Chapter 627

The restaurant is the only restaurant in the chaotic city, and it is also one of the three tallest buildings. It is nine stories high and about 100 feet high, which can't be compared with Zuixian restaurant.

But in this depressed place, it seems so magnificent and dignified. A polite waiter brings longchen to the highest level.

At this time, noon has passed, and it's more than an hour before evening. It's not dinner. The whole building is empty now.

"Your restaurant business is so cold, but it seems to have been open for a long time. How can you guarantee that you will not starve to death?" Guo ran some surprised way.

"You're joking. Our restaurant is the only one in the city of chaos. The people who come here mainly entertain the distinguished guests.

Although there are not many people coming, they are still very strong in spending power. Moreover, this time is really a bit awkward. It's normal to have no guests. " The waiter said with a smile.

"Let's have a banquet. Let's have a drink." long Chen finds a table by the window, which overlooks most of the chaotic city.

"There are three kinds of banquets here. Are you..."

"Choose the best" long Chen waved his hand.


the waiter couldn't help but be overjoyed. He didn't expect that these people were not high in cultivation, but they were so generous.

If you get more than three thousand spirit stones on the table, you can say that it's very rich.

After a while, a large table of dishes came up. I have to say that the owner of this restaurant is very tasteful, and the dishes at the table are very rich.

The cooking method is also very skillful. Stewing the meat of Tianjie Warcraft with precious medicine is a great tonic, which is of great benefit to both human body and mind.

In addition to the delicacies, there were three jars of wine, but there was something else to do later. We didn't drink much.

How long did the waiter have a meal in the city of dragon dust

"Back to my guest, villains have been in the city of chaos for 18 years," the waiter said hastily and carefully.

"Well, in the middle of Tongmai, it's a miracle that I've been in this chaotic city for 18 years and I'm still alive," long Chen nodded.

"My guest, you're joking. I'm only in the restaurant at ordinary times. I don't dare to take a step outside, otherwise I'm afraid I'll die long ago," the waiter said with a smile.

"Since you've been in the restaurant for so long, you should know a lot of things that others don't know. Now I'll give you a chance if you seize it.

You don't have to run around in this restaurant any more. You'll get a lot of wealth, and then find a place to live a safe life.

With your talent, it's hard to break through the congenital, but I can let you complete this dream and help you to be promoted to the congenital realm. "Long Chen's light way.

"My guest You are not Are you kidding? "The waiter was startled.

"It's up to you to decide whether you're joking or not. If you think it's joking, it's joking. If you think it's serious, it's serious"

long Chen smiles a little and throws a ring to that person. It's a space ring of a powerful evil person. Long Chen has checked it and doesn't have what he wants. He only has a congenital soldier, some elixirs and skills There is also a pile of spirit stones. The total value should be hundreds of medium grade spirit stones.

For long Chen, this is nothing, but for the messenger, it is a great wealth.

"If your answer is enough to satisfy me, I will send you another jintiandan." long Chen throws another heavy bomb.


the waiter swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Even long Chen could hear his heart beating wildly.

The waiter, putting the ring on the table, said nervously, "what do you want to know?"

He is very smart, long Chen's words are very clear, his answer needs to satisfy long Chen, he can get paid, now the ring is not his.

Long Chen smiles. Long Chen likes to deal with smart people: "I want to know a lot about what you know about the city of chaos.

But don't worry, even if what you know doesn't satisfy me, I will pay you a lot of money, and I will never treat you badly "

money is always the biggest driving force. The waiter told long Chen everything he knew.

The waiter said that in addition to the two powerful forces of good and evil, there are two independent forces in this chaotic city. One is the owner of this restaurant. However, the owner of this restaurant is very mysterious. He has been here for 18 years and has never seen the owner. According to his inference, it should be a small industry, and he does not take care of it himself.

However, the owner of this restaurant has a frightening background. No matter who is righteous or evil, they dare not make trouble here.

As for the background of the owner of the restaurant, that is not what a small waiter can find out. Another powerful force is the boss of brothels and gambling houses in the chaotic city.Since ancient times, gambling and whoring have always been inseparable. The owners of the two families are the same person, and their backgrounds are very strong. Moreover, most of the people who patronize their business are evil people.

However, when they enter gambling houses and brothels, they are very regular and seldom make trouble. Even if there are people making trouble, they are only small-scale.

Moreover, he had seen with his own eyes that someone in the gambling shop had killed the strong man of the evil way alive, but those strong men of the evil way only carried away the body of the man without any radical reaction.

The waiter also told long Chen a big secret. The owner of the brothel and gambling house was a half step pioneer.

He once held a banquet here for guests from outside. I don't know whether he really drank too much or intentionally told them. In his words, it was mentioned that his backstage was danta fire house.

Hearing this, they can't help but be surprised. Does danta fire family have such a relationship?

However, on second thought, the man might have been deliberately intimidating others, or he might have something to do with danta, relying on danta's background to protect his own industry.

In this seat of the restaurant, you can clearly see two very luxurious buildings, namely gambling house and brothel.

There is no listing, no name, but no one in the city of chaos does not know where these two places are. They are Xiaojin grottoes.

Some outlaws, even some absentees, like to live and die there. Most of all, it is the safest place in the chaotic city.

You know, chaotic territory is a place where people will lose their lives at any time. The absenteeism and income here are very high.

Some people come here to exchange more money and accumulate more cultivation resources for themselves.

Most people, however, are gifted and come here to eat and die, so every time they get paid, they come here to gamble and whore. The waiter said that the amount of money drawn by gambling houses and brothels is frightening.

After hearing this, long Chen felt that he had a good meal. Looking at the waiter, he said, "now I have one last question. After answering, everything will be yours"

"please tell me"

"the task receiving point of blood killing Hall is also in this chaotic city. Where is it?" this is the ultimate goal of long Chen.

Because the Dragon dust according to Richard blood kill palace, know in the city of chaos, there is a blood kill palace task receiving point.

This is a stronghold of xuesha hall, because the stronghold of xuesha hall is very few, and the organization is very mysterious. Most of the strongholds are in the dark, while the city of chaos is an open and aboveboard stronghold.

Because of the special environment here, the stronghold here can be said to be xuesha hall, a very large stronghold.

He has been assassinated by xuesha hall for so many times in a row. Long Chen is not a master who can't fight back. This time, he wants to be cruel to xuesha hall. If he comes out, he will pay back sooner or later.

In the direction of the waiter's fingers, long Chen saw a strange building. It looked like a skull buried in half of the earth. It was white and easy to recognize.

"A few guests, if you don't want this meal, please be small." the waiter got the ring that longchen gave him, and also got a jintiandan. He was very grateful to longchen. Seeing that longchen had to pay the bill, he said in a hurry.

"Forget it, those are what you deserve. What you should consider now is how to get out of the chaotic city alive. It's better to keep a low profile." long Chen takes out 18 pieces of Zhongpin Lingshi, throws them on the table, and takes them out of the restaurant.

Out of the restaurant, Guo ran whispered: "boss, why don't you let sister Wan'er come out this time? We also have a powerful helper"

"what we do is murder and arson. It's inconvenient to take them. They don't like this. Why? Are you afraid? " Long Chen asked.

"I'm afraid it won't happen. I mainly think that some of the turtles and grandsons in the blood killing hall are not easy to deal with. If there is any omission, it's not good," Guo ran said.

"You're right. Those guys in the blood killing hall are all professional killers. They are proficient in all kinds of killing tricks and can't be prevented.

But you should remember that the reason why a strong person is called a strong person is that in addition to powerful force, he also needs a strong heart.

It can be conceited, but it must not be bottomless. Your strength is beyond your imagination, so no matter what kind of enemy you face, you should have this strong confidence.

You can't feel great pressure just because they are professional killers. They are professional killers. That's right, but the ultimate goal of fighting is to kill the enemy. You are also killers. Are you afraid of them? You killed a lot more people than they did. " Long Chen has no good way.

"Boss, it seems reasonable for you to say that. By the way, boss, if you don't let sister-in-law Wan'er come, are you afraid that sister-in-law Wan'er will steal your limelight? In addition, brothers, I would like to ask, who is stronger between you and sister-in-law Wan'er now?" Guo ran asked with some gossip.

Tang Wan'er is promoted to Skywalker. No one else knows, but as the guards of the dragon blood army, long Chen has already told them."There's so much bullshit. If you have the strength, it's better to think about how to kill people later." long Chen doesn't have a good way.

"Haha, I get it." Guo ran suddenly realized.

"You understand a hair" long Chen is speechless, this boy how day by day have no a bit of business.

"Hey, hey, when you get there, you stay outside the gate and watch the surroundings. If there are rabbits coming out, you can kill them for me. Guo ran, if you don't do it, try not to do it. I'll go first."

Longchen steps to the gate of the stronghold of xuesha hall. The gate is designed like the mouth of a skeleton. It looks very gloomy, but today it ushers in a real murderer. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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