Chapter 753

When shuiyuncong left with a gloomy face, longchen burst out laughing: "rich, rich!"

Originally, long Chen wanted to change it. The reason why he picked out so many problems was to make more money, because for Guo ran, money is never enough.

"You are all old foxes." the water was silent for a while.

Before long Chen a pair of big loss appearance, appear some reluctant, but now, water no trace just found, this boy is intentional, even she was cheated.

"Hey, hey, this old fox is not a good thing. He is determined to get water this day.

But I really need that broken world jade talisman. I've heard that the most top experts of Donghuang are gathered in Wangu road. Mengqi is really dangerous! " Longchen road.

Shuiwuchen nodded: "the danger of the eternal road is far more than the Jiuli secret place you entered at the beginning.

That secret place is just a part of dust left behind by the collapse of the world in ancient times, hidden in the crevice of space.

The ancient road is different. It is a small world with its own complete system of rules. It is said that the ancient road is the basis for ancient practitioners to become immortals and gods.

But now it's different. The eternal road is broken. In fact, it's a dead end road, and no one can continue it. Therefore, there will be no immortals in Shengwu.

But the eternal road is a world of its own. You should be careful. On the eternal Road, you should not only be careful of the experts of the good and evil, but also be careful of the strong of other races! "

"Other races?" Long Chen is in a daze.

Shuiwuchen said solemnly: "yes, it's other races. Although Donghuang is located on the border, there are still countless clans and hundreds of clans. The strength of some races is even stronger than that of Xuantian Taoism!"

"No, it's better than our Xuantian daozong?" Long Chen was shocked.

"Well, specifically speaking, it's better than our Donghuang division. Our Xuantian daozong division's strength is just a drop in the ocean in front of Zhongzhou zongzongzong.

These races, it is said, are all of the races of the Xiangu era, which have a very long history of blood inheritance. They hardly contact with the outside world. For the sake of the inheritance of their blood, they never intermarry with the outside world.

There are many races among them. As for how to distinguish them, it's a very simple thing, which can be seen at a glance.

These races can not provoke, try not to provoke, because their family is very short guard, insolent, overbearing Water traceless here, full of warning.

"If they don't provoke me, of course I won't have enough to eat, but if they bully me, you know my temper, if you can bear it, then you can't help it!" Long Chen has some helpless ways.

Long Chen asked himself that he was not a troublemaker, but he would never flinch when others got into trouble. The big deal was a life and death battle.

This is the way to practice. The more you compromise, the more people will advance. If you want to live with dignity, you will show your fangs and let others see that you are not food.

"Those races all have ancient blood, and the magic they inherit is extremely terrifying. You must be careful.

Whether it's the right way, the evil way, or other races, it's not the most terrifying. The most terrifying is the aborigines in the eternal road! " There is a touch of fear in waterless eyes.

"There are still people living there?" Long Chen was stunned.

"Well, it's also a world, parallel to the world we live in. It's said that they were the first guardians of the ancient road.

But later, I didn't know what the reason was, the Wangu road collapsed and broke away from the control of the WANGU Road, independent of the Shengwu continent.

However, the eternal road is the foundation of ancient immortality. Countless practitioners want to find the secret of immortality through the eternal Road, so every thousand years, they will force open the eternal road and put their disciples in for trial.

There are a lot of roads in the East, but there is only a section of the entrance of our tribe.

So when you enter the eternal road this time, you will not only meet the strong of Donghuang, but also meet the strong of other domains, so be careful this time!

Of course, the strong in other areas are not as fierce as the aborigines. When I entered the eternal Road, a group of seven of us were ambushed by the aborigines. As a result, I escaped alone.

Those aborigines, who call us test disciples invaders, are regarded as enemies and prey. They hunt and kill at will, and the means are extremely cruel! "

At this point, waterless seems to recall the original tragic, those savage aborigines, it is too cruel.

"It seems that shuiyuncong's broken world jade talisman is really timely rain. If I don't catch the powerful Warcraft, I don't plan to let Mengqi take risks." long chendao, without the powerful Warcraft master, is too weak.

"In addition to these external threats, the vanguard road itself is extremely dangerous. You should also be careful not to be careless!" Water no trace exhorts a way."Sister, don't worry, I'm not the kind of person who makes fun of life," long Chen said with a smile.

After coming out of shuiwuchen, longchen returns to his residence. To longchen's surprise, there are guests at home, talking to Tang Wan'er.

"Miss Biluo?" Long Chen was surprised.

"Well, didn't you call me daughter-in-law? How to eat dry wipe clean don't admit? " Flower blue falls light smile way.

"Don't, don't make a joke. It's going to kill you." Long Chen waved his hand in a hurry. In front of Tang Wan'er's super vinegar jar, he made such a joke. The vitality consumption is too serious. Long Chen can't bear it.

"You're so stupid. Are they unreasonable people? What happened between you, elder sister Biluo said. You are so nervous. Does it mean that you have a ghost in your heart? " Tang Wan'er white dragon dust a way.

It's not easy for Tang Wan'er to understand things. Long Chen said to Hua Biluo, "what's the situation in your family?"

"Huajinrong is dead. I killed her myself! And now I am the successor of the future flower family. Today I come to you to help you join my flower family.

Long Chen was surprised, but she was smiling and knew that she was joking, so she was relieved: "you're here for the eternal road?"

"Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm not going to take part in the eternal Road, and I'm going to give up the martial arts competition," Hua Biluo said with a smile.

"Why is that?" Tang Wan'er and long Chen were surprised.

"Because I'm tired. Through this incident, I found that on my way to practice, I'm just a duckweed in the raging sea. I can't control anything.

But if I quit the martial arts practice and settle down to be the heir of my family, then I will live a very easy life and don't have to be afraid every day.

I'm supposed to be Skywalker now. When I set foot in Bihai, I can live a relaxed and happy life with my master's treasure Flower blue falls light smile way, a face of relaxed appearance.

However, when she heard her words, there was a trace of loss in the ears of long Chen and Tang Wan'er. It was like a game in which a partner quit in the middle of the game, which made people feel lonely.

"Congratulations, you're free from now on," long Chen said with a smile.

"I can't help it. Compared with you, I lack talent, confidence and luck.

Either Wan'er or Mengqi, they are all your confidants, but I, you always regard me as a friend! " The flowers are blue and some are lost.

"Cough, my friend is not very good!" Long Chen is embarrassed.

"Well, don't tell me. I'm here to get angry with you, so that you won't have to worry about me after entering the eternal Road, which will save you from worries.

In addition, you should remember that I am your daughter-in-law. When you are free, please come and see me. Maybe you can leave something for me? You know Although huabiluo appears graceful, her face is slightly red.

When he sent the flowers away, long Chen felt a little uncomfortable. A generation of genius was so energetic when he opened the secret place of Jiuli.

But now, her edge and pride have been flattened by the merciless years, and she has lost her ambition to fight for the sea of martial arts. It's really moving.

"Are you thinking, when will you go to see this sister and leave something in her body?" Tang Wan'er looks at long Chen's way unkindly, and her words are very explicit.

Long Chen a burst of speechless, this wench is under own adjustment, more and more dirty, how can say so direct.

"Hee hee, I'm kidding. What a fool you are?"

Seeing long Chen's straight face, Tang Wan'er immediately smiles, takes long Chen's arm and says, "I'm kidding you. To be honest, don't you like beautiful women most? And the scale of sister Biluo.... "

After that, Tang Wan'er also made a gesture on her chest, which means that Hua Biluo is also a woman with a clear mind.

"In fact, I always feel that whether I like a person or not, it's all about feeling. I don't have that kind of impulse to jump on her heart and be willing to die for her, so I can be sure that I don't love her!" Long Chen shook his head.

Hearing that, Tang Wan'er was moved. What long Chen meant was that he would not give up his life for Hua Biluo, but he was willing to give up his life for them. Although he knew that long Chen loved them deeply, he still felt warm and infinite when he heard that.

"Well, if you can talk to me like this, I'll agree that when you can't hold back, you can find elder sister Biluo and leave something behind!" Moved, Tang Wan'er became more generous.

Long Chen was furious: "you silly girl, you don't have the basis of love. What's the difference between this kind of relationship and animal mating? Since you like to leave things so much, I'll leave something for you now! "

"Don't..." Tang Wan'er exclaimed.

The next day, shuiyuncong arrives with three million Zhongpin Lingshi and Baojie Yufu. Longchen confirms the exchange. After the exchange, they both sneer.After getting the broken jade amulet, long Chen calls Mengqi out from the closed door. Just at this time, Mengqi also marks all the soul crystals, which can be refined calmly without delaying the fight.

After saying hello to shuiwuhen and explaining something to shuiwuhen, she takes Mengqi out of Xuantian daozong. Mengqi calls out purple feather Phoenix Finch and flies all the way to the distance. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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