Chapter 624

Long Chen asks this words, the strength in the hand slightly loosen a silk, let him be able to speak, but can't send a strength.

"Long Chen, how dare you treat me like this, you..."

"Pa pa pa..."

Long Chen waved his hand and slapped his face again. He continued to ask, "I ask you, are you from the Zhou family?"

"Dragon dust..."

"Pa pa pa..."

There are still 16 slaps in the face, but this time, it's about a blink less than last time, and the speed has been improved, which shows that longchen's technique is making rapid progress.

"The answer is wrong. I'll ask you again. Are you from the Zhou family?" Long Chen asked coldly again.

"No," the pockmarked face finally spit out two words.

"Pa pa pa..."

"Do you think I'll believe it? I ask you, "are you from the Zhou family?" Long Chen slaps and sneers.


the pockmarked face was pinched by long Chen, and could not resist at all. His life was under the control of long Chen, so he had to answer honestly.

"Pa pa pa..."

After another slap, long Chen said with a sneer, "well, I won't be wronged if I slap you"

for a while, no matter the dragon blood army or the strong men stationed in the mining area, they are all silly. What is the game.

No matter how to answer, it's a slap in the face. Those strong people stationed in the mining area all look at longchen blankly.

"Long Chen, what do you want?" The pockmarked face and swollen eyes only had one seam left, and the lips were as thick as the feet.

"It's not what I want, it's what you Zhou family want. As soon as I come here, I want to give Lao Tzu a bad impression, and then make trouble everywhere?

It's a good calculation, but it's a pity that Laozi is not born to be angry, so you'd better be honest when you talk and do things later "

after long Chen finished, he threw the pockmarked face on the ground, and immediately stood up and stepped back more than ten feet.

"Kaka kaka..."

After long Chen put the pockmarked face, the giant crossbows in the hands of the strong aimed at long Chen and others. The mechanism was opened, and they could shoot at any time.

Long Chen stands with a negative hand and looks at pockmarked face lightly. In the face of those huge crossbows, long Chen is not afraid. He has the ability to resist. He wants to test something.

The pockmarked face was beaten into a pig's head, and the face felt that it was no longer his own. Today's humiliation raised endless anger in his heart, and the killing opportunity surged in his eyes.

Although he knew that long Chen was powerful, he didn't expect that he was on the road all of a sudden, and he didn't even have a chance to resist.

It's said that longchen can easily defeat those who are strong enough to break through the sea. However, he has never seen longchen's battle photo jade, and he has a sneer at this kind of thing.

A boy under 20 years old, how powerful can he be? Genius is often touted out, there are a few are really talented, he originally also wanted to compete with long Chen.

But just now long Chen's big slap directly shattered his confidence. Long Chen was standing there, and he didn't have the courage to fight with him alone.

Now thousands of giant crossbows are aimed at longchen. As long as he gives an order, he is confident that no matter how strong longchen is, he will be shot into a hedgehog.

However, he forced down this impulse and pointed to long Chen and said, "long Chen, I've remembered this matter today. I'll settle accounts with you when I have a chance"

to everyone's horror, Zhou Kun even admitted his advice, turned around and left. For a moment, everyone was silly.

Seeing Zhou Kun leave, long Chen's eyes narrowed: sure enough, things are not so simple. This chaotic territory is a trap.

"Let's have a gasp. Let's receive us and arrange accommodation for us. I'm exhausted when I'm on the way. I want to have a rest. The bath water is ready. We need to have a good bath." Guo ran stood up and yelled at those stunned guys.

Needless to say, there was a guy. He was in his thirties. He was not tall. He had only tongmaijing cultivation. His eyes were very flexible. He was a smart guy.

He is responsible for the reception of long Chen and others. Long Chen has entered the mining area. Although it covers an area of only ten mu, the conditions are OK.

To dragon dust and others alone vacated a big house, enough dragon blood Legion stationed, dragon dust finally settled down.



the delicate teapot fell to the ground, making a loud bang, smashing to pieces, and almost bursting into flames in pockmarked face's eyes.

"Long Chen, this son of a bitch, I must let you die without a burial place." pockmarked face Zhou Kun, his voice was full of hatred.

"Third uncle calm down, this dragon dust came here, absolutely can't live to go back to" before with dragon dust dialogue that congenital late old man, quickly comfort way.

When there is an outsider, he calls Zhou Kun District Chief, who is in charge of the whole mining area. But when there is no one, he calls Zhou Kun third uncle according to his family rank, although he is older than Zhou Kun."Pa"

Zhou Kun slapped the old man in the face and scolded: "it's all your bad ideas. It's just like taking off your pants and farting for long Chen"

the old man was staggered by Zhou Kun and was secretly angry in his heart: NIMA's idea is clearly your idea. I just wanted to give you some ideas. Now I'm in a dilemma I'll take it out on Lao Tzu when it's too late. Ma De, it's bad luck for Lao Tzu.

"Go to inform the other party, tell them that longchen has arrived, and start the layout. This time, longchen pit must die here." after slapping the old man in the face, Zhou Kun felt much more comfortable.


the old man responded in a low voice and disappeared in Zhou Kun's room. Zhou Kun looked at the crumbs of teapot all over the floor, and a fierce smile appeared on his face: long Chen, I think you can be smart for a few days?


"Elder martial brother longchen, the head of the district asked me to inform you that from today on, you and your people will be responsible for defending the mining area, and all the safety arrangements will be handed over to you." the person who is responsible for receiving longchen said politely.

"You go back and tell that pockmarked boy that we are very hard-working and need to rest for a few months. We will talk about other things at that time," said long Chen lazily.

The person in charge of receiving long Chen almost didn't lie down. You've only been here for three months. How many months are you still recuperating? Are you on vacation?

"This..." The man hesitated.

"This matter has nothing to do with you. I see you are also a smart man. You'd better not get involved in this matter. You can answer as I say." Long Chen reminds a way.

"Yes, I'll tell you what I said. Have a good rest," the man said and went back respectfully.

Who doesn't smile? There is a touch of disdain on long Chen's face. It's hard. Send another eloquent one. Is that interesting? Anyway, dragon dust is hard and soft.

"Long Chen, is this really good?" It seems that long Qi hesitated too much this time.

"Why do we have to be angry with them?

I'm not used to being beaten in the left face and then in the right. I tell you, no matter what our attitude, the trap will still go on.

And the ultimate goal is to kill me. Do you think I need to be polite to them? " Dragon dust a show hand, some helpless way.

"Sister Mengqi, don't try to persuade longchen. He's in a bad mood. Just in response to that sentence: the wicked have their own mill. Only those who are worse than them can deal with them.

And longchen seems to be sent by heaven to deal with villains. Just let him go and let's go to the theatre, "Tang Wan'er said with a light smile, holding Mengqi's hand.

"Can I take your words as a compliment?" Long Chen said with a bitter smile.

"With you"

Tang Wan'er finished a lovely radian in her eyes and shrugged her shoulders slightly.

"Your heart, can be really big, long Chen you know is a trap, but also to jump in, you are not stupid ah" Mengqi some speechless way.

"Hey, there is an iron law in this world, that is, risk and opportunity coexist. The greater the risk, the more amazing the harvest.

We can not only see the crisis, but also need to see the opportunity. The family members of the dragon blood corps are now suffering from physical problems. They need an epiphany between life and death, so that their mood can be completely consolidated. Only in this way can the foundation be flawless.

Otherwise, it will take at least a year for them to settle down by time alone, and I dare to let them impact on nature.

In fact, even one year later, when they enter the congenital environment, the progress is very frightening, but time does not wait for us. We must seize any opportunity to improve, so that I have a greater chance of survival, otherwise we have no confidence to face the future enemy.

I pull you into this trap in order to consolidate your cultivation thoroughly. This is the benefit we can see at present. Even for this benefit, this trap is not in vain.

Of course, in this world, there are many accidents, including good and bad ones, but without the courage to take risks, how can we achieve great things? " Longchen road.

Looking at long Chen, Tang Wan'er sighed: "sometimes I really don't understand that those guys of the dragon blood army blindly trust you. They follow you all the way without asking anything. Even when they get here, they know the destination"

"it's a kind of emotion between men. It's the emotion between men and women. It's the emotion between brothers Emotion, just a look, a word is enough.

Each of these brothers can go through life and death with me. They put their lives behind the brotherhood. They don't bother to ask so many questions. They just need to know that if they follow brother long, they will definitely have meat to eat. " Long Chen laughs.

Tang Waner and Mengqi look at each other and see the helplessness in each other's eyes. Men are a group of strange animals. The trust between them is hard to understand.

"Well, I believe everyone has settled down now. Let's inform them and let's go out for a walk!" Long Chen stood up and said."Where to?"

"To the city of chaos, of course, because there, I know, is a very interesting place." A smile appeared on long Chen's face, but in his eyes, it was fierce and murderous. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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