Chapter 936

The four-star battle body of longchen opens up and shakes the heavens. With the blessing of the divine ring, it is like a god of war reviving. The evil way casts the platform. The strong can't imagine that longchen, who has been forced into a desperate situation, has burst out such a terrible battle power. With one knife of longchen, the weapon is smashed into a blood mist.

His space technique, in front of the absolute power of longchen, has no defense at all, and is as weak as a piece of paper.

Long Chen killed the strong man of the evil way. A long shadow pierced the sky and cut him down.


the five evil ways cast strong people in the platform, and they were shocked by one blow. Before they could stabilize themselves, long Chen made a seal with both hands.

"Two dragons breaking the sky"

two dragons intertwined, Ruixia waves, runes flow, surging in the sky, carrying endless destructive energy, straight to the five strong.


although the five people tried their best to block, hold up a curtain of light, and lay heavy defenses, they couldn't see enough in front of Shuanglong. With a bang, all the five people were killed.

All the people of the evil way were shocked by the sudden changes. They couldn't believe their eyes. In an instant, long Chen turned into a peerless killing God and killed six strong people of the evil way. It's unbelievable.

"I don't need to keep it. Kill the gods!"


the Dragon dust just broke out here, and a flying rainbow broke out in Yue Zifeng's flying rainbow sword, which was fierce and invincible. With one sword, he cut down and destroyed heaven and earth. With one sword, he also killed a strongman of evil way.

After he devoured the blood of all spirits, Yue Zifeng evolved the talisman of his own life. He had his own blood. Once he used the blood to activate the talisman, it would be extremely powerful.

At the same time, Gu Yang, Meng Qi, Tang Wan'er and others all broke out. In a moment, one evil way after another, the strongmen of casting platform fell, which was extremely shocking.

"I won't lose to you young people, I'm not old yet"

seeing a lot of little guys, one by one abnormal, Ouyang Qiuyu closed his hands in front of his chest, and gave a cold drink:

"Xuantian three whirling chop"

there was a golden rune, forming a huge cyclone with a diameter of thousands of feet, like a rapidly spinning three leaf Throwing Knife, which hit the wind in front of him Evil ways cast strong people in Taiwan.


in front of the five evil ways, the strongmen of the casting platform tried their best to resist and made a loud noise, but their faces changed immediately.

Because the cyclone was blocked by them once, but it rotated again. The first leaf passed and the second leaf came, so they quickly resisted again.


this time, the chopping attack was more powerful. The five people sprayed blood and felt that all their bones were going to be scattered. However, just at this time, the third wave of attack came, and the five people were unable to resist, and they were cut into powder in an instant.

The five evil people in qiutai's face were killed by the light rain.

Long Chen can't help shaking his head when he can see it from afar. The Lord is really competitive. I'm afraid that this terrible blow needs to pay a certain price.

But long Chen didn't say anything. They fought back strongly. In an instant, more than a dozen strong people of the evil way were killed, and the counterattack was started.

"Brothers, kill, the burial of the earth"

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi work at the same time. The earth collapses, and endless earth dragons emerge from the ground, open their mouths tens of feet wide, devour them in one bite, and then shrink into the ground. The breath of those people disappears rapidly.

"Kill, don't keep your hand, brothers, chop hard"


Dragon blood soldiers, the Runes of heaven flow around them, and the momentum is soaring, as if there is a volcano hidden in their body, and finally burst out.

"Oh, my God, the three colors of Rune are all the three grades of Skywalker"

this time, all the powerful people in charge of the Academy were stunned. At this time, the dragon blood army broke out with all its strength, showing the power of the way of heaven. Originally it was the tiger, but now it became a group of dragons. They fought back quickly and killed the powerful people of the evil way.

They saw something strange from the dragon blood soldiers and looked up to the sky. Before, because the attack was too fierce and the techniques were all over the sky, they couldn't see clearly. At this time, they finally saw clearly.

"Four Sipin Skywalker "

when Mengqi and others are wrapped in four colors of the Runes of the way of heaven, the heaven and the earth vibrate, and endless energy is absorbed by their runes, as if the whole heaven and earth are blessing them, and their whole body is bright and invincible.

"Kill with all your strength, don't be merciful"

long Chen drinks coldly and breaks out with all your strength. It's the beginning of the day again, and another strong person of evil way casting platform is killed. This is the ninth strong person of evil way casting platform killed by long Chen.

The Dragon dust burst out with all his strength. In just a few breaths, 26 of the 56 strong people in the evil way were killed. Everything came so fast that they could not react.


with a loud bang, a strong man of the evil way cast platform cut his sword on longchen's shoulder, blood splashed and bone was injured. But longchen cut off his head with a knife and then kicked it to pieces."Children of the right way, you are deliberately provoking evil ways"

suddenly, two figures appear on the transmission array. They are two old men in simple clothes, with ravines on their faces and bright blood in their eyes.

The strangest thing is that in their eyes, it is like a world of its own, in which there is endless energy, strange and vast.

As soon as they appear, the whole world seems to be at the bottom of the sea. Everyone feels that his body is squeezed by endless energy, and even feels that the flow of time slows down.

"Half step king"

Ouyang Qiuyu exclaimed that she knew that there should be half step king in the evil way, but she was still shocked when it really appeared, and there were two.

A half step king is a strong one who steps into the king with half a foot. Although he is not a real king, he has already felt a trace of the power of the king.

Although Ouyang Qiuyu had touched the barrier, he didn't realize that step at last. This time, he went to zongzongzong, got the sermon from the strong, and benefited a lot. He was ready to come back to shut up and attack the half step king.

But when she came back, she encountered such a mess. If she didn't finish it completely, she had no ability to calm down and understand martial arts.

Although early psychological preparation, but when there are two half step king, Ouyang Qiuyu heart tremble, feel this time really play big.

"You are wrong. I have no time to challenge you idiots. Where is Xueyou?" Long Chen looks at the two old men coldly, and his eyes are full of fighting spirit.

When it comes to the word Xueyou, longchen thinks of the picture of Xiaoxue falling, as if playing back in his mind, and longchen's heart is in a sharp pain.

"You should be the Dragon dust, you are really stupid enough to come here to die." an old man with a figure like a bamboo pole, with a cruel smile on his mouth, is as miserable as a ghost.

Long Chen suddenly made a gesture with one hand, and everyone was puzzled. Suddenly, the earth trembled, and the transmission array in the center of the evil way collapsed.

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi make a victory gesture to long Chen at the same time, successfully completing the task given to them by long Chen.

"Hum, it's boring!" Those two half step kings didn't arrive at longchen first, but this action was meaningless.

"You are wrong, I long Chen never do boring things, now the transmission array is destroyed, everyone is closed here, no one can get out in a short period of time, so it is an endless battle." long Chen looked at them, not a bit afraid, cold tunnel.

At this time, all of them stopped their actions and quietly watched the dialogue between longchen and the two half step kings.

"Never die? Joke, with you, also want to die with us? What a fool One half step King sneered.

Long Chen shook his head and said: "it seems that your evil way is really powerful, more powerful than I thought"

"of course"

long Chen ignored them and continued: "it seems that Xueyou returned to the evil way and did not explain things clearly, or you and them are not a system at all.

So he deliberately concealed something, otherwise my low-level refueling tactics would not have such a good effect. It seems that I want to thank Xueyou. "

The two old men's faces changed slightly. It was obvious that they were taken seriously by long Chen, because their evil ways were actually divided into two camps, and there were certain contradictions between them.

Xueyou doesn't belong to their camp, but kautu, who was killed by longchen, belongs to their camp, so kautu aims at Xueyou in this way.

In fact, when longchen entered the station, they received the news. Originally, they didn't pay attention to it and came to catch turtles in a jar.

Call up the strong men in the major camps and try to kill the enemy. They regard this kind of fighting as a game.

As a result, long Chen and others have to send out more strong men because of their bravery. In fact, by doing so, they have exposed the hidden strength of evil ways. But when they think that the space channel has been closed, long Chen and others can not fly. So what if they are exposed? The dead cannot be summoned.

As a result, when long Chen found that he drained all the strength here, he immediately started to kill people. The two old guys couldn't sit still and were attracted.

At this time, the teleportation array is destroyed, and the Dragon dust is bleeding again. This makes them feel a little uneasy, because it seems that everything is in the calculation of the Dragon dust.

"Why didn't Leng Yueyan come?" Long Chen asked.

"Boy, you talk too much nonsense. Since you like to talk nonsense so much, I'll make you a living dead man and let you use your tongue to mop the floor for me every day." A half step king of evil, a face of cold road.

"If she doesn't come, I'll be relieved"

long Chen is really relieved. Although he doesn't have much conversation with Leng Yueyan, he still understands the secret of the evil way.

Lengyueyan seems to have no feelings for the evil way, and even longchen can feel her disgust and hatred for the evil way from her heart.

Because of this, long chennao doesn't understand his relationship with lengyueyan. He can't kill her. Lengyueyan doesn't come, which makes long chennao feel relieved."How about one for each?" Longchen looks at Ouyang Qiuyu.

"Can you do it?" Ouyang Qiuyu has some worries.

"Your question is a kind of humiliation to men," said long Chen, shaking his head and laughing.

See dragon dust this time, still can smile, a pair of indifferent appearance, but aroused Ouyang Qiuyu's pride.

"Then let's go." Ouyang Qiuyu also smiles, and his fighting spirit rises in his beautiful eyes.

"Brothers, the real battle has begun. Two old ghosts have been contracted by me and the Lord. I'm sorry, you're not in the position.

However, there are still many pigs to kill. As for how many prey you can kill, it depends on your own ability. Brothers, roar up. Your weapons are hungry and thirsty.

Today, let's fight a bloody battle again and dye our robes red with their evil blood. That's the glory that we can't get rid of all our lives.

Brothers - kill

Long Chen stopped drinking and went straight to kill a half step evil king, which opened the prelude of the war. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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