Chapter 628

After entering the gate, there was an empty hall, which was very simple. In the hall, there was only one old man who was closing his eyes.

When long Chen entered the door, the old man immediately opened his eyes. His eyes were turbid, just like the ordinary old man.

"I'm sorry to disturb you." after long Chen came in, he looked slightly and said faintly.

"Dragon dust? Hehe, it's interesting that you are on the hunting list and dare to appear here. Now young people are so brave. "The old man looked at long Chen and said with admiration.

"You can't be born with this virtue, but things in the world are not always the same. For example, hunters and prey often exchange roles. What do you think?" Dragon dust negative hand and stand, looking at the old way.

This is an old killer. Although the breath has been completely hidden, the keen sense of longchen can clearly sense the old man with endless resentment. The resentment left by the people he killed before his death can never be washed away by his breath.

"Oh? Your theory exists in real life, but it doesn't hold in our blood killing palace.

Prey, should hide, try every means to escape the hunter's arrow, until the hunter finally gave up, it will be free.

But a prey appears in the hunter's home, which is not in line with the rules. Even if it bites a hunter to death, it will irritate more hunters, and it has no chance to survive. " The old man said.

Obviously, the old man knows the details of longchen very well. Longchen has escaped the assassination of bronze, silver and gold class killers. As long as he is assassinated by another wave of dark gold class killers, according to the rules of blood killing hall, this mission will be a failure.

After the mission fails, the blood killing hall will never accept the task of assassinating longchen, so he is warning longchen.

If longchen doesn't follow the rules of the blood killing hall, no matter what the result is today, longchen will face the death of the most terrible killer organization in the world.

"Rules? It's just the rules of the game made by the strong for the weak, and the strong are both players and referees. This kind of game is too boring. I don't like it, "said long Chen shaking his head.

"Oh? What do you want? " The old man's interesting way.

"I like to follow my rules," said long Chen.

"Your rules?"

"My rule is: if you don't offend me, I won't commit a crime. If you offend me, you'll tolerate three points. If you offend me again, you'll get rid of the roots!" Long Chen's way is very relaxed. It's like playing. There's no serious meaning.

But in his heart, long Chen has regarded the blood killing hall as his own enemy, because these guys are against him again and again. He has had enough of this boring game.

Before that tolerance three points, that is actually bullshit, he in addition to the beautiful woman tolerance three points, the man has never been tolerant.

"Root out? Ha ha ha... "

The old man couldn't help laughing, as if he heard the funniest joke in the world, and even burst into tears.

Long Chen didn't make a sound. He stood with a negative hand and a smile on his face. He looked at the old man quietly.

The old man was tired with a smile and said, "do you know how ridiculous your words are? Do you know how big the blood killing hall is?

Don't say it's you. Even if you are the ancestor of Xuantian Taoist sect, you are not qualified to speak in vain and cut off the blood killing hall. Now, do you want to continue your ridiculous jokes? "

Long Chen shook his head: "I don't know how big the xuesha hall is, and I don't know who the ancestor of Xuantian Taoist school is, but I know that you xuesha hall assassinated me, that is to be my enemy.

The way I treat the enemy is the same. As for what I say today, whether it's a joke or truth, you have no chance to see it.

Maybe you can hear the news of the fall of the blood killing hall in Jiuquan. At that time, I hope you can still laugh so happily "

" according to the rules of the blood killing hall, I can't fight against you, but you challenge the majesty of the blood killing Hall. I can't say today, I can only kill you here. After killing you, I will confess to the God of killing Regretful "

" hum "

when the old man finished speaking, suddenly the whole person disappeared in front of longchen. Suddenly, a dagger came straight from the back of longchen to stab longchen's vest. The speed was extremely fast, fierce and spicy.

A touch of sarcasm appeared on long Chen's face, stretched out a hand full of thunder light, and patted the attack behind him.

When longchen's hand was about to hit the dagger, suddenly the space in front of longchen's body was distorted, and the old man appeared in front of longchen out of thin air. In his hand, a blue dagger stabbed longchen's chest.

This is a move to attack the West. When the old man disappears from longchen, a strange attack is launched behind longchen.

At this time, everyone will subconsciously think that the old man will turn around and attack when he appears behind his back.

But once he did so, he would fall into a desperate situation of death, because the old man just used a kind of illusion to make him disappear in front of people in a short time.That attack, however, was that he used the power of his soul to urge the dagger to attack longchen from behind. That is to say, before longchen arrived, he had put the dagger in a reasonable position.

"It's all routines"

with a sneer, long Chen was aware of the fluctuation of the old man's soul power. His soul power was 100 times better than that of the old man. How could he fool him?

Clap the dagger behind the flying body with one hand, and ignore the old man's dagger at the same time, hit the old man's chest with one punch.

There is no skill in this fist. It's all based on brute force. However, as soon as the fist comes out, the space will vibrate. If the old man is hit by long Chen's fist, it will burst into powder immediately.

However, before long Chen hit the old man with his fist, the old man's dagger would first pierce long Chen's body.

There are countless barbs on the blue dagger, and there are countless viscous liquids in the barb, which are obviously highly toxic.

If long Chen is stabbed, the poison will probably kill him instantly, but the old man can't avoid long Chen's last blow. It's a trick to lose both sides.


although the old man was old enough, he obviously didn't want to die. On the tip of his feet, he was like a ghost, and quickly stepped back to avoid the blow of long Chen.


the old man was suddenly shocked, and he turned into eight figures in an instant. At the same time, the eight figures whirled around longchen, as fast as if longchen were surrounded by hundreds of people in an instant.


suddenly, in the crowd, a figure in the side position of longchen made a blow, but it was blocked by longchen's fist and made a bang.

"It's just a cover up. As expected, you killers are all idiots.

They call themselves killing angels and reaping life in the dark. You are a group of shameful mice. You have only one way to die in an open and aboveboard battle. "Long Chen shakes his head.

"Asshole, dare you blaspheme the God of killing and die for me"


before that old man, he always used the cultivation of Tongmai realm to fight with longchen. At this time, he was completely infuriated by longchen, and suddenly burst out the pressure of the congenital strongman.

"Let's see what is the real killing..."


suddenly, a thunder gun pierced his chest and stabbed a big hole in his chest. The endless power of thunder paralyzed all his nerves instantly.

"I'm sorry, I'm impatient. I don't want to listen to you any more. Let me borrow your brain"

for such a killer, long Chen is also very interested, but he won't miss any chance to kill someone.

When it comes to the skills of killing, I don't know how many times I've fought for death. The Dragon dust who has crawled out of the dead knows how to kill the enemy most effectively.

Just before the old man burst out and prepared to release his moves, there was a very obvious air gap. As a result, he was caught by longchen and killed.


long Chen's finger was on the old man's forehead, and a huge force of soul swept out.

"Soul searching"

long Chen used the most savage soul power to destroy the old man's soul defense and check his memory.

"Is the seal of the soul" long Chen was surprised.


the old man's head suddenly burst, and long Chen quickly turned on the aura to resist, so as to avoid the plasma collapse on his body.

"Chi Chi Chi..."

At the moment of the old man's death, suddenly, I don't know when, a dozen strong men in black appeared in the hall. They all had a black crossbow in their hands and shot at longchen.

Those crossbows are powerful and fast as lightning. Especially at such a short distance, they are in the gap between the Dragon dust and the old man's broken head. It can be said that the timing of the attack is very good.

Those crossbows and arrows from killers must have been contaminated with poison. It's a very hard thing to be touched by these arrows.

"Thunder shield"

with a low voice, dragon dust poured out countless thunder forces on his hands, forming a huge thunder ball in front of him, which firmly guarded him.

Those arrows, which hit the thunder shield, burst into pieces one after another. In front of the thunder force, those arrows are not enough to see.

"In the daytime, you need to be covered in black. You are so sad. It's said that it's dark there. You don't have to work so hard all day"


suddenly, longchen detonated the thunder shield in front of him, and the terrible force directly razed the branch of blood killing hall to the ground. Those killers, though they had been dead for a long time Ready for defense, still be shock fly, blood gushing out.

"Brothers, here comes the goods"

Gu Yang screams, his eyes are red, his long gun shakes, and he kills the killers who fly out in , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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