Chapter 444

I saw long Chen and Han Tianyu separated and looked at each other from a distance of 100 Zhang. Long Chen's long bloody sword stood on his shoulder and said coldly:

"as I said, your improved Kendo is just rubbish, which makes your attack not reach the extreme, and your defense is only half hanging.

Kendo has been handed down for thousands of years. Jianxiu has been standing at the peak of practitioners. With your little wisdom, you are trying to change and create your own?

It's not that I look down on you, but that I really look down on you. A guy who only likes to play behind his back and can't be on the stage can't succeed "

long Chen's words surprised all the strong men. Before, the two men's fighting momentum was amazing, but those top strong men all saw it clearly.

Dragon dust is so many moves back and forth, but Han Tianyu is in a hurry, let him change his moves, but he can't pull back the disadvantage.

This has to make others question his own kendo. Long Chen is right. The swordsman is known as the one who attacks the strongest.

However, it only exists in attack, and defense is his fatal wound. For many years, countless sword menders hope to make up for this defect, but they fail.

Using scabbard to make up for defense is not that nobody thought about it, but the effect is very poor and the gain is not worth the loss.

Han Tianyu is indeed a genius. He has made countless efforts in the use of scabbard and tricks, and has understood many things that others can't imagine. Therefore, when he shows the powerful defensive power of scabbard, all of a sudden, he shocked everyone and overturned everyone's cognition.

But even if Han Tianyu achieved this point, long Chen still pointed out that his innovation was just rubbish, and with practical actions, he proved that what long Chen said was right.

The fierce attack of the storm before long Chen was just a few moves back and forth. There was no skill to speak of, but every move left no room. It was full of flaws, but Han Tianyu was forced to retreat.

Han Tianyu sees the flaws of longchen. He can kill longchen with a single blow.

But at the same time of killing longchen, he must die in longchen's hands. Every knife of longchen doesn't leave any spare force, and he will never change his moves in the middle of the way. This is equivalent to a rogue's playing method, forcing Han Tianyu to die with him, but how can Han Tianyu die with him?

"Shameless moves" Han Tianyu trembles with anger. Long Chen is a rogue. His subtle moves can't exert their power at all.

When his cultivation reached his level, it was hard for him to be shaken by anything, but longchen just wanted to strike him.

Before long Chen with a knife move, three strikes in a row, forced him back, at that time in the move, he had lost once.

And burst out after the power of ten sacrifice, the Dragon dust is still in the move on the complete defeat in him, he is equal to another defeat.

This is unacceptable to him. The reason why han Tianyu dares to kill long Chen before the battle of good and evil is that he has absolute confidence to suppress Yin Luo.

Han Tianyu regards this battle of good and evil as his most brilliant stage, blooming his brilliance, and longchen is just an appetizer before this brilliant battle.

But long Chen's swordsmanship is rubbish. After two fierce battles, Han Tianyu finds that many people's eyes have changed.

This makes Han Tianyu feel angry, but he can't get angry. If he shows his anger, he will admit that his own Kendo is flawed.

"Hum, it's just the power of punishment. A murderous, despicable and shameless prostitute deserves to talk about kendo. It's a big joke," Han Tianyu sneered.

"Ha ha ha, originally I looked down on you, but now I look down on you more and more. The garbage created by myself, if it's torn down by others, will make personal attacks.

You are Han Tianyu. Sometimes I feel sorry for you. Aren't you tired of wearing the mask of a hypocrite all day long? " Long Chen laughs.

Han Tianyu is very angry. He is always on top. When was he humiliated? Especially in front of the strong people of both the good and the evil, it makes his intention to kill rise ceaselessly.

Han Tianyu hummed coldly: "if you let your eloquence go, it can't change you as a villain. You can't wash away the crimes you have committed. Now you are just dying to hide your fear. Now I will end your evil life in the name of the world's right way"

Han Tianyu gave a cold drink and killed long Chen with a long sword. Long Chen sneered: "how can I Do not dare, let me go on, afraid I slowly expose you this hypocrite? Now I really look down on you even more "

" go to die "

Han Tianyu suddenly had a white fog on his body, and the terrible pressure radiated in a moment. Some people felt awe stricken, as if they were pressed down on a mountain, and they could not breathe, so their faces changed greatly.


long Chen didn't expect that Han Tianyu suddenly burst out such a terrible force. Under the long knife's resistance, people were shocked like a rolling gourd.


caught off guard, long Chen felt a huge shock in his chest, five chapters and six Fu organs turned upside down, and a mouthful of blood gushed out."What?"

Guo ran and others were surprised. This reversal came too suddenly. Just now, it was even. Longchen was shocked and hurt with one move.

All of them looked at Han Tianyu in horror. When they saw Han Tianyu's face clearly, they were all startled.

Because at this time, nine lines appeared on Han Tianyu's handsome face, which covered the whole face very strangely.

Originally very handsome face, now emerge nine strange lines, suddenly lost the handsome breath, become ferocious as a ghost.

At this time, Han Tianyu's momentum is soaring, and the surrounding space is constantly distorted because of his momentum, and the whole person seems to become unreal.

Yin Luo, Xue Wuyan and others could not help but have a look of shock on their faces. This is a kind of combat skill that has never been heard of, and it has made his power increase several times in an instant.

"This should be the nine lines of violent Qi formula. Unexpectedly, Han Tianyu learned it." Zheng Wenlong's eyes were shocked.

"What's the nine lines' sudden Qi formula? "That's great?" Guo ran asked in a hurry.

"Jiu Wen's critical Qi Jue is a secret skill of the heaven level. When you run the critical Qi Jue, your aura will be compressed to the extreme and burst out with at least five times more power," Zheng Wenlong said in a deep voice.

"Five times?" When the flowers are blue, they lose color.

Han Tianyu's own fighting power has been so powerful that people can look up to him. Once he has more than five times the strength, who else can subdue him?

"Perhaps, we should consider the shot, or dragon dust injured, our combat power will be damaged," Zheng Wenlong said.

Zheng Wenlong is very comprehensive. Long Chen has shown his strong strength and has shocked everyone. As long as Zheng Wenlong, Mo Nian, Hua Biluo and others take action, I believe no one will dare to embarrass them again.

After all, there are still evil and powerful people over there. The right way will never fight to death at this time. In the end, it's still a dead end. First, we should go out of the secret and then solve the grudge. Zheng Wenlong has seen through everything.

So he stood up, but it was a strong momentum, but he could get a huge favor, which was the amazing return in his mouth.

Mo Nian nodded, just about to do something. Suddenly, Guo ran said, "you look down on my boss. You'd better watch the opera honestly"

"what's the matter?" Zheng Wenlong was slightly surprised.

"My boss, who is that? He has a lot of cards. The reason why he doesn't expose his cards all the time is to tear up Han Tianyu's real face bit by bit.

This bastard has killed so many of our brothers. How can the boss let him die so happily Guo ran hates the tunnel.

"Brother Guo, are you sure? This matter is not careless, "Zheng Wenlong said seriously.

"I'll make a decision with you. The boss is absolutely OK. If the boss is in danger, I'll be the first one to rush up," Guo ran assured by patting his chest.

Are you kidding? Long Chen once said that at least 50% of Han Tianyu can be killed. Where is that?

Mo Nian suddenly thought of something and said with a smile at the corner of his mouth: "I remember that long Chen really didn't do his best. Let's watch it"

ZHENG Wenlong and Hua Biluo couldn't help but look at each other and see the horror in each other's eyes. What kind of monster is long Chen.

You know, he's just a kid with easy muscles. He can keep invincible against Han Tianyu, the peerless genius of forging bones and ten sacrifices. He has reached the limit predicted by Zheng Wenlong.

The reason why Zheng Wenlong took the risk to stand on the side of longchen is that he saw longchen's terrible talent. As long as longchen does not die, he will rise like a comet and shine on the whole world.

He wanted to send him a pile of charcoal when longchen needed it. When longchen rose, he would definitely return more than one forest.

In Zheng Wenlong's estimation, when long Chen and Han Tianyu fight fiercely and show their defeat, they all fight together. As long as they intervene, it's over. Let's say some cruel words, such as what to do in the future.

But at this time, seeing the expressions of Guo ran and the people in the 108 other courtyard, he seemed to feel that things were running towards places beyond his expectation, which made him slightly uneasy.

All of a sudden, Zheng Wenlong smiles a little. He can't help laughing at himself. No wonder he says that the older the river is, the less daring he is. He thinks so much about what to do and what to do.

"Elder martial brother Tianyu, kill him"

"elder martial brother Tianyu, kill him"

"elder martial brother Tianyu, kill him"

there are waves of shouts, but now most of the shouts are from the branch students, and only a part of them. Most of the righteous and strong people are watching them honestly.

"In front of absolute strength, all sophistry is floating clouds. What else do you want to say now?" Han Tianyu sneered.

Long Chen shook his head, patted the dust on his body and said faintly: "you robbed my lines. What I often say is: in front of absolute power, all conspiracies are floating clouds.

That's why you design me and frame me. I'm too lazy to pay attention to it and try my best to improve my strength.

But I didn't expect that I underestimated your shamelessness. I didn't expect that you would involve innocent people, so today, you and Yin Wushuang must die. "In the distance, Yan Wushuang's face changed greatly, and the voice of longchen was like a curse of a devil. She didn't want to hear it any more, and roared:

"brother Tianyu, kill him quickly, and you can't let him go out alive, otherwise we can't explain to the leader. The leader said that he must die, kill him quickly"

for a moment, there was a dead silence on the right side, and all of them looked strange Xiang Yin Wushuang and Han Tianyu. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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