Chapter 945

The whole audience howled generously, as if they had been cut off by a knife. A large group of people came into Tianyou gang.

"Are you from Xuantian daozong"

"come out? Is this a fight to the death? "

When long Chen led more than 100000 Xuantian daozong disciples to walk in slowly, countless people whispered in secret for a moment.

"Hum, there are more than 100000 people in total. We have almost gathered all the righteous and powerful people in Donghuang. It's easy to destroy them." Some people sneer.

Today's Xuantian daozong is no longer the Xuantian daozong of the past. Under the attack of the evil way, its vitality is greatly damaged.

Thirty six branch suffered heavy losses, and now more than 100000 disciples are all the strength of Xuantian daozong.

Originally, long Chen planned to take only dragon blood soldiers to set out, but he didn't succeed. The thirty sixth branch of Xuantian daozong, and all the other branches of his subordinates, except for some who could not come over, all the others came.

They have all heard about the encounter of long Chen on the eternal road. Although there is no evidence to prove that the Youbang Gang colludes with the evil way, they all know it.

After a painful sneak attack, the strongmen of Xuantian daozong finally broke out, which completely aroused their deep anger. They decided to advance and retreat together with Xuantian daozong. Even if they knew that they would never come back this time, they still came.

Long Chen didn't expect that when Xuantian daozong was forced to a dead end, those strong disciples didn't fall from the tree and the monkeys scattered. He couldn't see that they were all men with blood and backbone.

Longchen and Ouyang Qiuyu walk side by side, behind longchen, following Mengqi, Tang Waner, aman and others.

Then there are the soldiers of the dragon blood Legion. After the baptism of continuous wars, they are like magic soldiers coming out of their scabbard, getting rid of the lead and shining, and their murderous spirit is almost condensed into essence.

Behind the dragon blood Legion are the elders in charge of Xuantian daozong, and then the disciples of Xuantian daozong. However, their accomplishments are very low. Many of them are tongmaijing disciples, and some of them are xugujing disciples.

Although their accomplishments are low, they have no fear in the face of millions of strong people. Everyone holds their weapons tightly and their eyes are cold.

"Bold dragon dust, you are such a heinous beast, how dare you..."


a man with a strong natural environment was the first one to point to longchen and scold him. However, Guo ran pointed a little and a golden light flew by, and the man burst to pieces immediately.

"Asshole, you..."


after the person in front was killed, another person was killed again by Guo ran immediately.

At this time, Ji Changkong, standing on the high platform, cheered coldly: "long Chen, you are really cruel and despotic. Even if others accuse you of your crimes, you will be killed cruelly.

Want to kill? You can kill a hundred people, a thousand people, ten thousand people, but can you kill countless Donghuang rightists? Can you use your knife to destroy justice in people's heart?

In the eternal Road, you are so ruthless to kill the strong, you are a ferocious devil, have you seen it? He was so cruel to his fellow disciples "

Ji Changkong was overjoyed when he saw the arrival of long Chen, but his face was filled with indignation and roared generously.

With Ji Changkong's roar, the leader of Tianyou Gang roars at the first time. With Tianyou leader taking the lead, all the strong people follow the roar one after another.

"Kill longchen"

"kill longchen"

"kill longchen"

looking at those people who don't know the truth, they cast a quick look at longchen and others. Gu Yang and others clench their fists tightly. Even Mengqi, who has always been quiet and indifferent, has a look of anger on her pretty face.

On the contrary, long Chen's face is indifferent. He doesn't even look at those mobs who have accepted the benefits of Tianyou gang. He looks at Ji Changkong coldly and says, "it's not bad. This time, it's bigger than last time, but it shouldn't be arranged by you."

"long Chen, you don't have to worry about it. Today you can talk too much about it, and it can't change your collusion with the aborigines, The fact that you are not dead today is not enough to appease those wronged souls.

Today's demon killing conference is held for you. I didn't expect that you really dare to come. That's very good. Today I'll announce your countless crimes and make you convinced! " Ji Changkong sneered and winked at the people around him.

Immediately, dozens of strong people came out. When they saw those people, there was a commotion among the strong people of Xuantian daozong.

They were the disciples of Xuantian Taoist school. The first two of them were Zhao Wuji and Yue Qianshan, who were the four most arrogant of the time.

"Zhao Wuji and Yue Qianshan, you two traitors, actually took refuge in the Tianyou Gang"

these two people were the peerless Tianjiao of Xuantian Taoist sect. They were once famous for a time, and had countless admirers and followers. Now they see that their admirers are so spineless, and they took refuge in the Tianyou Gang, so they can't help scolding."Well, what do you know? We are abandoning the dark and turning to the light. Xuantian Taoist school does not distinguish right from wrong. It's stupid to cover up longchen, a heinous murderer.

We didn't take refuge in the Tianyou sect. Instead, we stood up in front of all the strong people of Donghuang Zhengdao and exposed the surging evil deeds of longchen. Are the high-level officials of Xuantian daozong blind? I can't even see the disguise of the murderer. It seems that there is no need for Xuantian Taoist sect to exist. " Zhao Wuji sneered.


Looking at Zhao Wuji and Yue Qianshan, they clearly rebelled, but they talked so high sounding that everyone in Xuantian Taoist school could not help gnashing their teeth, especially in the palm yard where they were trained.

"Long Chen, you are in the eternal Road, raping and plundering, doing all kinds of evil, even more..." Zhao Wuji directly opens his mouth and shouts out loud. He will begin to recite his speech fluently.

"Stop for a moment. If you want to kill me, it doesn't need to be so complicated. I want to ask, are you sure you want to stand in that place?" Long Chen interrupts Zhao Wuji and faces the disciples of Xuantian Taoist sect behind him.

"Elder martial brother longchen, we are forced, we..." A disciple of Xuantian daozong cried out.

"Looking for death"

a strong man of Tianyou Gang is very angry. Unexpectedly, at this time, someone will fight back and hit him with one punch to kill him.


suddenly, a transparent light of senhan sword flew through the crowd and cut the man precisely. The strong man in the casting platform was killed in an instant.

Countless pieces of ice scattered on the ground, the man was cut into pieces of ice, so that everyone was shocked.

"I Xuantian daozong disciples, not everyone can teach," Ouyang Qiuyu beautiful eyes with evil, cold tunnel.

"Hoo Hoo..." With Ouyang Qiuyu's help, seven disciples of Xuantian daozong rushed to longchen.

for Wang Mingyu and others, they are surprised to find out when they have reached the summit?

"Lord, elder martial brother longchen, you are going to make decisions for us. These bastards, I'm Cao te's big cake..."

A disciple knelt down in front of Ouyang Qiuyu and cried: "just out of the eternal Road, Ji Changkong and Zhao Wuji forced us to enter the Tianyou gang. Some elder martial brothers refused and were killed by them on the spot. They are animals..."

Ouyang Qiuyu's face was gloomy. She and longchen were a little strange at the beginning. The disciples of Xuantian daozong who entered the eternal life, except longchen, didn't come back. Now they finally understand.

"Zhao Wuji, Yue Qianshan, the first torture of Xuantian daozong's law enforcement hall, you should remember!" Ouyang autumn rain gloomy way, her heart at this time is full of killing.

These two bastards not only betrayed themselves, but also forced their classmates to betray. They also killed their classmates. This is the most intolerable thing for her.

Zhao Wuji's face changed greatly, because the first torture of Xuantian Taoist sect was set for traitors. Ordinary traitors would not be punished so horribly. Only those who betrayed the sect and killed their fellow disciples like him were entitled to enjoy it.

The first torture of Xuantian Taoist school, named wuxinshenglian, sounds very elegant, but anyone who knows about this torture is thrilled at the moment.

The so-called five heart, usually refers to the palm, foot and heart, a total of five hearts, but Xuantian daozong's five hearts do not have a heart, but eyebrow or top heart, top heart is Baihui Point.

On the five acupoints, five lotus species named tongxinlian are planted. It is said that this lotus species first came from hell and can only grow on the flesh of living people. In the process of growth, it extracts human soul blood and nourishes the body.

In the process of growing up, people who become medicine fields have to bear endless pain, because lotus seeds take root in the body, and the painful process is indescribable.

Originally, this kind of pain will make people crazy or live to death, but because a lotus seed is planted on the top of the head, forming a strange cycle, people can not die, and can clearly feel every trace of pain.

The most terrible thing is that once he becomes a medicine field, his heart will be inserted into a tube and injected with energy, which can make a person live more than three times of his normal life.

This is the most cruel punishment of Xuantian daozong. It hasn't been used several times in history, because it's too cruel. People who are not unforgivable can't use it. Even if someone rebelled against the sect, most of them directly killed and didn't use it. But Ouyang Qiuyu was very angry today.

"Ouyang Qiuyu, you are so mean. Do you think you can turn black and white by controlling your disciples with soul skill? You are too fanciful. Are you all fools when you are the strong and righteous in the world? " Ji Changkong saw that Zhao Wuji was so scared that he didn't dare to speak. He stood up quickly and cheered coldly.

"Ouyang Qiuyu, you are so shameless and despicable"

"you are worthy of being the patriarch? It's too rubbish, the master of rubbish, the door of rubbish "

" that is to say, such a door is rubbish, and it's absolutely not a good thing to cultivate dragon dust as a murderer. It should be eradicated at the same time. "At Ji Changkong's suggestion, countless people roar and yell at Ouyang Qiuyu. Ouyang Qiuyu's face is so blue that they want to kill all the mobs.


all of a sudden, long Chen was full of rage, like the roar of God, with endless pressure, spitting out with the power of his soul, radiating. , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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