

longchen was surprised. The beetles, which are the size of fists, with transparent wings and full of golden light, are called gold eating beetles.

The adult is only the size of a fist and has no crystal nucleus, but it is called the third-order Warcraft.

The most terrifying place for Warcraft to kill an adult golden worm is its teeth.

They live by swallowing metal ores. Their bodies are not only hard but also flexible. When they are attacked by external forces, they are basically unable to kill them.

The most terrible thing is the gold eating insect, which is a social Warcraft. Usually hundreds of people gather together to occupy a vein. After the vein is eaten up, they will migrate together to find the next vein.

Long Chen is a little strange. How can Yin Luo entangle with a group of gold eating insects? He looks up into the distance. When he sees a small tree growing above a cave, he jumps wildly and almost screams.

"Qilin fruit"

longchen screams madly in his heart. After looking for Qilin fruit for a long time, it appears in a secret place. That is to say, once he gets Qilin fruit, longchen can refine jade Hengdan and gather jade Hengxing.

Long Chen takes a deep breath, frantically suppresses his heartbeat, and carefully sees the situation in front of him.

Qilin fruit tree, three feet high, is as graceful as a cover. On it, there are more than ten odd shaped fruits, which are covered with scales.

The fruit is the size of longan. Longchen can see clearly that the scales of some kylin fruits have turned into golden color, which indicates that the fruits are mature and can be used to refine yuhengdan at any time.

Long Chen wants to rush over now and snatch the fruit, but he has to suppress that desire.

Because the kylin fruit tree grows on the rock at the top of a cave, and in that cave, swarms of gold eating insects are flying out angrily and rushing towards Yin Luo.

Long Chen suddenly realized that Yin Luo was coming for the Qilin fruit tree, but the fruit tree was on the site of the golden bug. Of course, the golden bug wouldn't let Yin Luo close and launched a crazy attack.

Yin Luo was afraid to hurt the kylin fruit tree. He didn't dare to open his arms and feet to attack, so he could only keep hitting the gold eating insects with a long gun.

The golden bug won't die when it is hit, but when it is hit on a solid stone wall, it will be stunned by the power of terror.

At this time, in front of the stone wall, hundreds of gold eating insects that were stunned by the earthquake were lying there, which made longchen suddenly realize.

Yin Luo was so patient that he thought of such a clever and stupid method. With the passage of time, there were fewer and fewer gold eating insects flying out of the cave. An hour later, all the gold eating insects were finally solved.

Yin Luo was relieved. The golden worm is very powerful. If it bites, it will be very painful.

It's a very tiring and time-consuming job to keep looking for angles for such a long time and hit the gold eating insects on the rocks.

Yin Qilin felt tired for a while, but it was worth watching for several hours.

Qilin fruit is also known as Qilin holy fruit. Mature Qilin fruit can refine Qilin Zaohua pill and improve people's spiritual root quality. It has basically disappeared from the outside world. Only ancient books have such records.

Originally, Yin Luo saw three powerful men of the right way enter the basin from a distance. When he saw three powerful men of the highest rank coming together, he was puzzled and followed in.

Only later did they know that one person had found the treasure and asked them to help capture it.One of them didn't know what method he used, but noticed that someone was following behind him, so he killed Yin Luo.

However, when he saw that the person who was following them was Yin Luo, he could not help running away. Yin Luo was too lazy to chase them when he saw that the three people were running away. However, when he saw the kylin fruit in the distance, he immediately changed his mind and rushed out of the basin to kill them.

But what he didn't expect was that one of the three survived with the secret method. He ran all the way and died in the middle of the journey, but he attracted longchen.

When Yin Luo came to the fruit tree, he saw a rock, like a flowerpot, on which the kylin fruit tree grew.

"It saves a lot of energy." Yin Luo smiles. His face is so excited that he is about to put the kylin fruit tree away when a voice comes from behind.

"I also saved a lot of energy"

Yin Luo was shocked and turned around quickly.


he had been caressing his cheek intimately with his big hand. When he felt a huge force coming from him, he flew out.

A slap will Yin Luo fly, long Chen can't help but great joy, slap magic skill, invincible, actually really successful.

You should know that a strong man like Yin Luo, any murderous spirit and intention will arouse his vigilance. The only thing that long Chen can use is slap in the face.

I didn't expect that it really worked. Without saying a word, long Chen put the Kirin fruit tree and the rock under it into the ring of life.

Fortunately, there is no space for the other rings to be put on.

Usually on the finger, are some empty rings, easy to collect things, valuable things, are placed close to the body.

Because the space ring, is not so strong, once broken, the things inside will be involved in the space turbulence, disappear forever.


Yin Luo is whipped away by a slap. He quickly stabilizes himself. When he looks back, he can't help but rush up in anger. He just sees longchen putting the Qilin fruit tree away.

This made Yin Luo's hair stand upright and his eyes look like fire. He worked hard for several hours. At the most critical moment, he had to be picked peaches, which made Yin Luo's lungs explode.

"Hey, don't be so stingy. When you chased me last time, I didn't say anything. This little sapling is just an apology to me." long Chen was very generous.

"Hand over the fruit trees for me"

Yin Luo roared, his whole body was full of momentum, and his long hair was flying in the air. It was like a demon God coming into the world. The terrible pressure directly shattered the surrounding trees.

Yin Luo is really angry. This kylin fruit tree is a treasure that can improve the quality of people's spiritual roots. It can become something against heaven, and no one can take it away.

With a long gun in his hand, he smashes it at the Dragon dust. The power of one shot changes the color of heaven and earth. With one shot at hand, his momentum is instantly promoted to the peak. Yin Luo is more powerful than before.

In the face of Yinluo full of the whole world, long Chen put away the smile on his face, cut the evil in his hand, spread the golden light all over the sky, and cut down with a knife.


the earth was smashed, huge rocks rolled, trees within a few miles were flattened in an instant, and the terrible waves rolled by.

"Are you angry? It's Lao Tzu who should be angry. Last time you came to kill me, Lao Tzu almost died. This time it's my turn "

remembering that he was chased by Jiang Yifan last time and almost died in his hand, long Chen burst into a rage. He cut the evil in his hand and cut through the void like a bolt of lightning.


Yin Luo's long gun blocked long Chen's evil cutting, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He hummed: "in this case, let's make a thorough calculation, and fight to the death today"


long Chen bowed his head to avoid Yin Luo's long gun, cut evil in his hand, followed Yin Luo's long gun, went straight to Yin Luo's finger, and Yin Luo could only step back To avoid the strike of longchen.

"Then come here to fight to the death. Last time you deceived me, the realm is not as good as you. Now there is no big realm constraint between us. Let me break the myth that you are invincible at the same level." long Chen cut the evil in his hand, resisted on his shoulder and cheered coldly.

"Hum, I'm not ashamed. I've killed countless people in my life, and all the honors are based on my real ability.

Do you think I'll be like those idiots in your right way, and let them be cultivated as flowers in the greenhouse? What a joke.

Today you are sure to die, but this beautiful place is a good place to bury your bones. It's your luck. "With a long gun, Yin Luo's momentum keeps rising.


the space begins to vibrate, a huge breath radiates in all directions.

Sure enough, this guy has entered the peak of Yijin realm. He is just one step away from entering the bone forging realm. Long Chen feels a burst of emotion in his heart.

It is true that not all the talents are blown out, especially the strong ones of evil ways. They are all rushed out in countless cruel battles. No matter they are cultivating talents or fighting strength, they are incomparable.Long Chen took a deep breath, the wind house star slowly running, vast as the sea general aura, crazy into the body.

Long clothes floating, black hair flying, long Chen's hand chopped evil, pointing to Yin Luo:

"come on, fight to the death!" , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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