Chapter 535

The blood light splashed, and the blue dragon scale passed through the light curtain, cutting Yin Wushang's body in two.


the earth crumbles, and the Dragon dust comes out of the scorched mud and stone. At this time, the Dragon dust's face is pale and his breath is disordered.

Because of the close distance, even he was affected. Although he was protected by ground fire, he got into the ground again and was still seriously injured.

The power of that blow was too terrible. Even with the physical strength of longchen, his body was still cracked. He quickly extracted the life power of the forest in the chaotic space to heal him.

But what makes longchen depressed is that with the improvement of his cultivation, the power of life provided by ordinary trees is just a drop in the bucket, which is less and less used.

The death of a large forest can only slightly suppress his injury. It's not that the tree's life power has weakened, but that longchen's body has become stronger. It needs more and stronger life power to repair his body.

In the underground, long Chen watched outside all the time. Seeing that Yin Wushang was seriously injured and coughing up blood, long Chen quickly and quietly sacrificed his scales and attacked Yin Wushang secretly.

However, the alertness of Yin Wushang really shocked long Chen, but to his surprise, long scale could ignore the rune defense and cut Yan Wushang directly, which made him overjoyed.

"Long Chen, are you still alive?" When Yin Wushang saw the Dragon dust coming out of the ground, he was surprised and angry.

"I said that those who die today will It's you "

as long Chen talks, he takes the dragon scale back into his body. He feels that his breath is a little confused. Before the continuous war, his aura consumption is too large, especially against the way of heaven, and the consumption of aura is doubling.

Just now, in order to resist the aftershock of the wind and fire, long Chen almost exhausted his strength. At this time, Yan Wushang's two bodies fell to the ground, took out the bloody long knife and ran to Yan Wushang. Now is the best time to mend the knife.

"Hum, if you want to kill Yin Wushang, dream about it - the way of heaven heals the wounded"

with Yin Wushang's low drink, suddenly the runes between heaven and earth surged again, holding Yan Wushang's two bodies together.

"What?" Long Chen can't help but be surprised.

After those runes put Yin Wushang's body together, all the runes melted and poured into Yin Wushang's wound, and Yin Wushang stood up.

"I admit that I was careless, but I thought that by this means, I wanted to kill a Skywalker. You can dream about it"

Yin Wushang looked at the Dragon dust coldly, and his eyes almost burst out fire. That day, healing is a secret skill, which needs to consume Skywalker's original power.

Although Yan Wushang's body was stitched up in a moment, in a short time, he didn't have enough power to summon the heavenly way to bless himself.

In his eyes, killing longchen was just a game, but now the worst loser of the game is him. He almost lost his life and hurt the source, which made him angry.

"Now, you can go to die"

Yan Wushang roared, suddenly extended his hand, and there was an ancient colorful sword in his hand. Once the sword came out, the whole space suddenly became cold and piercing.

"Aurora chop"

Yin Wushang yelled angrily, the sword in his hand trembled, and the light soared into the sky. The terrible sword awn, opened the void, and cut down at the Dragon dust.

"It's Tianjie combat skill again"

long Chen was surprised that this horrible cultivation of Yin Wushang still had aura to drive Tianjie combat skill at this time.


long Chen closed his hands in front of his chest, suddenly the dragon scale appeared in front of him again, zoomed in, and met Yan Wushang with a sword.


Yin Wushang cut his sword on the dragon scale, which could not bear Yin Wushang's sword and was shocked out.

This is not to say that the dragon scale is not powerful enough, but the Dragon dust has no aura to support the dragon scale attack, and the Dragon dust does not need the dragon scale attack, what he wants is a simple block.

Although Yin Wushang shook the dragon scale with his sword, he was also shaken back a few steps by the power of the dragon scale, and at the same time, he had a pain in his waist.

The wound just healed began to ooze blood. Although he used the secret method to heal the wound, the healing was only a short link, not a real healing. Just after the shock, the wound split, which surprised Yin Wushang.


just at this time, a bloody sword pointed to the sky, with hundreds of feet of bloody shadow, just like the sky sword cutting down the river of stars, cutting at Yin Wushang.

"What's going on? How can he still have the strength to use Tianjie's fighting skills? " Yin Wushang was terrified.

You know, he has the blessing of harmony in the way of heaven. With the help of the power of the way of heaven, he has a very small consumption of his own aura, so after a great war, he has retained 10% of his aura and promoted his combat skills.

However, long Chen can also promote his fighting skills, which makes him angry and anxious. It's impossible. How can a small forging bone have such a powerful aura?But in front of my eyes, the knife is full of air and nine clouds of air. It's clearly a phenomenon of Tianjie's fighting skills. It can't be wrong.

"The sword rain sealed the mountain"

the phenomenon in front of Yan Wushang could not be doubted. With a roar and the last breath of aura, the sword in his hand was like a sword mountain.


the sword mountain burst, Yin Wushang flew out, blood gushed out, the power of longchen's sword, and the invincible will, made him heartbroken.


suddenly, there was a roar, and Xiaoxue appeared beside longchen. With a big mouth, a wind blade ball with a diameter of about 20 cm flew out like a meteor and hit Yan Wushang heavily.


in the wind blade ball, there were countless small wind blades, like rapidly rotating blades, cutting Yan Wushang's body.


Yin Wushang uttered a scream, and his body was almost cut into meat, but it had to be said that Skywalker's body was so powerful that it was almost stabbed into a sieve, and he was not killed.

Dragon dust just wanted to greet Xiaoxue and hit again. Suddenly, he felt a whirl and almost fell.

At the same time, I jumped to Xiaoxue's back and grasped Xiaoxue's fluff.

"Xiaoxue, run"

with these words, long Chen can't hold on any longer and goes into a coma. Xiaoxue hears long Chen's order, runs quickly and disappears in an instant.

As soon as they arrived here, Yan qiangxue was leaving with lightning.

It turns out that at the beginning, Yin Qing and Yin Wushang chased longchen together, but the speed of longchen and Yin Wushang was too fast, and she was not a strong one in the sea, unable to spread her wings, so she fell far away.

But fortunately, Yin Wushang ran all the way, deliberately leaving some traces for her to easily track. After tracking for most of the day, she suddenly felt the huge earthquake ahead, and at the same time, two breath of terror rose away.

This made her extremely shocked, one of the breath was Yin Wushang's, and the other breath, which was also extremely terrible, made her, the inborn strongman, feel frightened.

Yin Wushang is tracking the Dragon dust, so it's obvious that this breath is from the Dragon dust. She never thought that the Dragon dust was so terrible, and she hurried forward.

She can't help but arrive at the battlefield everywhere, shocked and burned to a thousand miles.

And she also saw the back of Xiaoxue's rapid departure, but Xiaoxue's speed is too fast, and she has disappeared before she can see it clearly.

"Little master..."

Yan Qing suddenly let out a scream, and she finally saw the dying Yan Wushang in front of the scorched earth.

At this time, Yan Wushang's whole body had been deformed, and his whole body had been cut by countless wind blades, just like a mass of rotten meat. If Yan Qing didn't remember the breath of Yan Wushang, he couldn't recognize him at all, because it was difficult to see the human form from the appearance.

Yin Qing was almost stunned. After a long time, he quickly took out a very effective Yanling pill from the space ring, found his mouth from a bunch of wounds, and gave it to Yin Wushang.

"Quick Turn on Temporary transmission Array, mobilize Family The best Pursue and kill Long Chen... " Yin Wushang got the stimulation of a pill, recovered a trace of consciousness, and said in a hurry.

Yan Qing was shocked. If Yan Wushang told Yin Qing that Yan Wushang was injured by longchen.

Yin Qing quickly took out eight pieces of jade from Yin Wushang's ring, put them in a specific position, and activated the rune on the jade with innate aura.


the runes on the eight jade medals are activated, emit eight rays, meet in the air, and quickly form a space door.

"Hoo Hoo..." As soon as the space door appeared, there were more than a dozen strong men in blue robes.

These people were all born strong. As soon as they appeared, they saw the immature Yin Wushang, and they were all shocked.

"Little Lord"

I have to say that Skywalker is too abnormal. After such a short time, Yan Wushang's body recovered a little bit of strength and faced the humanity:

"long Chen Ran in that direction. Now you go to chase him for me. He is seriously injured and dying. You must bring him back for me. It's better to live. If it's done, little Lord I have a lot of rewards "

" yes "

those who were born strong, saluted Yin Wushang and chased him in the direction he pointed out.

"Young master, you..."

Yin Wushang waved his hand and sighed: "I underestimated long Chen. If I took him as an enemy to face at the beginning, how could he escape?

I didn't expect that this man had so many cards and was far more powerful than I expected. For the first time in his life, Yin Wushang suffered such a big loss "

" young master, before the portal disappeared, I'll send you back to heal. "Yin Qing looked at Yin Wushang with some worry."No, I'm here to heal. My injury is not serious. I can recover in three days.

This dragon dust has such fighting power in the bone sacrificing realm. This man definitely has a surprising secret. If I get it, I will fly to the sky. Then I can go to Donghua Wangu road and fight with the heroes of Qianzhou.

You protect the Dharma for me, I want to recover quickly. I'm determined to get this dragon dust, and his treasure belongs to me only "

with that, Yin Wushang just sat there and began to use martial arts to heal his wounds. Today's World War I, his heart began to become uneasy, even with a trace of fear.

When he thought of the words that longchen had said, he felt a thrill. If longchen was allowed to grow up, the Yin family would be in danger! We must kill longchen as soon as possible. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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