Chapter 799

In this way, long Chen was left behind, and the whole Xiao people's gratitude to long Chen could not be expressed in words.

Even Xiao Gu, respectfully, runs to longchen to admit his mistake. With a smile from longchen, Xiao Gu is narrow-minded and can't tolerate things, but if someone suppresses him, he can't turn over much waves.

Besides, he is a member of the Xiao family, and there is still a sense of honor in his family. Maybe he will become Xiao Fei's right hand in the future.

Next, the whole Xiao people entered the carnival. To long Chen's surprise, there were many more women and children in the Xiao people.

Xiao Yu tells long Chen that every time the eternal road is opened, they will transfer some people, leaving only those with strong fighting capacity. Now that Xiao Fei wakes up to the third grade Skywalker, they are called back to celebrate together.

The next day Xiao Fei woke up. He was full of energy and radiant. He was no longer as weak as he had been. His eyes became sharp and he was still a bit domineering.

Xiao Fei came out with a woman in her thirties. She was Xiao Fei's aunt Qing, who was regarded by Xiao Fei as her mother.

At this time, Xiao Daofei learns that she is in a coma, and then wakes up with her.

"Aunt Qing, you're welcome. It's all thanks to Xiao Fei. Don't blame him. He's a man now. He can be responsible for what he has done," long Chen said with a smile.

"Yes, aunt Qing, elder brother longchen said, I'm already a man, so don't scold me." Xiao Fei also followed.

It turns out that Aunt Qing knows that in order to restrain the pain of her soul tearing, Xiao Fei risks her life to collect the Seven Star Manzhu shahua dew.

Because manjusha Hualu, once it falls off the stamen, its spirit can only last three days, so it must be fresh, so the whole family has no stock, so Xiao Fei will take such a risk.

After aunt Qing knew it, she was moved and angry. She first scolded Xiao Fei severely, but she felt sorry for his filial piety. It was over.

"Aunt Qing, you failed to cast the platform, but the foundation is still there. I'll refine a furnace of pills for you later, and I can send you directly to the casting platform." Longchen road.

"Really, how can you alchemy?" Aunt Qing was surprised.

"Slightly understand" long Chen said with a smile.

"That's really great. We have another strong leader in Xiao clan," Xiao Fei said excitedly.

"But with the help of medicine, aunt Qing, although you have reached a higher level, your strength is still a little lower than that of the strong one.

Besides, zhutai realm is different from other realms. If there are some defects, I'm afraid that your realm will never break through the king in your whole life.

"You don't have to worry about this. There are rules of your own on the eternal road. People here can't break through the king." Aunt Qing said with a smile.

Long Chen can't help but be surprised. How can this ancient road be so strange? It is clear that it has its own boundary. Why is there such a strange law? It also limits the development of others.

"Lord longchen, the old clan leader calls you" is a disciple of the Xiao nationality.

Today, longchen is the VIP of the whole Xiao people. Even the elders have to salute when they see longchen. They call for adults. Longchen is still not used to it.

Following the disciple, he came to the old clan leader's residence. The hall was very simple. On a huge blanket, the old clan leader and the white eyed old man sat on the ground.

"Sit down, you're welcome," the elder said with a smile.

"Haha, I have an advantage, that is, I'm never fake and polite," long Chen said with a smile, and then sat down cross legged.

"I have a problem with my eyes. If I close my eyes, I don't look down on you." the old man with white eyes closed his eyes and explained with a smile.

"You are polite, you close your eyes, appear more amiable." long Chen modest way, but finish, regret, how silly.

The old man with white eyes said with a bitter smile, "you are cursing me around the corner. You look ferocious with your eyes open."

Dragon dust just to explain, the old patriarch said: "don't be nervous, we don't treat you as an outsider, just want to chat with you, we want to know the situation of the outside world, which world do you come from?"

Long Chen was stunned: "which realm? I really don't know "

" what's the name of your mainland Old clan leader.

"It's said that it's called tianwu continent." long Chen is not sure.

"Tianwu mainland, should also be affected by the battle, now it is also fragmented," the old patriarch said.

"This is not very clear. I heard that tianwu was originally a whole, but later it was divided into five regions." Long Chen's honest way, don't understand things, can't say, because long Chen hasn't touched that level of things.

"Tianwu continent, before the Wangu road was broken, there were several famous people.

They are brilliant and gorgeous, with the greatest fighting power of their generation. They have left a brilliant record on the eternal road. When you walk along the eternal Road, you will have a chance to see a stone tablet engraved with their names.It's an ancient monument. Only the strongest person in the world is qualified to engrave his name on it.

It's a pity that the ancient road is broken now. You can't get to the stone tablet. You can only see its projection from a distance. " The old patriarch sighed.

"Old clan leader, can you talk to me about the eternal road? I'm really curious, "said long Chen.

"Of course, no problem. I asked you to come here just to talk about the eternal Road, but the story is a little long..." The elder said with a smile.

The secret that the old clan leader said next startled long Chen. He didn't expect that the eternal road had such an amazing origin.

The eternal road was originally a world of its own, but in the age of immortals and antiquity, the peerless and powerful were transformed into a testing ground, connecting eight worlds around. The tianwu continent where longchen is located is just one of them.

This makes the Dragon dust shock unceasingly, eight strong people of tianwu continent rush to the eternal road at the same time, what a shock scene that must be?

However, according to the old patriarch, the age of immortality is a glorious one. It is said that the road of immortality was opened up by the real God, which contains the opportunity to become an immortal.

But later, with an earth shaking war, the eternal road collapsed. Because the time was too long, the detailed information about the war did not survive. I heard that it was a battle between God and devil.

The old clan leader said that they were just soldiers stationed on the WANGU Road, responsible for guarding the trial site of the Wangu road and maintaining the trial order.

But after the war between the gods and demons, everything changed. Their communication with the outside world was cut off. What made them despair most was that the strong above the realm of the king began to be deprived of Shouyuan quickly, and they all fell in a few years.

This made them very frightened. The most frightening thing was that when the eternal road was opened again, they found that they were cursed and their fighting capacity was reduced by more than half.

And when they saw them, they began to ask for the secret of all kinds of testing places. At the same time, they also forced them to hand over the yuan spirit stone, which was only produced by the eternal road.

The spirit stone of the Yuan Dynasty is different from the spirit stone of the outside world. It contains the most primitive energy when the heaven and earth were born, that is, the smell of chaos, also known as the power of the spirit of the Yuan Dynasty.

For the outside world, it is the most precious thing. The aura in Yuan Lingshi can not only speed up the cultivation, but also feel the source of heaven and earth, and get close to all dharmas. It is the treasure that the strong people dream of.

Long Chen has been practicing for such a long time, but he has not heard of the existence of Yuan spirit stone, which means that either it is extremely precious and rare in tianwu, or it is no longer produced in tianwu.

Long Chen listened to the old patriarch continue to tell, and sure enough, as long Chen guessed, the outside world was also affected by the world shaking war, the core of the world was damaged, and Yuan Lingshi could no longer be brewed.

It turns out that the so-called core of the world is the part condensed at the first time when the world was born, just like the embryo of a baby, which is the most primitive energy.

Once the core of the world is damaged, the world will use all its power to repair the core. The aura of the outside world will become thin, and the aura of the yuan spirit will be absorbed to the last drop, and it can no longer condense into the yuan spirit stone.

Hearing this, longchen was shocked. No wonder all the Aboriginal people in Wangu road were able to wake up to Skywalker because of the spirit of yuan.

It is said that in the age of immortals and antiquity, the aura of heaven and earth was extremely strong, but any practitioner with a little talent could be promoted to heaven. According to the old patriarch, this is not a legend, but a real one.

Long Chen is very curious. What kind of battle and who's fighting can break the world and hurt the core of the world. If the core of the world is damaged, the whole world will be destroyed. What kind of power can do it?

But the old patriarch also said very vaguely about the war, because the era is too long, many things have been unclear, if they don't know, they will never join their own speculation to say, because that way, after a long time, through thousands of people's mouth, they will be completely away from the truth, which makes long Chen very admire.

Because in history, many things, there will be some people who think that their wisdom is unparalleled, for some puzzles, conjecture, in order to make a name, publicize, the result of false, no one knows the real answer.

In this way, the real history was drowned by these speakers, but these speakers were very powerful, with the title of expert, and their words were burning, as if he had seen them with his own eyes.

Long Chen has seen many such civil servants in Fengming imperial capital. In order to add highlights to himself, he often throws out some shocking remarks to attract other people's eyes and make people scoff.

What the old patriarch said was very pertinent, which made longchen understand the origin of the eternal road. As for some vague places, longchen needed to confirm them by himself.

"Why did the aborigines and the experimenters become enemies in the end?" Long Chen asked, he is more concerned about this topic. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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